HTC Vive controller tracking issues

Dec 31, 2018
I'm having a problem with controller tracking ever since moving into my new house. I've almost never had any tracking issues with this Vive before so I know it's not a defective product.

When I start playing games, sometime the controllers fly off in random directions or sense they are in places where they are not. For example, when I play Pavlov VR and I hold my hand together like I'm holding a pistol, my left controller will think it's on the right side of my body, and the game start points the gun accordingly. To correct this, I need extend my left hand all the way out to the left so the vive thinks the controllers are next to each other. This is EXTREMELY annoying when playing VR.

I AM using the sync cables.
The light towers are 14ft away from each other (less than the 16ft max it recommends)
I have tried re-calibrating my floor and play area.

I do have a giant mirror above my bar. I have removed this before and it seemed to help, but non-the-less I still had the issues with controllers not tracking properly.
I have two windows that have light coming through them.
I have deleted and re-installed the VR software - it didn't seem to help.

One last thing that I will note is that I have NO grey screens popping up like other users have reported and I have no issues with the controllers lagging. They seem to be moving in real time, just not in the correct area. And I am sure I am using the correct controllers (left controller in the left hand, etc.)

Has anyone found a cure-all for my problem? Thank you in advance for any help. I can provide picture of the room if needed.

See the base station (b) in the top center/right - and the bar mirror

Image of the playing area with base station (b) in the rop right - and the bar mirror

Base station (c) in the top left - And the two windows

Image of the PC and part of the playing area. Not much worth seeing but figured I'd add anyway

I linked a past broadcast from my stream. The issue starts a few seconds after 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 6 seconds into the broadcast where I start reloading and the gun starts flying away from my body


May 31, 2016
I'd do the following...
1) Check your lighthouse alignment.
2) Check your lighthouse optics. (cleanliness is next to godliness.)

Test under standard situation after cleaning.
a) Better?

3) Turn off all the lights
A) Better? (in my xp this should be worse.)

4) Turn on all the lights and get some extra lights. (refracted light only)
A) Better?

Finally.. is it 1 or both controllers?
My controllers are a few years old and have put some dents in the drywall... one of them doesn't track as well now.