How to Remove Mac App Store Apps in Launchpad

By default, the Mac OS X Launchpad menu shows you all of the programs that are installed on your laptop or desktop. From bundled Mac software like Garage Band to later installations like Microsoft Office, Launchpad is the easiest place to find all of the programs on your computer. It’s also the easiest place from which to delete any Mac App Store purchases that you don’t want anymore. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1
Open Launchpad on your computer. Make sure you are logged into an administrator account, otherwise you won’t be able to change any settings or delete any programs.

Step 2
Find the App Store app icon in Launchpad and move your cursor over it. Click and hold the icon until all of the program icons in Launchpad start to shake. App Store purchases will be marked with a black and white x icon.

Step 3
For the apps you want to remove from Launchpad (and delete them from your computer), click the x buttons. You will be greeted by a dialogue box asking you to confirm the delete action.

You will see that the above process will not allow you to delete all of the programs on your computer. Instead, you will only be permitted to delete programs that you downloaded from the Apple App Store (or, in the case of some pre-loaded programs, that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store). Still, this method is a good way for clearing out any unwanted clutter from your Launchpad.