Question Very weird charging Issue with Galaxy A71 phone

Jul 5, 2022
Ok so my phone won't charge. I know its not a hardware issue and its not a charger issue, for a fact. So this is what happened:
  • I Forgot my original charger at the work on friday, that means no charger for the whole weekend.
  • OK, i'll use some generic phone charger i have.
  • Suddenly, it stops charging my phone for some reason. Ok, i'll buy a cheap generic phone charger to use it for the time being.
  • It doesn't work, what? i restart my phone and its now charging for some reason.
  • Fastforward to monday, go to the office, grab my original phone charger. IT DOESN'T WORK. My generic phone charger? IT WORKS, ????
  • -After a while i manage to charge my phone with the original charger, ok?
  • OK so now today, original phone charger doesn't work, generic charger works some times, on and off even if i leave my phone alone on a table.
  • I try to get some help from a technician, she connects my phone to a charge station that she has using both he original charger and the generic one that i bought, and they BOTH charge my phone, no problem. We plug and unplug several times to make sure it works, and it does, every time.
  • Now we try connecting my phone directly to the electricity plug on the wall, IT DOESN'T WORK. We go back and forth several times between the AC plug on the wall and the charge station. For some reason it works when she connects it to the charge station, but it doesn't work when we plug it directly to the wall.
  • I'm back at home and it still doesn't charge if i plug it to the wall, but it charges when i connect it to my computer. Now the weirdest part: If i unplug it from my computer and connnect it to the wall inmediatly after: IT ACTUALLY CHARGES, but then after i try to unplug it and plug it again to the wall, IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE.

I'm fairly certain this is a software issue, but i already factory reset the thing and it still doesn't work properly. Please help me i'm losing my mind.
Jul 6, 2022
I also have a A71, also running into a similar problem. What always seems to work. Turn off phone, plug in charger, it will start charging and if you turn on it will continue to charge. If you unplug and plug back in it may or may not work. Let me know if you find a solution.