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  1. caitlyndavis

    Question How do I track unfollowers on Twitter?

    Hey, recently I have been facing a lot of unfollowing. Please suggest some good tools to track them
  2. CoffeeMove

    Solved! Can't access twitter on my laptop

    I can't access twitter on my laptop, I don't think it was a connection problem because I can open it with my phone with the same connection I already try on every browser, also cleared caches and cookies. "https:// / ?failedScript=polyfills"
  3. Y

    Question i cant reactivate my twitter

    i deactivate my account and i try to reactivate my account but i cant login to my account it said that this email and password doesn't match our record. someone please help me
  4. F

    Question Twitter signup problem

    so yesterday I tried to make my own twitter, but i had some problem so I have to restart again, but this time its said that my email has already been taken so I can't use it anymore. do you have solution
  5. N

    twitter account showing restricted due to unusual activity

    This is really urgent and hope to receive a solution to this soon. Last evening, my twitter account suddenly started asking for verification and 'I am not a robot'. That was completed properly yet the account shows restricted. I tried changing password but i'm neither getting the code via...
  6. M

    My twitter won't load every night

    My twitter won't load every night starting from 8:45 pm to 12:00 am. Both for my app in my android and in my laptop
  7. E

    Solved! Countries where Twitter is banned

    Can anyone confirm me in how many countries twitter is banned? Need an updated information for my project please.
  8. henrytcasey

    The One Twitter Trick Everyone Needs to Know

    This one trick can reign in your Twitter timeline and add some order. The One Twitter Trick Everyone Needs to Know : Read more
  9. J

    Tweets not showing in my feed

    Hi, looking for some help please...only started using Twitter last week for work. Everything was fine but today my Tweets won't appear in my feed/on my page, yet the photos appear under the company logo on the left, and when I click on the photo I can see the post and how long ago it was...
  10. S

    how to i get my twitter back after being suspended for age restriction?

    I went to change my year of birth, then twitter locked my account because they said that when i registered i was under 13 years old. Now i can't unlock it. What do i do??
  11. R

    Do you think is a good idea to boost media?

    Recently I'm trying to grow my twitter account with followers and generate engagement. My tweets have generate a lot of favs and RT but I'm still stuck with the same followers, though people like my tweets they don't follow me. Do you think my follower number is an influence? I looked for a...
  12. E

    Twitter login problem

    I can't login to my twitter anymore because of my dead sim card. I also have no way of contacting my cell provider for help. What do I do with this?
  13. O

    Typing a streamer's (BradWOTO) name in a browser crashes it.

    Whenever I type "BradWOTO" in the address bar in my browser, it crashes. I tried it with Chrome and Edge and both crashed. It's very annoying because I can't watch the Twitch stream of BradWOTO or click a tweet he made on twitter. Doing so crashes my browser. I just want to know what may cause...
  14. G

    Big Changes Come to Twitter: What You Need to Know

    More news in the places you're using Twitter. Big Changes Come to Twitter: What You Need to Know : Read more
  15. B

    Help With Twitter Account

    Hey guys! So, I basically had a problem with twitter recently, I tried to reach their support but it's all made of [removed] bots that redirect you to I'll explain what happened so you can (hopefully) solve this. I sent this DM to @TwitterSupport: "Hey! My main account...
  16. R

    How to Change Twitter Privacy on iPhone

    While not as popular as Facebook, Twitter still has over 300 million active users, which is quite a number that makes Twitter one of the more popular social networks out there. As with any social network, it’s important to know how to protect your privacy at any given time, and with Twitter...
  17. E

    Twitter locked out

    For 4 days I have been locked out of my Twitter account. I always use my smartphone & just click onto my app. Never use my password, so I forgot it when I posted something from maybe FaceBook which required me to enter my password. Now I'm locked out & cannot change my password because it...
  18. R

    How to Stop Twitter Suggestions

    Twitter, like other social media networks, tries to personalize your timeline/feed. It’s a normal behavior for social media networks and it works, for the most time. Sometimes you get recommendations that aren’t relevant to you in any way and it can get pretty annoying. Fortunately, you can...
  19. R

    How to Stop Twitter Ads

    Twitter, while not as popular as Facebook, still has over 300 million users worldwide. Seeing as it’s a free service, the majority of the money Twitter earns is through advertising. While they can serve their purpose, a lot of the time ads are just plain annoying. Luckily, there is a way to do...
  20. R

    What are Twitter privacy settings? Everything You Need To Know

    With over 300 million users worldwide, Twitter is one of the more popular social media networks, and as such, it also has its own privacy settings. As with every other privacy setting, it’s important to know where to find it and what can you do with it. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the...
  21. R

    How to Stop Twitter Notifications

    Twitter notifications are a great way to keep you updated on the events that happen in Twitter. They are sent to you for follows, likes, direct messages and so on. While it’s a neat option to have sometimes it can get annoying. When that happens or if you just don’t want to be notified anymore...
  22. R

    How to Stop Twitter Emails on Android

    Image credit: Flickr / Stock Catalog In today’s hyperconnected world, the majority of notifications we get on daily basis are seen mostly as nuisance, rather than assistance. Notification fatigue is real, and the only thing that too many notifications achieve is have us miss on the really...
  23. R

    How to Stop Twitter Emails on iPhone

    Image credit: Flickr / Stock Catalog Everyone loves to get into a long-lasting Twitter write-up every once in a while. However, if you get an email notification every time someone tags you in a comment, that write-up can get really old, really, really fast. If you want to know how stop Twitter...
  24. R

    How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account

    For whatever reason, someday you might realize that you don’t want to tweet anymore and that your tweeting days are over. The next logical step is to erase your entire Twitter existence, however sad that actually might be (especially if you have a history being a serial tweeter). Anyone...
  25. R

    How To Check What Third-Party Apps You Have Connected To Twitter

    As with any social media network, connecting third-party apps enhance the experience and makes it richer. However, it also carries a certain risk, especially if you are a privacy-minded user. Naturally, Twitter is no exception. When you choose to add a third-party app to your Twitter account...
  26. Paul Wagenseil

    Twitter Passwords Unmasked: What to Do Now

    Twitter said some user passwords were left 'unmasked' and that you should change yours, though we don't know how serious this really is. Twitter Passwords Unmasked: What to Do Now : Read more
  27. R

    Fix Twitter Sync Error Android

    Just like any piece of software out there, Android is not without its faults - far from it. There’s a whole gamut of problems Android owners cope with: slow performance, connectivity issues, various app-based bugs and glitches... When it comes to Twitter users on the world’s most widespread...
  28. R

    How To Download Your Twitter Data

    Whether you’ve amassed thousands of Tweets since you first registered for the service and want to go down the memory lane or have legal, business or other reasons to grab your entire Twitter archive, you actually can. Downloading your Twitter archive allows you to see your very first Tweet and...
  29. R

    How To Change Twitter Privacy On Android

    The moment you sign up for Twitter, your account becomes public by default, meaning anyone can see your tweets and interact with you. Most of the profile information you provide upon signing up with the service is always public, including things such as your bio, location, website, and account...
  30. icynicalb

    Hovered over phishing link

    Hello, I hovered over a phishing link on Twitter using Google Chrome and I was wondering if I could get a virus from it? I only hovered over it and didn't click. I ran Malwarebytes and Bitdefender and there was no virus or malware found. Is there still a possibility I could be infected?
  31. Myronazz

    Am i alright from the CCleaner backdoor?

    Hello, i noticed on a trend from Twitter that CCleaner has been hacked with a backdoor and people can access your computer with it Am i alright? Fortunately, i had CCleaner disabled from startup and it wasn't running i probably runned it 1 or 2 times As soon as i heard the news, i immediately...
  32. everway9

    Why do my tweets not show?

    Hey y'all. :) I've been wondering for a while why my tweets don't show on the page I've tweeted to so I've decided to ask. :) For example, today I wanted to tweet to the BBC. I went to the BBC's Twitter page and clicked on 'Tweet to BBC' and composed and tweeted my tweet. My tweet doesn't show...
  33. U

    Twitter Accout Locked

    My twitter account is locked and they keep saying that provide us phone number so that they can send voice call code but i cant get any voice call from twitter so how can i unlock my account if i wont get any voice call codes and they keep saying to just give them number so that they can provide...
  34. E

    Can't login to twitter because dead sim card

    So I have login verification using code sent via sms by twitter to my phone number. But for the past week, my sim card stopped working. It would display no service in any phone that I tried to use with the sim card. And now, 'cause my sim card is dead, I can't receive the verification code. I've...
  35. G

    twitter wont load on my PC but will on my phone?

    hi im having problems with Twitter on my windows 10 home PC, i used to be able to access the website but now all i get is : This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics...
  36. henrytcasey

    How to Use Twitter Lite (and Why You Should)

    Twitter's new Twitter Lite and Data Saver modes aim to make the service better for those with limits on their mobile internet. How to Use Twitter Lite (and Why You Should) : Read more
  37. C

    Sticky Twitter Timeline Problem

    Hi all My problem with Twitter timeline is: Lets say you've never been on Twitter since morning and it's 18:00 now. And entered twitter with web browser or app at 18:00. I've only been able to see the last 20 or 40 minutes twits in my timeline. Ie I can see only the latest 17:20 twits and then...
  38. kol12

    Twitter - Someone has same email address as me.

    I don't ever recall signing up for twitter and just tried to sign up today. I entered my full name and when I entered my email it said that this email is already registered so I clicked on the password recovery link. At the Twitter password recovery link there is a username and avatar associated...
  39. F

    Contacting twitter admins - twitter inactivity policy

    Hello, I've exhausted all my resources in order to solve a problem I'm about to present to you guys. I'm tired of copy-paste messages I've been getting from the official channels that I became quite disappointed in overall support the biggest social platforms such as Twitter have been giving...
  40. I

    Solved! Selective Browser Connectivity Problems

    I'm unable to use my internet browsers to access websites e.g. Steam, Twitter, Facebook. Sometimes, I'm only able to access Google and Youtube but can't access Reddit, Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes, I'm unable to access any websites via Chrome or Firefox at all while chatting on another...
  41. F

    Phantom twitter notifications.

    I've been getting notifications on twitter that don't show up when I click "my notifications" on the top-left of the screen. What does this sound like to you? And might it be something shady/ominous? Just a few hours ago, it said that I have 1 new notification, but when I enter the menu that...
  42. F

    Twitter account locked

    I created a new twitter account and the website automatically locks down my account because it says that it thinks I'm a bot because of "autonomous behavior". Clearly I AM NOT A BOT but it still locks my account anyway and asks me to enter my phone number in order to unlock it. Is there any...
  43. M

    Multiple Programming Languages

    How do companies like Facebook and Twitter use multiple programming languages in their applications?
  44. Z

    My iphone 5s is activated with straight talk. I can use messages and phone will work but i cannot use facebook twitter or anyo

    I need help with my iphone 5s with straight talk
  45. C

    How to Revoke Access to Third Party Apps in Twitter using a Phone

    I use Twitter a lot. I don't have a smartphone and am not familiar with them at all. I often see people on Twitter who have authorized a third party app to access their Twitter account but the Twitter client they use on their phone does not have a "Revoke Access" function, and sometimes they...
  46. M

    Algorithms Social Network

    Do companies like Facebook and Twitter implement their algorithms in the application itself or is it implemented in the back end (on their servers)?
  47. henrytcasey

    Twitter Needs to Protect Everyone, Not Just the Famous

    Twitter's ban on ubertroll Milo Yiannopoulos for harassing actress Leslie Jones was a necessary first step, but it needs to do much more. Twitter Needs to Protect Everyone, Not Just the Famous : Read more
  48. G

    How to Get Verified on Twitter

    Twitter is now allowing everyone to send in requests to be verified users. Here’s our guide to landing a profile with a little blue checkmark. How to Get Verified on Twitter : Read more
  49. PhilipMichaels

    Speech Fail: The Best #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes

    Melania Trump's speech at the Republican convention may have lifted words from an eight-year-old Michelle Obama speech, and boy, did Twitter take notice. Speech Fail: The Best #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes : Read more
  50. M

    Templates Social networks use

    What templates do major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) use?
  51. henrytcasey

    Twitter to U.S. Spies: No More Access to Data

    Dataminr provides real-time updates and alerts for world events, and Twitter has stopped agencies such as the CIA from accessing the service. Twitter to U.S. Spies: No More Access to Data : Read more
  52. K

    how can i erase apps on twitter no pc

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP me. I cqnt remove unfollowspy and i dont have a pc
  53. Can You Help Me Please

    How Do I Upload A Twitter Profile Photo?

    I followed the instructions on this page and several alternative sources. None of these things seem to be working and the profile is 400x400 just the way it supposed to be
  54. henrytcasey

    Microsoft's @TayandYou Twitter Bot Mocks Millenials

    A Twitter bot from Microsoft can carry a conversation with you as it delivers a mocking portrait of today's hipsters. Microsoft's @TayandYou Twitter Bot Mocks Millenials : Read more
  55. L

    Blocking a Twitter follower

    If I block a new follower to me on Twitter, can my followers still see their name on my followers' list?
  56. F

    Having freeze ups using windows 10 google chrome on Twitter.

    I am running Windows 10 and am using Google Chrome Browser. I post on twitter a bit and every time I tweet something my browser freezes, and I have to use task manager to turn off the browser and re start it This only happens while using Twitter. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, have...
  57. AndrewFreedman

    Twitter Puts Popular Tweets on Top

    You may be accustomed to the chaos of Twitter's reverse chronological timeline, but the social network is rolling out a change to make sure you always see the best tweets. Twitter Puts Popular Tweets on Top : Read more
  58. H

    Laptop screen flickering (Please help!)

    Hi, just today my laptop screen has been flickering exactly like the video in this tweet - I have tried many different things such as - changing refresh rate, changing resolution, restarting computer, removing battery, pushing in on...
  59. S

    Twitter Account log in problem

    I installed the twitter app on newly installed windows 10 on my laptop. The next day i tried to use my account on my smartphone but a message keep appearing that my account does not exist. I had been using that account for "SIX" years and suddenly one I day I log in to find out that my username...