Should i buy a Note 8 or The HTC VIVE


Jul 25, 2017
i really don't know if i should buy the htc vive or the new samsung note 8 phone, i currently have the note 5,i know these are 2 different things but they are in the same price range and the next time i get something with this price its going to be in the next 2 years, and if anyone tells me to wait for the htc vive pro i'm not going to buy it because i don't think my gtx 960 can handle the new resolution, and you might say the gtx 960 can't handle the vive i've tried the performance test and i got over 130 fps and that's very close to what a vive ready gpu would be, and the new vive is going to be more expensive and the price for the current htc vive will go down, so please help me decide.

130FPS? that's well beyond the...



130FPS? that's well beyond the requirement of the Vive. All it requires is a consistent 90FPS. Looks like you've already made your choice. Farther on down the line you aren't going to get the new Pro or Enterprise version(same thing).You already have a very good phone that isn't broke without any need of fixing. It looks to me like the Vive is the easy choice. Make sure you have a nice big play area. The Rift might be a better choice if your space is very small.

Will the original Vive be available in 2 years? No idea. What will pricing be like in 2 years? No idea.


May 31, 2016
^ Agree.

But let me give my Adulthood Life Answer
- All debts are paid?
- This is disposable luxury income?
- Savings / Emergency fund is good?

OK, buy that Vive and have fun! :)

Or reversely, purchase a new graphics card and prepare for a VivePro.
There are a lot of questions right now with the new Vive.


The SteamVR benchmark is quite bad, it is definitely not a reliable indicator of whether a system is VR-ready.

The GTX 960 is below the minimum requirements for the HTC Vive. It will run some games okay, but others will struggle. I would prioritize a GPU upgrade, or if you really want VR then go with the Oculus Rift. It has lower hardware requirements because of the ASW feature (also helps that it's cheaper than the Vive).