How to Report Text Message Spam to T-Mobile

Text message spam is any text message that is received unwanted and is usually an attempt to sell you something, collect your personal information so it can be used unlawfully or sold, or cause other harm to you. These spam text messages usually have tell-tale signs such as coming from an unrecognized number, having a link within the message, or some lie about how you won a free prize and all you have to do is click on the link to claim it. You can report these spam text messages to your wireless carrier, and some may have different ways of going about it. If you are a T-Mobile customer, please follow these simple steps to report text message spam.

1. Warning- If you believe you have received a spam text message, DO NOT reply or click any links or any other attachments. This can open you up to viruses, identity theft, or other harmful situations.

2. Forward the message- If you believe the text you received was a spam message, forward the message to 7726.

3. T-Mobile’s reply- T-Mobile will respond to you, asking for the number that the text was sent from originally. Reply to T-Mobile’s message with the requested information. This information will be used by T-Mobile to launch an investigation into the sender and hopefully stop the person or persons responsible for it so other T-Mobile customers are not put at risk of any potential harm intended by these spam texts.