my phone back button doesn't work on my htc radar

Mar 13, 2018
my phones front three buttons (back) (window) and (search) won't work. I haven't hit it on any thing or dropped it in water. I just restored my phone and the battery was too low. I plugged in the charger and the phone restarted by these buttons won't work. I have restarted my phone several times but nothing is happning. I can feel my phone vibrating on touching these buttons as it should be it isn't doing what it should do. So plz tell me some thing useful.

Hoosier Daddy

Aug 31, 2008
Sorry that is happening.

If it vibrates when you press the button, it would seem more likely a software issue. Newer Windows phones won't let a restore start unless the phone is well charged. So I would try restoring it again just in case the first restore didn't complete properly.

I didn't use Windows phones until Windows 8 but those and later have a hard reset option in the settings that returns the phone to as new. I think it restores a compressed image stored in the phone for that purpose so it does add to the cost of a device and may not be available. That might be a next thing to try if another restore doesn't fix it. Of course, you would have to then try your restore again or set the phone up all over.

I doubt the WDRT (Windows Device Recovery Tool) works on your phone due to the age BUT it's worth a try. Its a utility you can download from Microsoft to a PC that will reflash a phone with the most current version of Windows and microcode for that model phone. I did a quick check and couldn't find if your or other 7.5 phones are supported. May be worth trying it if all else fails. Like the Hard reset, the phone would be a clean slate afterwards.

Good luck.
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