How to Pair a Remote with an Amazon Fire TV

Once you’ve got your Amazon Fire TV all set up and registered to your Amazon account, you’ll likely move onto a new concern: finding a remote control that lets you operate the device from afar. Of course, Amazon includes a remote with the Fire TV that is already paired with the device. However, Amazon also makes it fairly easy to pair a new or additional Amazon Fire-enabled remote with the TV device. Follow the steps below to hook up your remote to the Fire TV.

Step 1
Amazon cautions users to take a few steps before trying to pair any remote with the Amazon Fire TV. These include making sure that the remote is compatible with Amazon TV, that it is in range of the Amazon TV device, and that it has batteries. Some of these items are of course, common sense, while others (like remote compatibility) should be checked before you purchase your remote.

Step 2
Starting from the Home screen, navigate to the Settings menu and choose “Controllers”.

Step 3
In the Controllers menu, select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”. Then, choose “Add New Remote” to configure a new controller with your device.

Step 4
Now, pick up the remote that you want to pair with your Amazon Fire TV and press and hold the “Home” button for at least five seconds. Your Amazon device will be searching for remote signals.

Step 5
Once your new remote pops up on the devices list on your TV, select it. The new remote is now paired with the Fire TV!

Whether you don’t like the included Fire TV remote, or just want one that can do a few more things, have no fear: it’s easy to pair a new remote with the device. Use the steps above to do so.