How to Remove a Source from LinkedIn Contacts

Besides automatically inviting all of your contacts from the email account you used to register on LinkedIn, it also allows you to synchronize the contacts from other, widely used email addresses and/or sources. In order synchronize the contacts from the other sources, you are required to go to the Connections Settings page, and click the ‘Sync’ button representing each email service provider and/or email client application individually.

Although it is recommended that you keep synchronizing your email addresses and email clients with your LinkedIn account periodically, if you want to remove the sources from your LinkedIn contacts, here is what you need to do:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using your favorite web browser.

    ■On your profile’s Home page, hover mouse to the Connections menu from the menu bar.
    ■From the displayed options, click Keep in Touch.

    ■On the opened Connections page, click the Settings button (icon with the gear symbol) from the right of the top section.

    ■On the next page that comes up, click the Remove button representing the email service, device or application that you want to remove as source. (Gmail, Google Contacts, & Calendar for this demonstration.)

    ■On the Remove Gmail, Google Contacts, & Calendar popup window, click Remove to remove the source. Optionally you can also check the available checkbox to remove the associated contacts as well before you finally click the Remove button.

    ■On the next box that comes up, click the close button (button with the ‘x’ symbol at the top-right) to close the box, and start using your LinkedIn profile normally.

Note: While removing a source, you are also displayed with a confirmation box asking you to remove all of the contacts that came along with that source. You can either allow or deny the automatic deletion request.
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