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  1. M

    Question How do I fix my mic? When I plug in my controller it stops working.

    My mic stops working after plugging in my controller. Most of the time it remains connected to the pc as a default device but sometimes it doesn't recognize its plugged in. I have disabled the audio playback and recording of the ps4 controller. My audio interface still picks up me speaking but...
  2. P

    Android phone wired Xbox 360 Controller can't connect

    My wired xbox 360 controller and usb-c otg cable can't connect with my huawei P20 pro. All 4 lights are periodically flashing but no input is registered on the phone. How can this be resolved thanks
  3. T

    Solved! lost remote controller

    I have a 32'' LgLH500B And ive lost the remote and the only thing on this tv is the power button how do I change my tv?? Help please....
  4. R

    How to Connect a Bluetooth Game Controller to your MacBook Pro

    So you have installed Windows on to your Mac, installed your favorite game, but now what you need is to hook up your Dualshock or Xbox controller to your Mac for the ultimate PC gaming experience. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. MacBooks were not built as gaming PCs and therefore...
  5. H

    Do you HAVE to have OEM controllor or not ???

    I have a"found" Galaxy Star drone and I would like to use it but,no controller,no battery charger . Cant locate them online .
  6. T

    Acer, Windows mixed reality left controller doesnt respond

    I bought my headset and controllers 3 days ago and hooked them up to a cousins laptop because i was missing a bluetooth adapter and a cord. Everything worked fine on his laptop except the left controller, it would lose tracking and start flying off alot. I assumed it was just because his laptop...
  7. A

    HTC Vive controller tracking issues

    I'm having a problem with controller tracking ever since moving into my new house. I've almost never had any tracking issues with this Vive before so I know it's not a defective product. THE ISSUE: When I start playing games, sometime the controllers fly off in random directions or sense...
  8. R

    Xbox Controller and USB Lights Disconnect PC Audio

    Xbox controller and led lights disconnect audio Okay, so I had to do my annual (custom)PC cleaning, and I decided to move around some of the cords to make my PC setup seem wireless, but as soon as I plug in my controller and press certain buttons, my audio cuts out and freaks out. I haven't...
  9. EndlessZone123

    Emulate a game controller thought a bluetooth adapter from a PC to a iPad?

    I got a bit curious to if there was a program to kind of emulate a bluetooth controller with keyboard and mouse inputs and play games like san andreas on ios. Would this be possible and is this a acutal thing? I’ve been looking around the internet and have not found anything other than straight...
  10. V

    Solved! Lenovo Explorer Motion Controller Problem

    Hello, I have a really big problem with my lenovo explorer. I just bought it a couple of days ago and its already giving me big problems. The controllers are terrible. Every time i punch in gorn vr my controller might dissapear and disconnect. I see people online with the same headset playing...
  11. S

    Solved! Connecting 5.1 to tv

    I have 49 inch Sony tv with two ways to connect external speakers(3.5 audio jack and optical). I want to connect Logitech Z5500 5.1 to this TV and get surround sound. Speakers are modified, the controller for logitech speakers is dead so i made it work without original controller (VGA cable is...
  12. N

    Solved! pc game controllers

    95 percent of pc gamers prefers either xbox controller or ps4 controllers to play windows games. there are lot of good brands like logitech,red gears which makes some good pc controllers. why people prefer microsoft,sony brand controllers over this cheap but good controllers from logitech? what...
  13. W

    Solved! Vive controller rattle

    Hey, recently I was playing in vr and accidently hit something with the htc vive controller, and now whenever I move or shake it, it makes a really annoying rattling sound, it’s like there and hundreds of tiny balls shaking around, it is extremely frustrating. Is there any way to fix this or do...
  14. R

    How to Reset System Management Controller on Your MacBook

    Your Mac is one of the most robust systems out there, but there are times it might act up. If your Mac is crashing randomly, not responding well to sleep/power off commands, the interface is slowing down, or the display is having issues, you need to reset the System Management Controller (SMC)...
  15. S

    Xbox 360 controller doesn't work on Android

    Hello, i'm trying to connect a non oficial Xbox 360 controller to my Android device via OTG but it doesn't want to work, I tried it with another phone and it worked fine. Any solution? Device: Doogee S60. Android versión 7.0 (I connected a mouse and it worked fine)
  16. R

    How to Set up a Game Controller with your Fire TV

    Amazon Fire TVs went out into the market with a huge advantage over all competitors (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku) that is the voice controller on the remote. You can actually speak to your remote controller and find whatever you need to find on your Fire TV. Another major advantage is the Amazon...
  17. S

    How Do I use PC as USB Female to Female Adapter?

    So, I want to play PUBG on my Hauwei P20 Lite with my PS3 Controller (Is Genuine) but I don't have the necessary cables to do so, the phone is a USB type C charger. I just need to connect my controller to my phone for this to work. I want to be able to use it wirelessly though. I was just...
  18. Y

    What if I don't have Bluetooth built in my laptop?

    Trying to connect a ps3 controller and I mostly find answers for wireless but what if my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth?
  19. Blackened Hat

    Logictech g430 headset audio issues on console and PC

    Hello, Having some issues with this headset the past month or so i'll cut to the chase. 1.The USB adapter for the headset is doing something that causes my USB port on my computer to short out, that I'd have to restart it to get it to work, something about a power surge. 2. I use a Startech...
  20. D

    Turn phone into TV remote

    Need to make Android phone a remote controller for my Coby tv
  21. S

    How do I connect my drone to my Xbox one controller

    How do I connect them together
  22. S

    G9000 headset right side is very low and left is perfect

    I was playing on my ps4 and I had my headset plugged into my controller and was working fine and out of no where the right side became very low in volume and the left was perfect. I already tried plugging in my headset into my phone and computer and it does the same thing. Model is a G9000 and...
  23. Z

    Power sub through 2.0 speakers?

    Hi guys So I have the Creative T40 2.0 speakers and I want it's volume knob to be the main controller of volume for an overall 2.1 system. The input to the T40s is a 3.5mm aux from the computer. The right speaker has an RCA connector leading to the left speaker. Is it possible to split this...
  24. D

    Solved! Can I connect my Redragon Garuda headset to my ps4 controller

    I bought a headset only to find out that it uses two jacks is there any way for me to connect these headphones to my ps4.
  25. N

    My Nintendo Switch pro Controller not connecting, but work as wired controller

    My Nintendo Switch pro Controller not connecting wirelessly, but work as wired controller when enable usb wired connection in switch setting. I have tried resetting controller settings and made sure battery fully charged. I have another pro Controller which works perfectly in wired or...
  26. P

    can you fix it when you throw something at it an acts weird.

    my son threw a controller at the tv and its has lines and this spot that looks like a crack but its not. when i turn it on you cant see the stuff but it allows you to select stuff.
  27. M

    Damaged USB controller workaround.

    The USB controller on my windows tablet (asus t303ua) was damaged, however USB-C port is still working fine, but it doesn't work from the BIOS, and hence the computer is technically dead, once the operation system fails. When i connect an external HDD to the USB-C port and power on the...
  28. S

    JBL LSR305 with Nano Patch + volume knob works weird

    [Moderator Note: Moved from Motherboards to Home Audio Category.] Hey, I recently got my JBLs and the audio controller with it, but i noticed that after connecting the speakers today, that the volume knob acts really weird. So currently, i have the volume at the lowest possible on the knob...
  29. G

    Hit Box Review: The Ultimate Fighting Game Controller

    The Hit Box is a revolutionary fighting game controller that will change the way you play. Hit Box Review: The Ultimate Fighting Game Controller : Read more
  30. R

    Headsets using the realtek drivers instead of razers

    Headset issue - So i have a razer headset (kraven v2) but instead of using its audio controller it uses realtek and without realtek controller being on the headsets just dont work in the audio window it shows that audio is getting picked up but it just doesnt work. Realtek also takes over my...
  31. coolnate390

    mobile otg connectivity problems

    device: samsung j3 emerge otg brand: n/a controller: rockcandy xbox 360 i recently got into trying steam link and while i am waiting for it to come i decided to try it out on my phone. the streaming works great with only occasional input lag... the only problem is my controller i plugged it in...
  32. Tyler LM

    Oculus Rift USB Bandwidth question...?

    If I have the two main 3.0 sensors on the same Controller with 10ft extenders and the last sensor on 2.0 with a 15ft extender and the HMD on the same controller will I come across issues? My MOBO is a H110M-K from ASUS.... The Sensors need around 76 MB/s of Bandwidth per sensor on 3.0, and on...
  33. W

    this is for the Nintendo wii

    So i was wondering if you had to have a wii remote or could you have a old gamecube controller to play the wii or do you have to have at least 1 wii controller to play with those gamecube ones
  34. G

    Where to Buy Nintendo's Switch GameCube Controller and Adapter

    Nintendo's got a new Gamecube controller and adapter. Where to Buy Nintendo's Switch GameCube Controller and Adapter : Read more
  35. G

    8BitDo's New Retro Controllers Offer All Kinds of Nintendo Nostalgia

    Fans of retro controllers will love 8BitDo's new products. 8BitDo's New Retro Controllers Offer All Kinds of Nintendo Nostalgia : Read more
  36. G

    The Best Thumb Grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

    If you want to enhance your gaming performance, these thumb grips are the way to go. The Best Thumb Grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch : Read more
  37. B

    Control HDMI switcher with universal remote

    I just bought a J-Tech HDMI switch and I want to control it with my Inteset universal remote (#INT-422-3). I looked on their device lookup page and read through the "manual" but no luck. It came with a very basic IR remote, but I'm not sure how to figure out what codes to use. Any help would be...
  38. H

    Is there any software I could use to control my USB LED strip?

    The controller attatched to the LED strip is very common and I don't see why you couldn't theoretically send signals to the controller to tell it to change the colour so is there any software out there? This is the one I have (50cm + usb cable)
  39. S

    A 500 pro midi controller connectivity error to windows 7 pc

    Hi, i have connected my A 500 pro midi controller to windows 7 pc and the device manager window is refreseshing un limitedly and the midi controller connected to Port_#0009.Hub_#0001 is turning on and off continuously.I tried changing the midi controller port to be connected to other midi...
  40. M

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Responding Correctly - How to Fix

    The Nintendo switch is a highly versatile, and innovative product. It is the only product in the market the offers the console type experience, while still keeping the portable factor in play. One minute you could be playing a multiplayer game, with your brother on the big screen, and at the...
  41. M

    Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Not Responding Correctly - How to Fix

    One of the flaws that the Nintendo Switch came with is the occasional Joy-Con not responding. These controllers have been in the habit of disconnecting from the console. This has shockingly been a really basic issue among early units, yet it still affects many console-owners. What Happened? A...
  42. K

    Solved! Out of nowhere the right earcup of my beats solo 3 just stopped working

    Was plugging my headphones into my Xbox Controller the problem?
  43. J

    headset wont work

    my headset wont work for my Xbox controller but work just fine with my laptop. plz help, also no sound is coming through them on xbox and everything is set up right.
  44. G

    PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Review: Beauty on a Budget

    PowerA's stylish line of Switch controllers feel great, and they're a fraction of the price of Nintendo's Pro Controller. PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Review: Beauty on a Budget : Read more
  45. G

    Hyperkin Duke Review: Does the Classic Xbox Controller Hold Up?

    Hyperkin's Duke is a faithful recreation of the classic Xbox controller - for better or for worse. Hyperkin Duke Review: Does the Classic Xbox Controller Hold Up? : Read more
  46. G

    The Best Fighting-Game Controllers for PS4, Xbox One and PC

    From basic game pads to high-end fight sticks, here are the best tools for playing fighting games. The Best Fighting-Game Controllers for PS4, Xbox One and PC : Read more
  47. I

    DT 770 Pro 32 ohm for PS4?

    I plan on buying a pair of the DT 770 Pro 32 ohm and I was wondering, would the PS4 controller be enough to power them? If not, what are some good headphones for gaming that can be powered by the PS4 controller? Also, my budget is 200 dollars USD.
  48. K

    LEDs cause speaker noise

    Hey, A long time ago I got an LED strip with a controller to put behind the desk, but I rarely use it. When it is turned on it causes my speakers to hum loudly, and when it is just plugged in (not lighting up) it makes a different hum. Only unplugging power from the LEDs helps. I have two sets...
  49. T

    I need a driver for the Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller that is compatible with Windows 7.

    So. I came here because i need help finding a driver for the Integrated Serial IO I2C Controller in my computer, i've been searching for hours but no luck. Programs like "Driver Booster" or "Driver Easy" also can't find it, there is an unsigned version of the driver but it doesn't work and...
  50. G

    Easily switch audio output destination on Pioneer VSX-60

    My setup: ■ Receiver: Pioneer VSX-60 ■ TV: Samsung UN46ES7500F ■ Control: Logitech Harmony Smart Hub ■ STB: Motorola Cable STB ■ Streaming: Amazon Fire TV (AFTV) ■ Other: 2.1 speaker system Sometimes watching movies and such on TV, I want to use the 2.1 speaker system. Other times, e.g., when...
  51. K

    i cant fully understand my 7.1 HyperX headset

    When i plug in my HyperX headset to the controller. it only comes ut hyperx virtural surround sound. and i cant change it so its in my headset insted of speaker
  52. toshibitsu

    Solved! Lenovo Explorer - Controller pairing issue

    I am trying to use Lenovo Explorer headset with my laptop. It's an MSI GT83VR Titan SLI-055. specs: Windows 10 Home (latest build) 18.4" 1080p screen i7-6820HK Processor 16GB DDR4 memory nVidia GTX 1070 x's 2 (SLi) Mixed Reality Portal is installed and Steam VR is installed w/ the Mixed...
  53. D

    fix/Repair Cracked 75 inch 4k TV (Can it be fixed)?

    Its kindve funny. I saw a very similar topic posted a couple months back of a guy getting angry and throwing a ps4 controller and it hitting his tv. Exact same crap here. My tv is cracked now, but works and sound works. The only issue is the usual rainbow lines rolling up the screen and...
  54. Z

    how do i use my android tablet as a midi controller?

    hi, i was wondering if i can use my tablet as midi piano controller. if so can some one tell me how to?
  55. K

    Is this controller good?

    I want to know if this controller is any good for my Nintendo switch...
  56. H

    Laptop not booting from SSD

    Randomly, for the first time, on my lenovo 710s Plus(13inch) I got the Blue Screen of Death error DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and apparently this issue occurs because the iastor.sys driver, is not compatible with Windows 10. So I changed the storage controller from Intel Rapid Storage sata controller...
  57. D

    Control for surround system that is based on a single receiver with independent zone 2 HDMI output for digital A/V sources

    If I purchase a single receiver that has independent zone 2 HDMI output for digital A/V sources, what’s the easiest way to control the surround system from each room? Assuming the following: I will be purchasing a new receiver TVs are Samsung HD/4k The receiver’s in a closet The receiver...
  58. O

    Controller not Paring

    I have a Levono Explorer. I tried pairing up with the bluetooth adapter since my MB doesn't have one. I tried to connect it so many times. From checking device manager to see if it's there so I can uninstall and try again and the windows bluetooth devicies. For sure it isn't in there cause I...
  59. C

    Broken RCA TV

    Hello, My son hit our RCA flat TV with his gaming controller the screen is now black!! Is there anyway to fix this or is it junk?? Cheryl
  60. S

    BlueStacks Android Emulator Xbox One Controller

    How to use Xbox One/360 Controller in BlueStacks?