Upgrade needed for HTC Vive Pro?

Jan 28, 2018
Hi, long time stalker
I know this might be a bit early to ask, but i had considered getting the normal vive to jump on the virtual reality wave.. then the pro was announced and was told it was better to wait for that one instead.
But when do you guys think we can expect to get the spec requirement? cause not 100% sure my pc will be able to keep up with the increased resolution and have heard VR dont take full advantage of sli

My current specs:
16gb ram @1600MHz
asus maximus vi hero (mobo)
MSI GTX 970 x 2
850W PSU
a ssd for OS and a HDD for storage

been considering replacing the 970's with a 1080ti but is kinda unsure about the CPU/Mobo if they need upgrade


Considering it's launching in Q1 (standalone headset only, full bundle released later), required hardware specs should arrive quite soon as well.

I would guess that your CPU/motherboard is fine, but you'd need a single more powerful graphics card. Maybe a regular 1080 would do instead of a 1080 Ti, but who knows.



That's just because Fallout 4 VR is built on a shitty engine. Well coded games run a lot better.


Sep 4, 2013
The desktop I'm using will probably be cutting it close as it has a RX 580 4GB card in it... although my laptop has dual 1070's. Although then there's the matter of SLi support.

I will say though, I hate how 'blurry/grainy' VR currently looks. I have a Lenovo Explorer and notice it whether I'm using the Mixed Reality App or Steam VR. I thought "maybe it's just this headset"... but I've got to try out a Vive and it's the same way. I really hope the Vive Pro will have better clarity.