How To Play Practically Any Game On Your Oculus Rift


When talking about virtual reality, we are excited about the technology and entertainment it provides, but we are limited to enjoy only games that are developed for Virtual Reality. However nowadays there are solutions to help you play any game in VR. This guide will help you to play any game in VR with Oculus Rift.

There are many options for playing most of the games in VR and Oculus:


VorpX is one of the softwares that enables you to play most of the games in VR.
A basic setup for VorpX with Oculus:

Step 1. Install VorpX
Step 2. Setup FOV for the game
Many games may have this feature already setup for VR and will look awesome. Yet some of the games do not handle the FOV for VR so you need to set it up. Here are a few things you can do:

  • ■ Setup the FOV to 120 within the game settings
    ■ Setup FOV from VorpX with Game Settings Optimizer (VorpX configuration app) for games that are supported
    ■ Apply FOV mods directly into the game folder
    ■ Tweak an ini file of the game or use some 3rd party tool to do the same for you
Step 3. Setup Head Tracking

  • ■ This is an essential thing you need to adjust just right to have a good experience. VorpX by itself sets up the Head Tracking speed from the mouse sensitivity setting you have set up for the game. If it doesn’t feel natural when you move your head around, you need to tweak the Head Tracking Sensitivity from the VropX in-game menu.
Step 4. Setup 3D-Mode

  • ■ VorpX is creating Stereo 3D using two ways: Z-Buffer 3D and Geometry 3D. Many of the games are using Z-Buffer 3D, because have twice the performance of Geometry 3D, but Geometry 3D has the most lifelike 3D experience.
    ■ Which option you want to use? Z-Buffer 3D of course because high framerate is drastically more important than very good Stereo 3D.

Vireio Perception

If you don’t want to pay for vorpX, Vireio Perception is your alternative option.

Setup for Vireio Perception is the following:

Step 1. Download the software
Step 2. Install Vireio Perception

  • ■ The download will include a .zip file.
    ■ Unpack the .zip file with any archiver (WinRar, WinZip, 7zip)
    ■ Run the VirieoPerceptionProfiler.exelocated in the /Bin folder
Step 3. Select and configure a game

  • ■ A window will open where you will select a game you want to run in VR
    ■ After selecting the game, make sure it points in the actual folders of the game on the hard drive
Step 4. Run Perception

  • ■ In the same /Bin folder there is Perception.exe
    ■ Right click on it, and run as Administrator
    ■ A Vireio Perception window will start where you can choose the monitor you want to use.
Step 5. Launch game and enjoy!

Also there are other options besides these two, and you can make your own choices of which one to use. Here are some other softwares that can help:

  • Virtual Desktop
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