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    Solved! HTC Desire 820 randomly stops detecting the SIM card

    Hi everyone, my old HTC Desire 820 has a problem. It randomly stops detecting the SIM card from yesterday (I checked another sim cards and another device, it's a smarthphone fault, not a sim card). I looked through various tips in google what could be the reason and how to fix them, but they...
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    Solved! So I want to get into VR Gaming, and have some questions.

    Hey all. So I am looking for advice on getting into VR. My rig should be powerful enough. I have a i7 7700k 5.0GHZ OC and two GTX1080 TI EVGA FTW3 Hybrids as well. M.2 970 Samsung Pro and 4266MHZ Trident Z Ram. I been hearing about how new headsets are coming out and what not, and I am...
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    What would I need to upgrade my boyfriend's computer for VR?

    Hey! So, I'm wondering if anyone could help me with what I'd need to purchase as a gift for my boyfriend to upgrade his pc. We own an HTC Vive, but I know what we're running it off probably isn't giving us the best experience we could be getting. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about...
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    htc u11 new in box bought from ebay factory unlocked will it work in uk networks

    htcu11 factory unlocked bought from eBay
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    HTC Vive controller tracking issues

    I'm having a problem with controller tracking ever since moving into my new house. I've almost never had any tracking issues with this Vive before so I know it's not a defective product. THE ISSUE: When I start playing games, sometime the controllers fly off in random directions or sense...
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    Solved! how can i fix my encryption unsuccessful .HTC phone

    I tried to reboot, I tried to factory data reset but nothing happened but the same old thing
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    Solved! Vive controller rattle

    Hey, recently I was playing in vr and accidently hit something with the htc vive controller, and now whenever I move or shake it, it makes a really annoying rattling sound, it’s like there and hundreds of tiny balls shaking around, it is extremely frustrating. Is there any way to fix this or do...
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    Solved! Can I use Sling TV on my OTA FLAT-SCREEN with my HTC PHONE ( NO IR)

    My HTC phone has no IR, can I still use Sling TV with cellular data?
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    Can't delete anything from my Android's SD Card! No space!

    Android HTC Desire, Sandisk Micro SD Card After downloading episodes through the Netflix app my phone and SD card ran out of storage. (14/16 GB Phone, 28.9/29.2 SD Card) I tried to delete the downloads through the Netflix app but I could not access my downloads, as the feature isn't available...
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    Budget VR Build?

    Hi, I was looking into buying a htc Vive but my current pc is a potato. What would be a good budget pc build that can run beat saber, and also not destroy my bank account. Thanks!
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    Solved! Is the HTC Vive worth it right now?

    After alot of research and seeing the pros and cons of the HTC Vive they say that you have to wait till all games are released but its been 2 years now So was wondering will there be any sale on amazon or a new version of oculus(like pro) coming out Because i got a deal for 550$ for the HTC Vive...
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    Htc Vive or Oculus Rift

    So im in college and money is tight, ive found a couple of vives for 250$ and found a couple of oculus rifts for 180$ which should i buy. Ive used both at a VrLounge and the vive felt better but is it worth it?
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    I have a HTC One cell phone with Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service

    I have a HTC One phone Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service
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    How to transfer from IPhone 6 plus to HTC 10 or HTC U11

    Hi, I need to transfer my notes, contacts and sms to either one of my HTC's. I am currently transferring notes one by one via email and contacts by typing. Is there another way? I don't want to use ICloud or any third party apps. Is it possible to use the HTC transfer tool to transfer these...
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    Htc mobile not ring

    my phone ring when i receive message on whatsapp but on sim it does not ring but in headphones call receive on sim was ring how to fix it
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    What is the weight of these remotes i cant find it anywhere?

    I have looked all over the web to find the weight of the htc vive and oculus rift remotes. So for anyone that has the or know could you tell me?
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    How do I turn my Old HTC windows phone.

    How do I turn my Old HTC windows phone on, it just vibrates when I’m charging but doesn’t turn on.
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    HTC Vive Tracking Issues

    Hey, I've had my vive for a few months now and it's been great so far, but recently I've been getting some serious tracking related issues that's really making VR extremely difficult to use properly. In certain areas my hands in game or controllers seem to just fly off in random directions...
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    HTC Hopes You'll Pay $1,000 for its Blockchain Phone

    HTC is betting big on blockchain with the Exodus, a potentially groundbreaking smartphone launching later this year. But this phone could also carry a groundbreaking price tag. HTC Hopes You'll Pay $1,000 for its Blockchain Phone : Read more
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    How to power up an HTC One M7 with a destroyed power button?

    The power button on my HTC One M7 is completely gone and I can't get the phone to switch on. I have the back removed. Is there a way to power up from inside?
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    Advice on what to buy first

    Hello, so recently I purchased an HTC Vive headset off ebay, however It was without any base stations or controllers. Im looking for advice on what to buy first/cheap places to get the base stations and controllers. Buying them new would cost relatively $400 and I’d be better off buying the full...
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    HTC U12+ Review: A Beauty Brought Down by Bad Buttons

    Even with a striking design and stellar performance, the HTC U12+ can't measure up to top Android phones. HTC U12+ Review: A Beauty Brought Down by Bad Buttons : Read more
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    HTC One M8 Won't turn on

    I own a HTC one m8 chinese version. I tried to root the phone. I unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP, and Installed from TWRP. the phone turned on.But the superSU was not working because of binary update issue. I google the reason, found out that I have to install newer supersu.So I...
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    Is an gtx 1060 6gb strong enough for HTC Vive?

    I have: -GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 -16GB RAM DDR4 -i7 6700K Are thoose components strong enough to run HTC Vive ?
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    HTC vive how to connect

    I have a gaming computer where the graphics card only has one output and it's a dvi connection. I bought a dvi to HDMI cable to run to the monitor. But now I have no hdmi connection to HTC vive. How can I connect both monitor and vive to graphics card?
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    Solved! HTC vive is not being detected (Error 108)

    My vive was working perfectly fine yesterday, but today when trying to fix a bluetooth driver problem, I removed all steamvr usb devices in the steamvr settings, and now my headset isn't being detected. I've rebooted the headset, power cycled the link box, tried using different usb ports...
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    HTC VIVE - System Requirement Tool on website says my PC can't run it??

    Hi, I wanted to purchase the HTC Vive. I went to the website to learn about it and they have a tool to download and checks system to make sure it meets min system requirements. I just tried it and it said my PC is NOT ready because my CPU is insufficient. Does anyone have experience with this...
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    HTC U12+ Hands-On: Still Trying to Make Squeezable Phones Happen

    The HTC U12+ is a $799 flagship that experiments with flashy design and squeeze-based controls, but this big-screen phone has some trade-offs. HTC U12+ Hands-On: Still Trying to Make Squeezable Phones Happen : Read more
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    HTC Just Revealed U12 Plus Early: Here's All the Specs

    HTC's new U12 Plus is apparently coming soon. And now we know what it'll have and cost. HTC Just Revealed U12 Plus Early: Here's All the Specs : Read more
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    HTC Is Making a Blockchain Phone, But What's the Point?

    HTC's blockchain phone is Android-powered and will support popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. HTC Is Making a Blockchain Phone, But What's the Point? : Read more
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    How can I retrieve the data of my old HTC device backup on my Mac, to get all my contacts back?

    The backup was created through HTC Sync Manager back then ; my HTC mobile was stolen and therefore I have no access to it, just a backup on my Mac of its content.
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    GPU upgrade for HTC Vive

    Hi! My current specs (last pc upgrade 4 years ago) are: i7-4790, quad core, 3,60ghz, 8MB, LGA1150, 22nm, 84W, VGA Motherboard ASUS B85-PLUS / Intel B85, 4 DIMM, DDR3, 1600 Dual Channel Ati Radeon R9 270x, 2 GB DDR5 (256 bit), HDMI, DVI, DP 750w PSU Chieftech RAM Kingston 16GB 1866 Mhz DDR3...
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    New flagships at the end of May

    I am in need of a new phone. I see there is a new htc and a new oneplus coming out and an lg and I don't know what else. I am leaving for a trip 6/11 and wondering what am I actually going to be able to BUY by then (vs release date) and is there any way to know if a certain carrier is going to...
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    HTC U12 Coming May 23: Here's What to Expect

    HTC is planning to unveil its next big handset soon, and it won't be coming with a notch. HTC U12 Coming May 23: Here's What to Expect : Read more
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    HTC phone storage problems

    HTC phone with almost no storage, all storage is taken by HTC apps which can't be deleted about 6 G's out of 8 bought a SD card with plenty of space. On this phone you can't move any of the games or anything to the SD card. Does anyone have any idea's on how to move my things to SD card so my...
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    How will this PC run the HTC Vive?

    Anyways, so long story short, my teacher got an HTC vive, but none of the school computers can run it. So we're gonna use my computer. Here's the specs: i5 4440 8gb ddr3 RX 580 8gb Windows 7 How will this run the vive?
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    HTC vive or Oculus Rift

    So for my 18th birthday i get to choose what i want. (i usually get books and stuff so this is a first). I get to choose between the oculus rift and the vive, now i love fallout 4 and open world games, and i use steam alot. I have a 1050 ti but will buy a 980. I dont care about the look or...
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    Solved! How do iuse Android data to watch programs streamed on Android phone

    I have an HTC Android phone which I can stream TV programs on. I'd like to use apple laptop to watch those streamed programs on my led tv
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    HTC U12 Rumors: Release Date, Specs, Price and More

    With leaks suggesting an 18:9 display, powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset and a quartet of cameras, HTC's next flagship is one to watch out for. HTC U12 Rumors: Release Date, Specs, Price and More : Read more
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    Solved! Htc Vive Related

    I am living in India and want to buy htc vive from Canada due to to cheaper cost .Will it work? if i use in India as faras "Power supply difference" is concern in these countries .
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    Htc not on

    My htc desire 500 not powering or not showing boot option & charging light blinking.plz reply me
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    HTC Vive Hits Lowest Price Ever as Vive Pro Pre-Orders Go Live

    The high-end VR headset still offers the best VR experience on the market. HTC Vive Hits Lowest Price Ever as Vive Pro Pre-Orders Go Live : Read more
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    HTC's Answer to the Galaxy S9 Just Leaked

    HTC's next flagship could sport a total of four cameras — two on the front and two on the back — according to a new leak. HTC's Answer to the Galaxy S9 Just Leaked : Read more
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    my phone back button doesn't work on my htc radar

    my phones front three buttons (back) (window) and (search) won't work. I haven't hit it on any thing or dropped it in water. I just restored my phone and the battery was too low. I plugged in the charger and the phone restarted by these buttons won't work. I have restarted my phone several times...
  45. N

    What Phone Desicion Should I Make?

    Ok. So right now I have a really crappy phone: the HTC One. I hate it the camera doesn't even work. So my dad said I could get a new phone for $0-150 I was thinking about the Blade V8 Pro. I want the OnePlus 5t. It is too much. I am going to get a job in like 4 months. So should I buy the Blade...
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    HTC Desire 10 Pro International Version work with t-mobile usa florida

    looking to upgrade phone family mobile threw t mobile
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    Solved! HTC one X storage issues

    I just got an HTC one X 32gb (i know its old), but "app storage" is only 6.76 gb and "phone storage" is 25.24gb, I cant download more apps beacaus "app storage" is full but i have 18 gb free under "phone storage"im using this phone for games like tetris and doodle jump so games is all i will...
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    network unlock code for cricket htc desire 510

    i need a network/sim unlock code so i can use my airwireless sim card in my cricket HTC Desire 510 can n e 1 help me PLEASE PLEASE
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    VR can I run it and is it worth it .

    I am running a 6600k at 4.2 and a bios hacked gtx 970ssc 4gb ummm I mean 3.5gb lol any way I am looking in to getting in to VR and was wandering 1 if my pc has what it takes and if so rift or HTC price is a factor I know the rift is 399.99 with controls and 2 Sensor and 59.00 for a 3rd for...
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    How to solder red, copper, coper & white, green, blue wires.

    Its htc headset with mic. So i need to know how to solder it. Colors are red, copper, copper with white, green, blue,
  51. J

    HTC 10 is not so smart

    HTC 10 is stuck in a boot loop does not set pass the HTC logo before it reboots have tried to start in boot menu and kidding I have the HTC one max as my backup phone and the 10 worked perfectly then it got stuck in stupid any one with ideas on how to make it smart again thanks
  52. K

    Upgrade needed for HTC Vive Pro?

    Hi, long time stalker I know this might be a bit early to ask, but i had considered getting the normal vive to jump on the virtual reality wave.. then the pro was announced and was told it was better to wait for that one instead. But when do you guys think we can expect to get the spec...
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    Should i buy a Note 8 or The HTC VIVE

    i really don't know if i should buy the htc vive or the new samsung note 8 phone, i currently have the note 5,i know these are 2 different things but they are in the same price range and the next time i get something with this price its going to be in the next 2 years, and if anyone tells me to...
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    What is better the Oculous Rift or HTC VIVE

    im thinking of getting vr and i dont know which one is better!
  55. K

    Looking to buy a VR headset for PC.

    I am looking at getting a VR setup for my pc, for use with Steam VR. Obviously there is alot of talk about the VIVE and RIFT. But has anyone here had experience with the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets? are they any better than the rift? I aim to play VR games in a small space (standing only...
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    HTC Vive, Fallout 4 Blurry

    Hello, I have purchased a new htc vive and am experiencing graphic issues with fallout 4 vr. I have a 1080ftw, i7 6700k, and 16gb of 3000mhz ram drr4. Fallout 4 looks very blurry at anything over 5meters away. TAA is off Super sampling is at 1.5 Any Ideas or is the just the way the game runs?
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    mobile vr or pc vr

    I know that dektop vr is more immersive and tracking is more more better than the mobile vr. I didnt tried any vr headset yet.i dont know how vr look like. so iam thinking to purchase a daydream view headset. why iam choosing daydream view headset because i wear contact lenses and i have the...
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    HTC U11 WiFi calling on Sprint

    Three days ago my HTC U11 phone suddenly would not allow WiFi calling. I have tried everything I can think of to include doing a factory reset. To verify that it wasn't something that I did with a setting I checked my wifes phone and hers is doing the very same thing. Both phones worked last...
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    Need help on my Build And VR

    I am building a new PC as I am fully in the PCMR ecosystem and have some cash to spend after spending summer saving up. I have an idea of all the components which includes: NZXT S340 Elite, Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 980 SC EVGA, 8GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz Ram, MSI B350M Gaming Pro, CoolerMaster Seidon...
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    Hey... Htc Desire526G+ My Android OS Version 4.4.2KitKat.....

    Hey... Htc Desire526G+ My Android OS Version 4.4.2KitKat.....According to the software update i am using the latest version for my device. There's an app i really REALLY want to use but its only supported for 4.4.2 Only... How to i force update my android os version (Rooted)