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  1. D

    Specs I should be looking for in a gaming laptop (700-1000$) budget

    1. What is your budget? 700-1000$ (Would like to include extended warranty in pricing, but will be fine without.) 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I have seen 15.6 as the most recommended one. 3. What screen resolution do you want? Full HD 1920x1080 minimum please...
  2. H

    What is a sound card

    Hi! Im planning on getting a dt770pro but i have seen reddit posts about powering it? And some other things about 250ohms. And what about sound card and amplification. Can someone pls provide a clear detailed guide to all these?
  3. teflonfrog

    ASUS ZenBook UX330UA vs Acer Swift 5?

    ASUS ZenBook UX330UA: Acer Swift 5: I posted this on Reddit too...
  4. P

    Please help suggest 15" laptops!

    I tried posting on reddit but my post kept getting buried so I have decided to post on laptop forums instead :/ Aside from the basic uses, I do some light gaming and I plan to use the laptop to do simple comic panelling. I will draw and color on my phablet then send pics to the laptop to resize...
  5. D

    Reddit wants to run Adobe Flash.

    So when I had Adobe Flash installed, Reddit wanted to run it, I had Adobe Flash set at "Ask to activate" in my browser. I have since uninstalled Adobe Flash and Reddit no longer asks me about it. My question is why did it do that? I've run Malwarebytes and Avast and they found nothing.
  6. M

    Laptop for physics major

    Hello guys and gals, I am looking for laptop that I write formulas on and use for basic home use.(reddit and youtube)(Casual league of legends also ) Hopefully with a pen/ touchscreen Budget is 2000 CA with tax
  7. P

    Program to redirect sounds, I wonder if its safe

    Hello I was looking for alternative for Chevoulme, and I found some guy on reddit that posted program that does same thing but when I checked it on viruscan it showed one Trojan.Dropper on Ikarus and TR/Dropper.Gen on Avira. Autor says that those are false positives because he had to do some...
  8. J

    need a gaming headset with the following criteria!

    well Reddit is useless.... post on / me to /headphones... and they boot me back to /pcgaming -.- anyway so right now I have the sony Pulse wireless and I'm thinking of 1. Upgrading 2. Switching to wired HOWEVER...the sony pulse has a lot of decent features as well as good...
  9. L

    Advice on gaming headphones, sound card, microphone

    [mod edited post the question here not a link to reddit] Like I said in that post, will the sound card work with these headphones? Any other advice?
  10. B

    Certain webpages not properly loading?

    Ok so. It's been going on for almost 2 weeks now. Certain pages such as reddit will not load, but give me the error code ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. Every once in a while, if I mash the refresh button, it will load in a long list of blue font. Only certain webpages though, not all. I have tried the...
  11. viveknayyar007

    Subscribe to a Subreddit on Reddit

    While using your Reddit account, you want to subscribe for a single or multiple subreddits. You might want to do so in order to remain updated about the topics that the subreddits contain, and you do not have to wander around and search for the required details on the topics of your interests...
  12. G

    How to Subscribe to Subreddits Through Alien Blue

    Alien Blue is an app for the social news site, Reddit. The app allows you to browse the community anywhere as long as you're connected to the Internet. Reddit consists of thousands of subreddits; communities based around specific topics. There's a subreddit for almost everything! Follow these...
  13. G

    How to Post to Reddit from Alien Blue

    Alien Blue is a mobile app that sllows users to access Reddit easily.The app has allows those who are members of the Reddit community to keep track of what's happening even when away from their desktops. If you have just recently downloaded the app and you're wondering how to post from your...
  14. G

    How to Connect your Reddit Account to Alien Blue

    Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where you can post texts or direct links (provided you are a registered user of the site). With its acquisition of the app Alien Blue, Reddit users can enjoy and track posts even when you're away from your computer. Here is how you connect your...
  15. R

    How to Post on Reddit

    Reddit is a news and entertainment site that also has some social networking aspects to it. Users can post text, articles, links, images, and more to the site, and can even create their own communities called Subreddits. New users may not have made a post yet, instead being content to just read...
  16. R

    How to Start a Subreddit on Reddit

    Reddit is a social site that allows users to post links or text to the site under a variety of categories, and other users can cast votes up or down on posts, and this can increase or decrease the post’s rankings. Users can create their own community, which is known as a subreddit. This is easy...
  17. A

    How to Start a Redditmade Campaign

    Reddit is a popular website for posting various forms of links and media that can get upvoted or downvoted based on popularity. There is also the ability other Redditors to comment on the posted content. Redditmade is a new platform that allows Reddit users to sell merchandise on the site...
  18. viveknayyar007

    Change the Language Settings on Reddit

    As long as you have Internet access, you can use Reddit. If you live in a part of the world where a language other than English is used, you might want to change the default language for your Reddit account accordingly. Changing the default language on Reddit allows you to view its contents in...
  19. M

    Problem with Laptop, vidoe/details inside

    I made a post on Reddit about this a while ago. I'll just copy and paste the details here. I bought a decent HP laptop for parts for 10 bucks. If I can't fix this I can sell the 6 GB of ram in the thing for more so it's ok. Basically, my situation is I have a laptop who's screen has been...
  20. C

    Can't pick between these two £450± laptops. Any advice appreciated.

    My mate's laptop was totalled a week ago, and I'm trying to help him make the most of his sub £400-£450 budget. The £449.00 Lenovo G505s http:// and the £449.00 G510 http:// seem to be the best bets. Open to suggestions to anything with comparable specs or perhaps something cheaper yet...
  21. G

    What computer language is reddit written in?

    is this the right category?