How to Operate a Roomba

iRobot is the name of the company that manufactures Roomba, which is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner, no doubt the name of the company paying homage to Isaac Asimov’s classic novel. Roomba was designed in such a way as to clean the floors in a home and to gain access in hard to reach areas, following commands sent to it via remote, programmed to go just where it’s told to go. If you would like to learn the basics of operating a Roomba, please read and follow these simple instructions.
1. Home Base- This piece is where the Roomba will return to once the job is finished. Set it near a wall on a hard, flat surface.
2. Charging- Before the Roomba can be used, it will need to charge overnight. To do this, turn the Roomba upside down and remove the tab sticking out from the battery cover. Place the Roomba on the Home Base to begin charging.
3. Preparation- Although the Roomba automatically cleans, it can’t pick up large or cluttered items. Remove loose wires and other clutter or debris before using.
4. Manual operation- Press the Clean button to turn on the Roomba. Press it again to start the cycle. If it is already on Home Base, just press Clean one time. Roomba will move around the room, cleaning it, and it will return to Home Base when it is finished. For more advanced setups, you can turn on Virtual Walls or Lighthouses (on certain models only) to have Roomba clean multiple rooms in one cleaning cycle. It can also be operated by remote control if the model comes with one.