How to Play Minecraft with the HTC Vive


Step 1. Download and Install Minecraft

  • ■ Go to
    ■ Download the game from the download link and install
    ■ If you already have Minecraft, continue to the next step
Step 2. Install JDK (Java Development Kit)

  • ■ For this step you can download any of these versions of JDK: JDK 6, JDK 7 or JDK 8
    ■ Follow this link to download JDK 8:
    ■ Click accept license and agreement and download the proper version of JDK that is suitable for your PC
    ■ After the download, run the JDK installer and follow the instructions to complete the setup
Step 3. Add JAVA_HOME Environment Variable to your PC

  • ■ If you already have this done previously to your PC continue to next step
    ■ Go to My Computer (or This PC on Windows 8/10) and click properties
    ■ Then on the left side click Advanced System Settings and then choose Environment Variables ■ and a new window will open
    ■ Under the section System Variables click New…
    ■ A popup window will open with two input fields: Variable Name and Variable Value
    ■ In the Variable Name write: JAVA_HOME
    ■ For Variable Value click Browse Directory and select the folder where you have installed JDK previously (Default directory: C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8)
    ■ Select the jdk1.8 folder and click OK
Step 4. Add JAVA_HOME to the “Path” Environment Variable

  • ■ In the same Environment Variables Window, under the System Variables section, find the variable Path
    ■ Click on it and then click Edit…
    ■ You will notice that the Variable Value is a long string. Go to the very end of the value and add this text to the very end: ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin
    ■ Click OK and the OK again
Step 5. Install Python Kit

  • ■Go to
    ■Download Python 2.7. It won’t work with other versions
    ■After the download is complete, run the installer
    ■This is very important. On step Customize Python 2.7, scroll to the bottom of the list
    ■Click on the selecting icon next to Add pyton.exe to Path and select Entire feature will be installed on local drive
    ■Click next and the installation will complete
Step 6. Download and Install Minecraft MOD for HTC Vive

  • ■Go to
    ■Click on Download ZIP
    ■When the download is finished, extract the zip file in your computer
    ■Open the extracted folder
    ■Find and double click it. A window will open executing the, and will automatically close when it is finished
    ■Find and double click it. Similar window will open and execute the, it will also automatically close.
    ■After the is finished, in the same folder find an exe file called something similar to this: minecraft-1.7.10-R2b-Vive-Installer.exe
    ■Run the exe file and a window will open
    ■Click on button with the 3 dots, and select the installation folder of your Minecraft game
    ■Click Install, and then OK
    ■You will get a message with a Minecraft Profile created called something similar to this: Minecraft-Vive 1.7.10
Step 7. Run Minecraft with the new created Profile in the previous step

  • ■Run Minecraft
    ■On the bottom left, select the new generated Profile from the previous step
    ■Click Play and Enjoy Minecraft in VR.
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