How to reach to RAM in Toshiba A100-499

Hi eveyone,
In this tutorial I will explain how to reach to the RAM bay in the notebook Toshiba Satellite A100-499. More exactly this is for the model PSAA9E.

1)You may want to start by turning upside down your notebook.

2) You will need a philips screw driver (the one with the star shape).

3) You have to find the case where the RAM and other devices such as the modem are installed, which is in the lower part of the mother board. You have to find a removable plastic cover with a strange shape under your notebook. There it is. It only has 1 screw.

4) You just have to take out the one screw using a screw driver.

5) Please now it is the more delicate part. You will need manual skills to try to unfit the cover. It has several plastic pins, so you will have to use your finger, your nails and some plain screw driver. take out some corners first and go on like that

6) Finally you will get the cover out eventually

7)You can find the RAM modules in the lower back of the notebook.

8) In order to take back a RAM module you need to loose the clips just by taken them apart from the RAM board, just a little bit, then the RAM module will "jump" until forming 30 degrees with the horzontal and you'll be able to take out the RAM module.

Well done!!! You finally made it!! Congratulations!! :)
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