How to Save Documents on iCloud with Your MacBook Pro

iCloud can help you store files so you can use and edit them on multiple devices. It also helps you save space on your MacBook. Storing files in iCloud is remarkably simple; you just need to know a few basics. This is how you can transfer your important files to iCloud.

1. Open ‘System Preferences’
Click on the 'System Preferences Icon' on the dock on your home page. The System Preferences screen will appear, with several settings.
Alternatively, you can open Spotlight with the 'Command+Space' keys, and type System into the search bar. The 'System Preferences' option will pop up, and you can click on it to 'Open'.

2. Select 'iCloud'
Click on the ‘iCloud’ icon in the ‘System Preference’ settings. The 'iCloud Preference Settings' screen will open.
A list of all the apps synchronized with iCloud will appear on the right of the page. You will notice iCloud Drive amongst the first few apps listed here.

3. Enable ‘iCloud Drive’
Enable the 'iCloud Drive' option by checking the box against the iCloud Drive app. You will now be able to transfer content to iCloud.

4. Select What You Want Synced
Click on the ‘Options’ button on the right of ‘iCloud Drive’ tag. A list of all apps that store documents via iCloud app will appear. Check the Desktop and Documents Folder option and hit ‘Done’.

5. Copy Files onto Desktop
Copy the files you want saved on iCloud to your desktop. These files will be saved to the iCloud account via the login account you are currently using. You can access these files on another device if they are logged into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

You will now be able to store files in iCloud.
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