How to Restore From A Previous “Saved” Backup

Restoring your computer from a previous “saved” back up will make you glad you took the time to back up and protect all your files. Performing a “restore” is incredibly easy to do. All it requires is the back up you wish to use for the task. If you backed up your files on an external hard drive or DVD, just make sure you have your data handy before we begin. The following steps will restore your computer from a previous “saved” date.

Step 1: Click on the START menu on your computer and navigate to PROGRAMS.

Step 2: Click on ACCESSORIES. Now locate the SYSTEMS TOOLS button and select it. This will open a new screen. Click on BACKUP. Another new screen will display.

Step 3: Click on ADVANCED MODE. This will show you the ADVANCED MODE screen. Locate RESTORE WIZARD and click on it.

Step 4: Navigate to the back up file you want to restore and select it. For this step, you need to either plug in your external hard drive or insert your back up DVD. Both options will appear on the desktop, where you can navigate to select them.

Step 5: Click FINISH. Your laptop or computer will begin to restore. Depending on how many files you have or how powerful your computer is, this can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours. Once the restore is completed, you will have successfully transferred files from a previous “saved” back up to your computer.