How To Remount Screw Anchors For The Screen Hinge In Lenovo Laptop

Plastic is known to be a durable material but over time no matter how robust any plastic’s manufacturing may be, it will yet give in to subsequent damage from wear and tear. Unfortunately the majority of victims with fairly old or aging laptops is that the shell gives way from multiple disassembly and reassembly or even from multiple actuation's from the laptops lid/hinge. This tutorial will show you how to remount the screw anchors for the screen hinge in your Lenovo laptop.

1. Disassemble your laptop taking utmost care that you don’t damage the rest of your laptop’s outer shell. Often times a loose hinge mount can break off more than just the screw mount. There are instances where you’ve lost the entire area around the hinge mount due to leeway.

2. Isolate the hinge that is suffering from the screw anchors dislocation and inspect if the other hinge is suffering from the same issue. Unscrew both hinges and lay the screw with the lid’s cover onto a flat surface.

3. Inspect the degree of damage for the hinge’s screw anchor.

4. If the anchor has come undone while the plastic sheath around it has disintegrated into small chunks, you can collect the chunks for reusing.

5. Unscrew the anchor from the hinge.

6. You will need a two part epoxy. You can use JB Weld since it has a proven track record.

7. With the chunks of plastic you collected in step 4, restructure them to form the sheath where the anchor previously resided. You need to be careful in how you orient the sheath since you’re going to get one shot at this to get it right.

8. Squeeze equal parts of the two part epoxy (one being the resin and the other being a hardener) onto a piece of cardboard. Using toothpick or bamboo skewer thoroughly mix them.

9. Use some of the epoxy mixture to hold down the screw anchor.

10. You can then reform the sheath around the screw anchor. Please be diligent with how it’s reconstructed. If you end up with an uneven or not snug enough fit the screw anchor will twist off and rotate as you add torque to the screw. This is why we advise to get it right before the epoxy sets.

11. If you’ve got the orientation and forming of the sheath as it should be, you can add some more epoxy around the sheath to act as added support.

12. With a successful reconstruction, leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

13. Once cured, you can reassemble the laptop.

Please note though that we’re assuming your laptop’s bottom shell hasn’t broken off at the area where your hinge mounts to, if that is the case you will need to source a replacement bottom cover off Ebay or Aliexpress, conforming to your laptop’s model.

You should now be able to operate the laptop’s lid as though it were like new.
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