How to Root Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast has been a popular device since its release. It does it's job well and it is very reasonably priced. What you don't get, though, is root access. So, if you want to root your Google Chromecast, just read this tutorial and then do it as carefully as possible. Here’s how to root Google Chromecast:

WARNING: Do this at your own risk. You may damage your Chromecast if a mistake or error occurs.


1. Install the Flashcast Image of the downloaded ZIP file to the 1GB+ Flashdrive.
2. Plug in the 1GB+ flash drive into the female “A” end of the powered USB OTG cable
3. Plug in the other end into the Chromecast dongle.
4. Hold down the reset button on the Chromecast while plugging it into the power cord.
5. Carefully, watch the screen’s warnings & suggestions & do as the suggestions, watch for any blinking light on your flash drive.

6. The Chromecast will power up. On your TV you will see a message that it is rooting.

7. The process will automatically execute the unsigned kernel, kick off to a script that replaces /system with a rooted one.
8. That will then wipe/erase data, and reboot back to the normal system. This process should take a few minutes, go grab a cup of coffee.
9. Never unplug anything while it is installing.
10. Once it’s done, your box will reboot automatically,
11. You will see a new splash screen, then you’ll see the Setup screen.
12. Setup your Chromecast,
And there you have it! A rooted Chromecast!