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  1. MDThompson51686

    Solved! Family member calls me but using a totally different number than my Verizon one?

    Hey guys I have a Google Pixel XL4 and my father has a Samsung Galaxy S5. I received a text of a Tik Tok link from what I thought was him at first but then realized it wasn't from him as my saved contact but a different number from Georgia. I also noticed at the beginning of the Text was "Dad"...
  2. J

    Tom's phishing ad jumper-outer

    This is an annoyingly difficult company to contact. Hell with it, I am just going to dump this here, it's your mess. FIX IT. While on Google News, PS5 new cartridge Toms Hardware...
  3. J

    Solved! Is there a way to block all calls from a specific area code?

    I'm getting tons of spam calls from WhatsApp telling me a verification code when until they first called I didn't even know who or what they were. They all come from the 650 area code. I know nobody in the 650 area code. Is there a way that I can simply block all calls that show they are...
  4. M

    Hacked by Youtube bots?

    Hi guys, today a bit something different. A few minutes ago, i got some notifications on YouTube. It turned out that 'I' put comments on videos. The comments were from bots, i didn't think i saw the videos before. So actually, it turns out that there were comments placed via my youtube account...
  5. U

    my main/default browser is opening randomly into spam websites

    this started happening, and i tried to download malwarebytes, but any browser i chose to download malwarebyte freezes on searches wich includes keywords such as, malware, remove, spyware etc.... so i tried disassembling the letters, it worked up to only when i open the link to download...
  6. M

    Am i part of a spam bot?

    So I went to register with MyDigitalLife forums, and suddenly I get the message: "401 Unauthorized Your IP has been used by Spam Bots to attempt to register on this forum multiple times" I just put my computer together 2 days ago, and after windows, my antivirus (bitdefender) was within the...
  7. A

    Are there any mods here?

    It seems that half of the postings in this forum for this week are from people promoting Amazon with stuff that has nothing to do with Audio. Why? There is common forum for BS like that...
  8. W

    Solved! Keyboard spamming Time and Date randomly [Razer keyboard]

    Randomly, out of no where today, my keyboard started to spam the time and date, every time i seem to press the T, U, or O keys. I also noticed, it doesn't happen every time. I'll press them one time, and nothing. I go to press them again, and they spam the T&D... I haven't spilled or done...
  9. B

    Google Chrome/Mozilla opening up on their own with spam tabs

    Google Chrome keeps opening on its own with strange spam tabs, my antivirus isn't picking anything up, I looked trough my add-ons and there was nothing unusual. So I uninstalled Chrome, in hope of solving the problem, but it just continued to happen on Firefox, witch is my default browser. It...
  10. S

    How to block a number of spam person from my sim card permanently

    One guy is calling me daily. I have blocked his number from truwcalleril. But that notification is coming for me whenever they call me. I need to block his number permanently from my sim.i am using idea sim. It's my personal number so I couldn't change my number.
  11. C

    life span of a gaming laptop

    Hii,can any one tell me what is the average life span of a gaming laptop.i have lenovo y520.spec-7th gen i5,16gb ram,gtx 1050 ti.can it go to 5 to 6 years if I run 3 to 4 hours daily with 1 to 2 hours of gaming.
  12. T

    Weird email from a phone number?

    So today I got an email from a what looks like a random phone number I've never seen before. All the text said was my name sort of spread out like almost taunting or playful (Ex. if my name were Maria it would be spelled like "marrrriiaaaaaaaaa") By phone number i mean like it says the phone...
  13. kskordestani

    spam pages keep opening on chrome.

    It started recently these pages keep opening randomly in chrome, I have been using multiple adware removal tools, gone to multiple posts, closed unknown processes, reset chrome, deleted any unwanted extensions and god knows what else! can someone help?
  14. X

    Solved! Gmail sending spam?

    Hello A friend of mine have just contacted me about her G suite gmail is getting bounce messages with her account sending spam.. Screenshot: She don't know the company and have never had any contact with them.. She is using Gmail with Chrome browser.. How is this...
  15. P

    Chrome opens up with spam tabs on its own

    Random new tabs open on chrome, usually about every 40~ minutes, even if chrome is closed, happens with no other browser, only solution I have found so far is to uninstall chrome. It began about 2 weeks ago, I've no idea from what I got the adware or whatever it is but I have not been able to...
  16. S

    Question About Spam Addresses.

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but:- In the Inbox if you place - not click - on the senders name a drop down box appears that gives you their email address. This is sometimes expressed in the symbols "<.........>" with the email address between them. What does this mean...
  17. R

    Why does COM surrogate spam itself in task manager

    COM surrogate spams itself to like 5 at a time then when i open task manager it deletes itself and leaves 1-2 i always end task on it but it comes back i checked if it was a virus and it isnt so i deleted it from my pc do i need it?
  18. P

    Suddenly receiving lots of strange SPAM

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone could help me as I'm tearing my hair out. Basically over the last few weeks I've started receiving spam email in my outlook/hotmail email. I access outlook via google chrome browser. I've hardly ever got spam and any that I did, I'd set a rule for outlook to put it...
  19. D

    blocking spam callers

    Does anyone know a good app or way to block spam callers? I receive 2-4 calls per day from scammers.
  20. J

    Block Annoying Spam Calls And Texts With Android Nougat

    One of the many feature improvements introduced by Android Nougat is more control over blocking calls and messages. Now we can block a number from accessing all of our apps, not just the one they used to contact you. If you want to know how to block annoying spam calls and texts in Android...
  21. T

    Laptop Comparison for Gaming

    Howdy Tomsters, Once again I have come to spam yet another laptop decision (help help) thread to ease your tired eyes. I am looking to see which might be the best options from a dutch website, but the specs are all there so it should be doable, you can also click ''vergelijk'' on the pictures...
  22. U

    Forward mails from one mail to Gmail

    I need help with this one, I forward my mail account to gmail account and all mails going in to gmail SPAM folder. How to change to go in NEW created folder/label ?
  23. L

    Laptopkeyboard spam key only when i play games

    Hello, a couple of months ago i wanted to drink coffee while working on laptop and i spitt on the keyboard one of those milk doses you put in coffee ( its a small thing with condensed milk, its like 5ml) and since then my keyboard didnt worked anymore, i put my laptop upside down for 24h then it...
  24. O

    I got an E-mail with the tagline "You won't sleep again"

    I got sent am email from whom I don't know AT ALL) with the tagline "you won't sleep again". Hotmail(the site I use) also had an "hotmail error code" at the bottom of the screen, which I haven't seen before now. Attachments, pictures, and links were blocked by hotmail "for...
  25. J

    How do I prevent receiving spam/junk mail from a few different senders?

    I have tried blocking, reporting for spam, deleting, even saying that it isn't my mail. None of this can prevent the massive amounts of spam I am currently receiving. To put it in perspective, I have received 24 of these spam emails in the past 8 hours The format for...
  26. 2

    spam from email

    Hi all A spam email has been sent to all my contacts in my yahoo email account. The email has my name but not my email address, this is the second time this has happened. I am sure my email account hasn't been hacked because I have a strong password, my recent activity shows only me and I have 2...
  27. J

    Receiving possible spam mail from xpadder

    During the last several hours, I received e-mail from expander regarding payments made and download links. But the mail was addressed to two different people under my e-mail address. I checked my credit card and bank accounts and found no transactions from xpadder . How do I stop this from...
  28. S

    I have been receiving an extrodinary number of VOIP calls with spoofed caller ID on my cell and home

    I have two VOIP lines at home and would have no issue with putting a packet sniffer upstream of the cable modem. What I want to know is how to identify the servers generating the VOIP calls with the spoofed caller ID's. I'm in a position to take legal action. I am aware that the people I may...
  29. A

    Make my email been flagged as spam

    Hi! I've sent an email to a googlegroup mailing list, but some of the people on the list must not read its. Do I have any chance to make it been flagged as spam if I send a lot of spam messages and friends flag them as spam^
  30. kep55

    Remove McAfee Anti-Spam

    Notice I said "Remove" , not "Uninstall". We do NOT have any McAfee products installed on any of our PCs. Our previous ISP had never installed any, nor did our current ISP. A search using Control Panel - Programs and Features - Uninstall does not show any McAfee products. There is nothing shown...
  31. la321

    mailer daemon yahoo spam

    My att yahoo email started filling up with mailer daemon failure notice about an hour ago for some reason i have no clue how this happened i haven't clicked on any links how do i stop this?
  32. T

    Rocket Tab removal

    Hi, community I got this program called Rocket tab for quite some time, not intentionally of course. The thing is that it runs itself every time I boot my rig and I have to close it before I can go on the internet. I tried to uninstall it but I can't find it in 'Uninstall Programs' list in...
  33. Y

    facebook spam messages on my timeline

    hello sir , can anyone help me as i'm facing a big trouble,tomorrow when i logged in to the facebook someone had postes nude photos and babes on my timeline and i'm unable to remove the post but when logged with my smartphone i removed all the post. today when logged in again facebook tells me...
  34. tomsguideUS

    Wireless Carrier Tutorials and How-To's

    Wireless Carrier Tutorials AT&T How to Check Data usage on AT&T How to Block Callers on AT&T's Website Report Text Message Spam to AT&T How to Activate a New SIM Card on an AT&T Phone Verizon Wireless How to Check Data Usage on Verizon Wireless How to Block Calls on Verizon Wireless' Website...
  35. S

    adcash malware - help removing it

    Hi everyone. I've been unlucky enough to experience the adcash malware spam bot. I've tried everything from resetting browsers to utilising adware removal software i.e malewarebytes etc. to no avail. Any advice. Thanks. Using windows 8.1 Sharon-Ann
  36. R

    How to Block an Email Address with Outlook

    Is someone filling up your inbox with spam or irrelevant messages? If you're running a professional client like Outlook, you don't have time for those kind of problems in your email. The good news is that you can block email senders in Outlook by following these steps: 1. Log on and sign in-...
  37. A

    youtube sending malicious emails

    i'm getting emails from youtube saying that "*insert name here* has sent you a message". the messages are spam, and they look something like this: "Hi Alex this is the girl you were talking with at the restaurant! My profile on the website I was telling you about is this <Mod Edit> Please...
  38. R

    How to Report Text Message Spam to Verizon

    If there’s one thing that can ruin your day, receiving spam text messages is likely a winner. Spam text messages are not only annoying, but they could bring about harmful viruses or other malware to your phone. There are ways to report spam text messages, and these procedures may vary by...
  39. R

    How to Report Text Message Spam to T-Mobile

    Text message spam is any text message that is received unwanted and is usually an attempt to sell you something, collect your personal information so it can be used unlawfully or sold, or cause other harm to you. These spam text messages usually have tell-tale signs such as coming from an...
  40. R

    How to Report Text Message Spam to Sprint

    Spam text messages are created and sent to large numbers of cell phones in order to sell a product, gather personal information, or send viruses or malware to a large number of people at one time. These messages usually have a link embedded in them and come from an unknown number. Sometimes they...
  41. R

    How to Report Text Message Spam to AT&T

    Have you ever received a text message from an unknown phone number saying you’ve won a free trip and all you have to do is tap on the link to collect your prize? If this has happened to you or you get other odd texts with links from unrecognized numbers, chances are you have received a spam...
  42. MT6Anime

    Cm106eye.exe boot spam

    Whenever I turn on my new PC this program opens around six windows and asks if I wanna run it. I just finished building this new PC of mine last night so I do not know what the problem could be. http://
  43. B

    Gmail spam marked as not spam accidentally!?

    Hello, accidentally marked a couple spam emails as not spam. They moved to my inbox and i deleted them. Do you know if they will still continue to show up in my primary or next time the same person sends me spam they will go to my spam.
  44. B

    Google Chrome Spam

    Hi guy's I have a little problem with Google chrome, On first launch at the begining of a session on my PC I get 2 new tabs open, one for some dynamic DSN site and one takes me to a Youtube video, strange. I know when this started happening because I was on a site that asked me to disable my...
  45. S

    I Need Your Help To Decide My Laptop

    Hey guys first of all thanks for viewing my thread and thank you much more for the one answering it Second you probably notice how ofte i'm posting lately i do not mean to cause any spam but i really need this Okay now for the topic. In June the 1st my younger brother have a birthday and for...
  46. G

    'Bot or Not' App Susses Out Twitter Spambots

    Developed by Indiana University researchers, Bot or Not analyzes Twitter accounts to see if they are humans or automated bots. 'Bot or Not' App Susses Out Twitter Spambots : Read more
  47. G

    Old AOL Email Accounts Churn Out New Spam

    Remember that old AOL email account you (hopefully) don't use anymore? It may have been hacked and used to send spam to your contacts. Old AOL Email Accounts Churn Out New Spam : Read more
  48. S

    Getting spam from fake important people...Help needed

    hi so as the title explains, i started getting mails from fake people like the daughter of the minister of Kenya and people like that. They tell me that they're in trouble and need my help and other sh*t. Here are the mails if it's necessary
  49. G

    Spam: What It Is, and How You Can Stop It

    What exactly is spam, how can I stop it and why don't I see more of it in my email inbox? Spam: What It Is, and How You Can Stop It : Read more
  50. S

    Solved! is this whatsapp message a spam?

    my girlfriend got this message on her Samsung S3, is this legit or spam? thanks
  51. G

    Suspect Behind 'Biggest Cyberattack' Nabbed in Spain

    Sven Olaf Kamphuis, the self-proclaimed organizer of the massive cyberattacks that snarled Internet traffic in northern Europe last month, has been arrested in Barcelona, the Dutch justice ministry said. Suspect Behind 'Biggest Cyberattack' Nabbed in Spain : Read more
  52. M

    Help! Key not responding but spamming at start !

    I have a Packard Bell easy note LS13HR. I inadvertently droped milk all over my keyboard....I immediatly turned off my computer, and tried to dry as much as I could. When I turned it on, everything was working fine, until the letter "e" started working on its own. Then, the letters...
  53. exfileme

    The Biggest DDoS War Ever is Slowing Down Internet

    It's the largest DDoS attack ever! The Biggest DDoS War Ever is Slowing Down Internet : Read more
  54. exfileme

    That Facebook Settlement Email Supposedly Isn't Fake

    A Facebook email reading "Re: LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION" isn't spam. That Facebook Settlement Email Supposedly Isn't Fake : Read more
  55. Z

    Android Smartphones Prone to New Spam Virus

    SpamSoldier engineered to hide traces of malicious activity. Android Smartphones Prone to New Spam Virus : Read more
  56. Z

    India Becomes World Leader in Spam Output

    Country has increased its percentage of global spam for third quarter in a row. India Becomes World Leader in Spam Output : Read more
  57. exfileme

    Grum, The Third Largest Spam Botnet, Finally KO'd

    The Grum botnet, the world's third-largest spam botnet, has finally been knocked offline. Grum, The Third Largest Spam Botnet, Finally KO'd : Read more
  58. JMcEntegart

    Google Now Has 'Why is This Spam?' Feature for Gmail

    The reason Google marks your spam as spam. Google Now Has 'Why is This Spam?' Feature for Gmail : Read more
  59. exfileme

    "Spam King" Indicted, Hacked 500K Facebook Accounts

    The man responsible for millions of spam e-mails back in the 1990s and for spamming Facebook users between 2008 and 2009 now faces up to 40 years in prison and a hefty fine. "Spam King" Indicted, Hacked 500K Facebook Accounts : Read more