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  1. W

    Motherboard exchange question

    Will a dell 5421 motherboard work in a dell 3541?
  2. L

    Solved! Is it safe to delete nvidia files?

    I found out that C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2 is 2.9 gb and I saw some guides that I'm safe to delete what's inside Installer2 but in exchange I'll have to reinstall NVIDIA app once again in order to be able to uninstall. What do you think? Is it safe? Any harms?
  3. I

    Foreign Exchange student looking for laptop

    So next year I will be a foreign exchange student in Germany and I need a laptop to do both all my school work communicate back home and play my games. I’m coming from a i7 4790 and 1060 6gb with 144 hz monitor. I can’t get everything but point is I like my games and I’m willing to make...
  4. T

    can a 19.5v laptop use a 19v input power supply?

    Laptop power supply exchange
  5. J

    Return error, Dell sent me an upgraded model; from a 7567 to 7577 by mistake?!

    So I had an issue with my GPU on my new laptop, an Inspiron 15 7567, and I initiated a exchange for a new machine through Dell, a very seamless & painless process besides not having a laptop for a week while they revived my faulty one and sent me a new one. Since the laptop is only 15 days old...
  6. M

    can i exchange my desktop and buy new laptop

    i want new laptop on exchange with my desktop
  7. A

    Can i.e. exchange a new laptop for damages motherboard laptop

    My laptop's motherboard is damage. Wil it be possible to exchange it for a new
  8. U

    i got a LGK20plus phone from MetroPCS. company and is one sim slot and i need two sim slot, please can the company exchange it

    I want to know if the company can exchange my LGK20plus for me, is one(1) sim slot and i want a phone with two(2) sim slot
  9. B

    Laptop Buyback/Exchange Program?

    Hey all, I was wondering if any of you know of / have experience with a buyback program for gaming laptops? I figured that since we have those programs all over the place for cellphones and gaming consoles, we might have them for portable gaming as well? Regards
  10. M

    i want exchange my dell 5567 to dell 7000 series

    i want to exzchange the dell 15 5000 series to dell 17 7000 series
  11. S

    charger exchange with hp

    i have hp laptop 19.5v and 3.33v and dell charger 19.5v and 3.34v i can use this charger with my hp laptop ?
  12. K

    How SSH work

    Hi I want to verify my understanding about SSH . SSH process steps begin -exchange public key in order to use for authencity in DH key exchange process (at this point I want to know how it give authenticity in detail) -DH key exchange process.From this step, it get secret key and exchange key...
  13. V

    It looks Sam thinking serious

    I'm. Not happy with this laptop in 3 mouth Tim tu have a manufacturer problem I want from you to give me a refund or exchange to New on thankyou
  14. V

    It looks Sam thinking serious

    I'm. Not happy with this laptop in 3 mouth Tim tu have a manufacturer problem I want from you to give me a refund or exchange to New on thankyou
  15. J

    Cracked inner screen

    I bought a brand new TV yesterday at bestbuy they won't exchange it because I don't have the receipt it came with a cracked inner screen how much would it cost me to repair it I don't know what to do I have a brand new TV that doesn't work
  16. J

    Help me figure this out tonight please I know very little about laptops

    I have this laptop, got it as an early xmas gift and have a choice to send it back and exchange it for the one in the second link. need help on figuring out which one will be better overall , i just want a fast laptop for school work, web searching and playing some games here and there...
  17. R

    Outlook 2013 - opened emails lost after exiting Outlook, restarting.

    Outlook 2013, local (not Exchange). I had opened many (40+) emails in the Sent folder and was perusing them 1 at a time when i accidentally closed Outlook (click on X top right corner). Without delay or query, everything disappeared. I restarted Outlook, but I can't find any of the opened...
  18. R

    Exchange client for Win10

    I'm looking for an Open Source mail client for W10 that can connect to an Exchange server. I have already scoured the net as much as I possibly can and keep coming up with the same things over and over. I'm aware of Thunderbird (pay for exchange) and eM Client (pay for exchange), but I'd...
  19. S

    sim card exchange

    Can I put my sim card from a galaxy s4 into a Note 3? Same carrier, Verizon.
  20. G

    Problem Archiving Inbox in Outlook 2013

    My Exchange mailbox is almost full, I'm trying to archive some older items from last year to the very beginning to move those messages from my mailbox to an archive file. I'm familiar with the steps for doing this, but no matter what I try the PST file never gets above 1MB and opening the...
  21. W

    I'm trying to switch routers the one I have now has no password on it

    How do I log my phone exchange into wife when the router I'm trying get to use has no password
  22. V

    Bad Screen Bleed and Faulty GPU?

    This is a new dell laptop Inspiron i7559. Is this a bad screen bleed? Should i exchange it. Also after updating the drivers my desktop wallpaper changes automatically between this greyed pixeled and my original wallpaper. Happens randomly. All the drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Thanks...
  23. A

    What mxm slot is the GT 620 M video card?

    Can anyone help me, I want to know what slot is it to exchange the working video GPU on another laptop.
  24. A

    So is exchanging my lenovo Y510P with dell xps 11 a good option for non gaming related work?

    I have been offerd an exchange between thosee 2. How would it do? Y510P vs. Dell xps 11. How their price compares/
  25. M

    Samsung Laptop Motherboard Exchange

    Hello, I have a Samsung Series 4 NP470R5E BA41-02176A motherboard attached to my laptop and im having a hard time finding a motherboard with the exact model number. I have found a Samsung Series 4 NP470R5E Laptop Motherboard BA92-12459A ,is this motherboard compatible?
  26. V

    How can I convert OST to PST File?

    Hi all, My exchange server 2013 is crashed and I need to makr conversion of my exchange .ost file in outlook ,pst file. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  27. R

    Repair corrupt PST files

    I’m working a project where I am importing Outlook .PST files into an Exchange online archive. Some of these files are quite large (anywhere from 15 GB – 50 GB in size). I run this command from the Exchange Management Shell New-MailboxImportRequest –FilePath opserverPSTFilesmjonesarchive.pst...
  28. A

    OLD Sony VAIO Laptop - still works - exchange ?

    I have an OLD Sony VAIO Laptop that is still working and which was very high-end when I bought it (hold your breath) 8 years back, with a Fingerprint scanner and Vista (I know, D-uh), and it is small and dinky at 8.5 inches. It is still working but the battery is long gone and was no longer...
  29. Z

    Outlook and OWA folders synched (Exchange)

    Hello all I have a quick question. Let's say my companies email is hosted via exchange. If I use Outlook (2010 or 2013 are the ones we use) and create folders for each client, will those folders appear when I access my email via the OWA? Aka are the Outlook files and folders 100% synched with...
  30. M

    Outlook delay or no email

    Can't believe I am the only one experiencing this. Using Exchange Outlook, Windows 7 pro 64bit. I will receive a popup notification that a new mail has arrived. When I check my inbox, it clearly shows a 1 next to inbox but, there is no new email. I have to click on a few other folders and come...
  31. H

    Lost my Inbox and contacts after deleting an Exchange account from Outlook

    I originally had a company exchange account in Outlook. I left the company and started using a new Gmail account in my Outlook program. All my .pst folders and Inbox, Contacts, etc. seemed to transition over just fine. Then...I got tired of the error messages when the exchange account would try...
  32. R

    How to Play the Stock Exchange in Megapolis

    Megapolis allows players to build a city from a set amount of given buildings. Residential, manufacturing, electric, water, entertainment, and more buildings will be built as the player progresses in level and expands their available land. One building that is of interest is the Stock Exchange...
  33. R

    Using the Same email address on 2 pc's using Outlook and Hosted Exchange

    Is it possible to setup the same email address on 2 pc's, one using Outlook 2010 and the other using Outlook 2013 and Hosted Exchange? Or is it necessary to setup one using IMAP and the other accessing Hosted Exchange? Thank you. Robert
  34. M

    Exchanging Y510p 750m for 755m

    I have the Y510p non-sli 750m(single) laptop with the Optical drive in the ultrabay. I just wanted to know from where and how if possible I could exchange mine for free or very low cost ?! :D And I'm from India. Still under warranty.
  35. T

    Hi, I am looking for an Microsoft Exchange alternative. Is there any solution that works natively? Without plugins I mean. Tha

    Hi. I have 20 outlook users in a network and I want to change the server from Windows to Linux. Is there any good alternative for Microsoft Exchange? I don´t want to bother the outlook users with plugins, so a nitive solution would be best. What is the best solution? Thanks!
  36. G

    I Won an invite for the One Plus One! But I don't have $350!!! WHAT DO I DO

    I won an invite for the One Plus One yesterday, but I don't have $350!! I'm not sure what to do! I WASN'T READY! Maybe someone could give me $350? In exchange for an invite?? (If I am given ones to give out)
  37. T

    what is bitcoin mining

    Someone please explain this process and what it is, how would I do it, is it worth it etc... I heard its basically currency that I can buy stuff with and i see people on craigslist wanting to exchange pc parts for cash or bitcoins. If I can get parts without paying for it out of my check that...
  38. jeff-j

    Cant send email from Exchange Active Sync.

    Hello, I am setting up exchange active sync on a android cell phone. I am able to connect to the exchange server, and and to see the inbox along with getting new emails, and have my contacts and calendars sync up, but I am not able to send any emails. The emails just sit in the outbox, and I...
  39. M

    How do I put a security password on my new Galaxy S4?

    I bought a new Galaxy S4 at a Navy Exchange store. When I go to the "set up/change password", it asks me to type in the 'old' password. I have never entered a password for this device. Is there a default password for new Galaxy S4s that I need to enter as the 'old' password?
  40. mjmcdonagh1

    iPhone Emulator/Simulator to Demonstrate Exchange Setup

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of an iPhone emulator or simulator which allows mailbox setup? The mailbox doesn't have to be functional once it has been setup. I want to create instructions for an offsite client on how to setup their exchange mailboxes on iPhone's as that seems to be...
  41. viveknayyar007

    Help On Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver

    If you are trying to create hyperlinks, but due to some reason you cannot implement them properly on an HTML page, there is nothing to worry about. You can do so by following the below described procedure: ■Initialize your Dreamweaver program from the Start menu, using any account. ■On the...
  42. M

    Asus N56VJ CPU upgrade from i5 to i7

    1) Can I exchange my Asus N56VJ i5-3230M CPU for an i7-3720QM or i7-3740QM? 2) The i5 is 35W and the i7 is 45W, but can the motherboard and the rest support it without any overclocking and NO heavy gaming usage? The chipset does. 3) Where will I feel the difference? Will it be only on...
  43. C

    Report for mail attachment size in Exchange server 2010

    How to set up Reporting /auditing in Exchange 2010 so that an administrator is notified every time an attachment over 8 MB is sent out of the business? Want this audit and report accordingly
  44. S

    Outlook 2007 sunfolders missing

    I have spent hours now looking for my missing Outlook 2007 Inbox Subfolder and it's contents. There were a couple of hundred emails in it. Where could they be? we are on citrix and exchange 2007. I have checked the Views, they are all set correctly. How do I get the folder back and why has it...
  45. V

    i got many problems with sony vaio laptop...can i exchange with new jpiece?

    i got mother board problem and got rectified by sony vaio care and again i got the same problem. Later i got problem with my keyboard and touch pad.They are not working. I got it rectified. Now i got problem with web-cam. Can i exchange my laptop with new piece? Still i got warranty.
  46. 06yfz450ridr

    Iphone 4s 6.1.3 Exchange issues

    Another issue with an apple product haha. Well the funny story here is we had a client get the dreaded cannot connect to server issue when using active sync on her iphone 4s running 6.1.3 a few days ago and has been driving us crazy. Now out of nowhere I have the same issue with my work...
  47. K

    Office 365 OWA error

    Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.LiveTransientHRESULTException: LiveId authentication code has returned error 0x80049234 PP_E_RPS_REASON_POST_TICKET_TIMEWINDOW_EXPIRED, indicating that there's a temporary problem with the remote server. Please check the Application event log for detailed...
  48. S

    Setting up Microsoft Exchange

    Hi all, I would just like to have some general guidance on setting up a Microsoft Exchange server. It needs to be setup for a small-business environment. The email is currently hosted by, but it does not sync read/unread messages, calenders, and many other features without...
  49. stevenvw

    Mapilab POP3 Mail Collector service not starting on reboot

    Hello, We have the Mapilab POP3 Mail collector for Exchange 2010 running on our server (Windows SBS 2011). For some reason, the service is not starting when the server is restarted, and we have to start it manually. I have already checked to make sure that the service is configured to start...
  50. mi1ez

    Adding exchange room calendars to iPad

    I am trying to get an iPad to list Exchange room resources in its calendar. I have set up an account for the iPad to connect to exchange with it's own mailbox. This account has full access to the room resources (this was mainly for my ease of testing). As these are resources rather than...
  51. O

    Why scanost.exe not working?

    i have changed my company but now i m not able reach my Exchange mailbox that was in my office. i have a .OST file but Outlook is able to open it now. i have heard about ScanOST.exe but that is also not helping me out. If anyone have same issue then tell me solution.
  52. G

    Kim Dotcom Offers To Go US in Exchange for Money

    If there is anything Kim Dotcom aka Kimble aka Kim Schmitz can do better than flaunt his wealth and expensive lifestyle, it is rubbing government authorities the wrong way. Kim Dotcom Offers To Go US in Exchange for Money : Read more
  53. G

    Amazon's Bezos Salary Frozen, Unchanged Since 1998

    A filing with the Security and Exchange Commission reveals that Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos continues to draw the same salary as he did in 1998. Amazon's Bezos Salary Frozen, Unchanged Since 1998 : Read more
  54. R

    Free Microsoft Exchange alternative?

    I need a free alternative to exchange that is operational though outlook on a work station. There is ZERO desire for web based mail and shared online documents through a service such as Google doc's. I have a dedicated machine to run as a server. I looked at a few applications that appear to...
  55. G

    Bluetooth exchange folder

    Hello, I cant find my bluetooth exchange folder on my laptop do all laptops have them? and if not how can i get one without taking my laptop to a shop or buying a new one?
  56. S

    Outlook get mail with attachment but no attachment in mail

    outlook get mail with attachment but no attachment in mail outlook 2007 sp2 Exchange 2007 Win XP
  57. dconnors

    Post-Christmas Gift Ideas

    Have some unwanted Christmas sweaters to exchange? Or a few gift cards to burn through? There are plenty of new tech toys and games worth your holiday cash. Post-Christmas Gift Ideas : Read more
  58. C

    Puchase of laptop computers in Accra Ghana

    Hello, Are PC's more expensive in Accra than the USA with the exchange rate 1.5 Ghana money to $1.00 US dollar?
  59. C

    Outlook - Multiple mail accounts all sending mail through Exchange

    I have three mail accounts in Outlook 2007: 1x Exchange and 2x POP (Gmail and Yahoo). When I send an email from Gmail or Yahoo, I see the message in the Exchange outbox. What is it doing and how do I fix this?
  60. exfileme

    Google Listed As a Zynga Investor

    Zynga has listed Google as an investor in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Google Listed As a Zynga Investor : Read more