Is the HTC Vive worth it right now?

May 23, 2018
After alot of research and seeing the pros and cons of the HTC Vive
they say that you have to wait till all games are released but its been 2 years now
So was wondering will there be any sale on amazon or a new version of oculus(like pro) coming out
Because i got a deal for 550$ for the HTC Vive (not pro ofcourse)
So,I would like to hear your personal opinion and thoughts on the vive.
wont be getting the rift because its like 600$ for some reason??
sorry for my bad english


May 31, 2016
You must be buying overseas. They reduced the price in the US, and the Rift is pretty cheap compared to 2 years ago.
That stated.. the next SALE days will likely be around Christmas. Ya might save an extra $50 -- $100 if you are lucky.
There is no news of the next Rift version. (that I have heard.)

Next update for HTC will be controllers and likely a 2.0 Tracker. That stated, the next Non-Pro version of the HTC Vive is a bit away. I suspect the next one will have integration of wireless and improved screen resolution.

Now.. When should you buy?
Honestly.. I think you should have bought 2 years ago at the full price. Some of the best parts of VR was the journey and exploration of the new software / tech that was being released. Watching the industry grow and being there in the moment.

Should you buy now?
Ya can't wait for the future to arrive. :)
May 23, 2018

Yes, I am buying overseas which explains the high shipping fee for the oculus

but I buy from a local online store website ( amazon company)
And I heard that the wireless gadget will work on this version of vive..i think
and you are in fact right..i cant wait for the future to arrive..thats why i bought it with next day delivery
CUZ I CANT WAIT MAN! the only VR thing I tried is the thing where you slide in your phone and use it

hopefully this is a better experience...