How to restore text messages from a Smartphone or cell phone.

Restoring text messages.

We've all done it, hit that delete button too quickly without thinking or even by accident with the way these screens are getting so sensitive. Now what do you do ? Well first off don't panic but do STOP saving data to your phone immediately.
Like all hard drives ,USB drives and flash drives the memory in your Smartphone/cell phone will retain data until it is written over.
When you format or delete any data what your doing is not removing anything but you are making that data able to be written over.
When you have data in your memory media it is protected from being written over by the OS until you use the command to delete or format the drive or data , removing that protection and allowing that data to be written over.
To recover this data before it's written over you need a recovery program like you do when your trying to recover data from a hard drive in your PC.

Starting the process.

Step 1.
Find a recovery program that will work with your phones OS. If it's an Android phone then go to the Android app store (Google Play) and start looking for a high rated app. If the data being recovered is important enough you may want to forgo the free apps and use a pay one. Pat ones can generally get better results. This one is $2.75 but only has two stars.
This one has a free download to try and also has an option to buy the full version.

Step 2.
You can try for free Android recovery apps/programs , there will also be some pay apps also but you do need some sort of recovery program or app on the Smartphone if you want to do the recovery from the phone.

Step 3.
Enable USB debugging by going to Settings, then look in applications or developer tools. Then enable USB debugging by clicking on it and connect a USB cable from your phone to your PC. Most smartphones will come with a cable that is used for charging and one end has a USB connector on it so that it can be connected to a Pc.

Step 4.
Once connected start the recovery app and follow the onscreen instructions to either c=scan or recover. If you see the message during this process you can click on it to restore if tat is the apps process of restoring. Once the app has completed the restore you can look in the messages to ee if it has been restored. If it has not then you may have to repeat the process and write down the message when you see it during the recovery process.


When you connect your phone to your computer it will usually see the memory of the phone and classify it as a drive and assign it a drive letter. If your phone has a SD card as a second memory option it too will be assigned a drive letter.
By opening my computer (or computer) you will now see the added drives from your phone. You can download a recovery program for your PC like this one;;3

This is a free data recovery program and you can use it to recover deleted files from any drive on your computer just enter the drive letter that you want to recover files from and start the process.

If your reading this for information purposes only and you haven't lost or deleted any data then this would be a good time to go to the Android app store and get a SMS back up app which will make it a lot easier to restore any deleted messages.
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