How to Personalize the Amazon Fire TV Screensaver


Amazon Fire TV allows you to set up any album of your preference as your screensaver. By default, the screensaver is activated if you leave Amazon Fire TV idle for some time. Unless you set up your preferred album, Amazon will display its pre-loaded images as screensavers.
In addition to choosing your screensaver, you can also personalize it. To do it, you have to follow these simple steps.

1. Open 'Settings' from Main Menu
Scroll down the main menu in your Amazon Fire TV to reach the 'Settings' option and then select it. The Amazon Fire TV settings will appear on the screen.

2. Open 'Display and Sounds'
Using the trackpad on your fire TV remote, select 'Display and Sounds'. The Display and Sound settings will appear on your screen. The menu for Display and Sound settings will have a 'Screensaver' option.

3. Select 'Screensaver'
Select the 'Screensaver' option in this menu by using the remote trackpad. The screensaver 'Settings and Preferences' menu will appear on the screen.

4. Select 'Album'
Here, you can select the album that you want to set up for your Fire TV by selecting the 'Album' button and selecting the album of your choice stored in Fire TV.

5. Customize 'Screensaver' Settings
Amongst the options present for customization are Slide Style, Slide Speed, Start Time and Shuffle. You can access each of these preferences using your trackpad. Upon selecting your choices, exit the screen for your preferences to be stored in your system.

Amongst the preferences for Slide Style are Pan & Zoom, Dissolve and Mosaic patterns. For the Slide speed, you can choose from amongst Slow, Medium or Fast. You can also select your Start Time for the screensaver to be activated.

After following the above mentioned steps, your screensaver will have been customized.