How to Post on Reddit

Reddit is a news and entertainment site that also has some social networking aspects to it. Users can post text, articles, links, images, and more to the site, and can even create their own communities called Subreddits. New users may not have made a post yet, instead being content to just read what others have posted while getting a feel for things. If this describes you, but you want to make a posting to Reddit, just follow these simple instructions and you will soon learn how to post on Reddit.
1. Logging in- Open up your web browser and go to Log in to your Reddit account with your username and password.
2. Choosing what to post- You have the option to either post a link or a text post. Links are for websites, images, articles, etc. Texts are for questions, comments, statements, etc. When you decide what to post, click the appropriate button.
3. Filling in the blanks- Once you click the button (let’s say it’s a text post), you’ll be shown a box with labels for a title, your text, and a Subreddit that your post relates to.
4. Rules and regulations- Ensure that your post does not violate any rules or regulations for posting. There are a specific set of rules for each Subreddit. If you are in violation of the rules, your post will get deleted by the moderators of that Subreddit.
5. Final Entry- You will be given a captcha text to enter to verify that you are a human making the post. Enter the captcha text and click Submit.