How to Prevent MacBook Pro's Hinge From Squeaking/Creaking

The MacBook Pro is one of the most beautiful, functional, and expensive laptops on the market at present, and for good reason. Apple prides itself on making a laptop that is user-friendly from the moment you take it out of the box, and that holds a lot of power in its sleek aluminum body. Unfortunately, some users have come to struggle with a creaking or squeaking hinge on their MacBook Pro. Here’s how to solve the problem.

Step 1: The web is filled with potential solutions to MacBook’s creaking hinge problem. Among the most popular of these is the “dental floss” fix, which involves running a piece of waxed dental floss through the hinge to lightly lubricate it and to remove any debris that might be contributing to this problem.

To try the dental floss fix, simply get a piece of dental floss that is between six and eight inches in length, thread one side of it through the small gap where the screen connects to the body of the laptop, and then run the floss lightly from one side of the hinge to the next several times.

Step 2: Remove the dental floss from the hinge and try opening and closing your laptop. If the creak is gone, then you have solved the problem (though be sure to have a box of dental floss on your desk or in your computer workbag, in case the problem returns in the future).

If the creaking problem persists, however, try a different tactic. Sometimes, the screws on the bottom of the MacBook Pro can either be too tight or too loose, and can cause creaking noises with the hinge. To resolve this issue, you will need a small-headed Phillips screwdriver, as the screws used on the MacBook Pro are pretty tiny and can easily be stripped and ruined by a larger screwdriver.

Turn off your computer, close the lid, and then try using your screwdriver to adjust the four screws at the back of the laptop, where the screen connects to the body. Play around with each screw, tightening and loosening them, and then testing the screen to see if there is any change in the creaking sound.

Step 3: If neither of these measures work, take your laptop to an Apple Retail Store or some other authorized Apple dealer. Numerous Internet sources have advised fixes that involve opening up the laptop, but such actions can void your warranty and cause bigger issues for your computer. In other words, if the above fixes don’t work, go ahead and let the experts handle it.

The MacBook Pro is too expensive and beautiful for you to let it sound like a creaky piece of wood every time you use it. Luckily, with the simple solutions listed above, you will hopefully have no problem solving this irritating issue right in the comfort of your own home.