How to Play the Stock Exchange in Megapolis


Megapolis allows players to build a city from a set amount of given buildings. Residential, manufacturing, electric, water, entertainment, and more buildings will be built as the player progresses in level and expands their available land. One building that is of interest is the Stock Exchange, which provides a mini game for players. The following steps will educate players on how to play this mini game.

1. Opening the game- Tap the Megapolis icon on your mobile device to open the app and view your city.

2. Stock Exchange- After you have built the Stock Exchange, tap the Stock Exchange building to open up the play menu.

3. Free Play- You will have one free play each day on the Stock Exchange. You can earn additional free plays by constructing the Megapolis Federal Reserve and the National Bank of Megapolis. Additional plays must be purchased with Megabucks, the premium currency within the game.

4. Watch the Line- There will be a line that moves up and down a screen divided by another line. The goal is to tap the screen when the line is in the top half of the play screen. This allows you to continue playing.

5. Rewards- Rewards accumulate for each successful play until you decide to stop and collect or you land in the red and are forced to collect. Each successful play gets you points that you exchange for the prize, the top prize being 100 Megabucks.