How to Revoke Access to Third Party Apps in Twitter using a Phone


Dec 1, 2011
I use Twitter a lot. I don't have a smartphone and am not familiar with them at all. I often see people on Twitter who have authorized a third party app to access their Twitter account but the Twitter client they use on their phone does not have a "Revoke Access" function, and sometimes they don't have access to a desktop computer where it's easy to revoke access by going to

I've been told that they can go to and revoke access from there but I don't know that for a fact, nor do I know exactly how they would do it, assuming it works. Many of these people are not knowledgeable about computers, smartphones, the web, etc. and I think they don't know how to use a smartphone's browser. Some have reported following and have it not work but I think that's because they were doing it from a Twitter client, not from a mobile browser.

I am hoping to get meticulously detailed instructions on how to revoke access to Twitter by third party Twitter apps from mobile phones for both Android, iPhones, and Windows phones, understandable by people who are phone, computer, browser, etc., illiterate, online so I can point people to these instructions instead of telling them to get to a desktop.

This is motivated by finding a person with an undesirable third party app changing the links in her tweets. She is disabled, sold her computers to move, has only a smartphone, and apparently has no one to help her in real life.
You should contact Twitter about this. They would have the information you need. They probably have it on their site, and I am sure there are places online to find the details.

We can only help with smartphone issues/questions here.