How To Reset Samsung Smart TV

When you are not completely satisfied with the current settings of your Samsung smart TV or your Samsung TV is not functioning the way it should, resetting the TV makes it all new and solves most of these issues. It deletes all the previous settings such as audio and visual settings. It is quite easy to restore the default factory settings by resetting your Samsung Smart TV. Here’s how you can reset your Samsung Smart TV and go back to original settings:

1. Open the main menu
The main menu can be accessed from the TV remote only. After pressing the remote button, the main menu on the TV screen gives you. Options with specific functions that lead to different results.

2. Go to Support
From the list of options that are displayed, click on the ‘support’ option. This directs you to another tab filled with options. All these options have specific functions to perform.

3. Click on Self Diagnosis
Select ‘Self Diagnosis’ from the list of options that open up. This leads to another set of options on the display screen. All of these options contribute to some functionality of the Smart TV. One of those will be ‘Reset.’

4. Click on Reset
From the set of options that open up, go to the fifth and last option ‘Reset’ and click it. By clicking on the reset option, you will be prompted with the message that says, ‘All settings, except network settings, will return to factory defaults.’ This pop-up message apprises you of the result of this particular step.

5. Enter Security PIN
Enter your PIN by using the number buttons on your remote. The PIN takes up 0000 as default value. After entering the 4-digit PIN, a pop message is displayed on the screen.

6. Click ‘Yes’
Click yes on the pop up message that confirms with the user that all settings will return to factory defaults, except network settings. This will restore your default factory settings.

By following the above-mentioned instructions carefully, it is possible for you to reset your Samsung Smart TV and restore all the default factory settings. All the previous data will be lost so make sure that you are confident with your decision. Restoring to the factory settings make your TV operate like a new one.
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