How to Prevent a Caller from Contacting You in iPhone

At times you may not want to be contacted by any particular person. May be you’re mad at them and want some space, or there’s an unknown person bothering you with the prank and abusive calls.
As an iPhone user, you can block a caller simply and quickly without using any third-party app. Here’s how:
    Get to the Recents window
    Tap the Phone icon from the Dock of your iPhone, and tap the Recents icon from the bottom. This opens the Recents window that displays all the call logs.


    Get to the caller’s details window
    Tap the Info icon (icon that has i within a circle) next to the caller’s number you want to block. This opens the information page of the caller that contains various options related to the selected caller.

    Block the caller

Tap the Block this Caller option from the bottom of the window, and tap Block Contact in the menu that pops up. This blocks the caller on your iPhone, and they won’t be able to call you anymore.


You can even block a caller from your contacts’ list by going to the Contacts window on the Phone app, tapping the contact you want to block, and then tapping Block this Caller from the bottom of the contact’s info page.