Certain webpages not properly loading?


Jun 13, 2014
Ok so. It's been going on for almost 2 weeks now. Certain pages such as reddit will not load, but give me the error code ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.
Every once in a while, if I mash the refresh button, it will load in a long list of blue font. Only certain webpages though, not all. I have tried the following so far:

-Reinstalled Chrome completely.
-Deleted ALL browsing data. Cookies, cache, history, tabs, EVERYTHING
-Turned off all firewalls and antiviruses to see if they were blocking anything
-Two command prompt codes that I found after some searching, but with no results
-Reinstalled EVERYTHING in network adapters section of device manager.
-Tried other browsers with all above settings combined
-Reset the Modem and Router

There is no parental lock. Other computers, phones, and tablets in my household load the sites fine. It is mostly Reddit and the LoL site. Is there anything else left for me to try?