How to Save Tweets as Drafts on Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, with hundreds of millions of tweets being sent daily all across the globe. People use Twitter for a variety of reasons, including keeping up with friends, celebrities, the latest trends, or just to let the world know what you’re doing every few minutes, and even to contend with each other to get the most followers. Not every tweet that’s written goes out, at least at the time it’s written, and that may be because the user wants to save it for later or possibly rethink it at some point, which is where drafts come in. If you’d like to know how to save a tweet as a draft on Twitter, just read and follow these few simple instructions.

1. Logging in- Log in to your Twitter account via the website or through your mobile app.

2. Starting to tweet- Start typing your 140 character or less tweet as you normally would.

3. Saving as a draft- If you want to save your tweet as a draft, simply click or tap the back button while you are still in the composition box. The tweet is now saved as a draft.

4. Later access- Should you wish to access the tweet you saved as a draft, go into your account profile and you will be able to recover any drafts you may have saved.