How to Pay Using your Apple Pay Account in MacBook Pro

Apple Pay is a quite handy feature for all Apple device users. It partners with around 200,000+ websites so most of what you want to purchase online can be paid for by using Apple Pay. You can set up in your iPhone and it will automatically sync with all your other Apple devices, and if you have the latest MacBook Pro with the touch bar, you can process your payments without having to connect through the iPhone. So, if you are a new MacBook Pro user and wondering how to set up the Apple Pay account, follow these steps below:

Step 1
Open up the settings menu on your iPhone and select the ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’ option.

Step 2
Select the ‘Allow Payments on Mac’ option and turn the slider ‘On’.

Step 3
Switch on ‘Bluetooth’ on both your MacBook Pro and your iPhone.

Step 4
Now open up ‘Safari’ and select whatever you want to buy and select the ‘Apple Pay’ option during payment. Once you process the payment you will be asked to confirm the payment via your iPhone, do so.

Step 5
In case you have a MacBook Pro with a touch bar then you can simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and your payment will be processed via Apple Pay.

Things to note:
• Apple Pay only works when you are shopping using the Safari browser.
• You need to have the same card integrated into all devices.
• Not every website supports Apply Pay so make sure to check before you shop.
• In case you do not have touch id access on your MacBook you will always require your iPhone to complete an Apple Pay payment.
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