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  1. A

    Solved! Help me decide

    I want to buy a new smartphone. Please suggest me some of the best smartphones with cheap prices.
  2. K

    Esign where in my email link?

    I get an email that say e signature needed to finalize loan and release funds and there is a link in the email but I click it and there is nothing to sign. I know this may be a scam but how do I e signature?
  3. P

    lost my samsung j8 please find the mobilemobile

    i lost my mobile on 11 dec samsung j8 imei no-<<removed>> imei 2-<<removed>> please find my mobile please
  4. L

    Solved! Huawei honor 7x

    I made the mistake and didn’t buy the GSM unlocked version and was wondering if anyone has experience with bootloading this phone? They stoped handing out codes on Huawei website and people are using DC-Unlock but it seems like a scam and virus
  5. M

    Oneplus 6T Screen Calling

    Can we expect Oneplus 6T to get Screen calling update?
  6. C

    Solved! New Samsung galaxy s7 crashes - no fix?

    So I have purchased a new Samsung galaxy s7 and it keeps crashing. I have performed all troubleshooting options, like deleting cache partitions and factory resetting the phone but the issue still occurs. Now I am starting to think it might be hardware related. Any suggestions before I return the...
  7. C

    Solved! Lost SIM card

    Hey folks i recently lost my sim card i live in greece is there any way to track my sim card or someone could track it for me? my number is <<Personal information removed by moderator>>
  8. gigabyte2020

    Motorola Moto Z vs Huawei Y9 2019? Confused!

    Hey guys, My parents bought Motorola Moto z whute-gold with it's moto mods a year ago but they stored it till I finish my exams etc. (didn't know about it then) This year I saw a new mobile which is Huawei Y9 2019 sapphire blue & I really liked it but when I knew about the Moto Z, am now little...
  9. B

    Looking for a good laptop that doesn’t look “gamery” but can game in a reasonably thin and light build.

    I’m looking for a laptop than can game but doesn’t look gamery at all, no weird rgb stuff and a good solid stealthy design. And has a good battery life, dual storage option (SSD+HDD), has thunderbolt 3 and a good display. I could find some with an MX150 Gpu’s or 1050Ti but I need some...
  10. A

    Am a graphic design student

    I have lost my sim card and my phone number how can I login to facebook
  11. C

    Solved! No Internet but Google

    I have a wired connection (happens on wifi too). Now I have tried all the ideas I found for this problem changed IP settings, made sure network connectors can't go sleep mode, and disabled anti-virus (temp) IPv6 DNS servers: 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844 IPv4 address:
  12. S

    No fans, black screen, and no beep Asus gaming laptop.

    So I had to use access my laptop urgently for a uni project so I had no option but to use a different model laptop charger, it booted my laptop all good but i noticed that the battery was not really charging. However, there werent any other problems so i thought its all good. one day i just put...
  13. C

    Huawei MateBook X Pro i5 vs i7

    I am thinking of buying the Huawei MateBook X Pro but I am torn between the i5 and i7 I will only be using it for school work and media consumption and possibly some light gaming (e.g hearthstone, league of legends) which one should I get, I am able to buy both but saving money would be preferable
  14. P

    Adding a SSD on a HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ns

    Hello, I recently bought a HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ns, which has a 256 SSD M.2 installed, and I would like to add an additional SSD. It doesn't have a HDD, but it has a empty space (marked in red) and a empty slot (marked in orange). Is it possible to connect there a 2.5" SSD with some...
  15. H

    Laptop for photoshop

    Hi, as the 'techy' in the family I've been asked to reccommend a laptop for a relative who wants to use photoshop as their current one doesn't cut it. I know photoshop likes ram + CPU but I have no idea on GPU, or even if I need one. The two options I've looked at are: i5 8250u +Radeon 530 4Gb...
  16. A

    Is it possible to use both the iGPU and dGPU when connecting my laptop to an external display?

    Hi, I have an HP Pavilion 15 laptop with the Core i7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050. When I use the laptop, it switches between the HD 630 and GTX 1050 with no problems as I have set it with the NVIDIA Control Panel. However, when I connect the laptop to an external display via the HDMI Port, I can only...
  17. D

    iPhone stuck battery percentage - - - help please

    Hello community, I bought an iPhone X one month ago This is second time when i am having this problem When i put my iPhone to charge, i have like 85% battery(example), and the percentage is stucked, if i want to see the real percentage after charging i need to restart the phone.
  18. G

    How can find present using mobile number by IMEI number?

    How can find present using mobile number by IMEI number? Please help me. It's My IMEI No-Removed
  19. S

    Windows 10 freezes in new laptop

    I have a problem with the new laptop HP Pavilion Power - 1WA78EA (i5-7300HQ, 8GB RAM 2666, Intel HD 630, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 - 4GB) + SSD M.2 MVME Samsung Evo 960. I expected that it will be very fast maschine, but in fact it reboot as long as on SSD on ordinary SATA - about 20-25 seconds...
  20. T

    Use mini-pc through my laptop - USB connected

    Hello, Is there a mini-pc, compute stick or similar that can be connected (via USB) to my laptop and use the keyboard and screen? I´ll try to explain me better. I have my Windows office laptop, and I want to use my mini-pc through my laptop. For example, when connecting my mini-pc a window pops...
  21. A

    integrate wireless charging?

    i want to place internal wireless charging pads in my laptop so the area to the right of the track pad i can place my phone and have it charge from the laptop. has anyone done this?
  22. M

    the new AMD 530 or R7 m445 ?

    hello guys i planing to buy a new laptop to finish some business and for LoL i found these two laptops (same price), which one is more powerful for Lol? -- i5-7200u R7 m445 2gb DDR4 4gb 1080p -- i5-8250u AMD Radeon 530 2gb DDR4 8gb 1080p sorry for this english but im really need your help...
  23. S

    Deleting Contacts in Facebook Messenger

    Does anyone know how to delete contacts in FB messenger (iPhone or iPad). I don't have any visible conversations, just a bunch of contacts I am no longer friends with.
  24. C

    Help With iPhone 8+

    I have an iPhone 8+ that was purchased very recently, but about a week ago l, I noticed some white substance between the screen and antenna bands of my phone. I have not submerged my device in water or anything. Can somebody please help? Here is picture:
  25. Gunner1531

    Liquid metal for cooling laptop? (Dell E6420)

    Okay so i have a Dell E6420 with i7 2720qm and quadro 4200m this laptop is a great performer it just gets too hot. No mods it would hit 102c with fresh thermal paste and throttle i first cut a hole the size of the fan into the bottom of the case and put mesh in it. THAT HELPED A LOT. cpu...
  26. T

    Suspected phone scam? 2018

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right category for this, but some phone number +44785568737 texted me by my name, saying (name), sinut on mainittu tassa kuvassa: ((name), you have been mentioned in this photo). Then it follows it with a link going to "" with some random...
  27. J

    Best laptop under $200?

    Hello, I'm new to tomshardware and was hoping to gain a bit of enlightenment. I am currently going to a tradeschool, and i live on campus. I do not have much funds and am in need of a decent laptop. The requirements for said laptop (I know, only $200 will not be enough for the best) is that it...
  28. P

    HP laptop G71-329wm no boot!

    At boot up, Power, Wireless and Bat chg lights turn on for 3 secs then unit shuts down. No onscreen video what so ever! I changed RAM modules(2 qty) out and now unit partially boots, Power, Wireless and Bat chg are lit, and stays powered up to the point where the caps lock lights (two of them)...
  29. S

    Best budget laptop

    So I'm looking into getting 1 of these 3 laptops. Now obviously for the best performance and graphics the i7 1060 is the better choice but I don't know if it's necessary for the extra cash. I'm just looking for which one could run games such as pubg, LoL, gta 5, fallout 4, ww2 and I know it's...
  30. F

    ZTE Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09) with 400GB Sandisk MicroSD Compatability

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy 400 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card for my ZTE 7 Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09 - latest version available officially by ZTE in my country). But the microSD card is expensive :ouch: Putting aside the theoretical part, is there anyone who can confirm that this...
  31. S

    Solved! Best phone of these 3

    Hello guys I am planning on buying a new smartphone...and my choices are..Sony XZ.....HUAWEI HONOR 9 AND ONE PLUS 3. I am going to use it for gaming and taking photos...i would also like a good which one is the best for me...they are all at the same price...Please help me.Thanks in...
  32. K

    Solved! What shall I do? Laptop

    Hey guys, I currently have a year old ASUS N551VW laptop with specs as seen here: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor 15.6" Full HD Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit 16GB DDR4 RAM...
  33. L

    Planning on getting a laptop.

    1. What is your budget? 500 is the preferred top but i am willing to go 100-200 if the difference is huge. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 nothing bigger. 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement...
  34. D

    Lenovo or Acer laptop? (with specs)

    Hey, i am looking to buy a new laptop and i am between two. Here are the specs: Lenovo intel core i7 7500u 6g ddr4 ram geforce 920m 2gb ssd 256 gb Acer intel core i5 7200u 8gb ddr4 ram geforce 940mx 2gb ssd 256 gb
  35. J

    surface pro 2017 8gb ram corei5 cpu and 256gb ssd vs building a gaming pc?

    both would be around 1400$ to 1500$ in cost once i get the keyboard with the surtface which is extra $ i dont play much native pc titles but emulators on pc so im thinking the surface might be a better option.?
  36. K

    Unblock myself from mcdonalds free wifi

    I have a computer cracker not hacker who has been blocking me at all angles from using wifi everywhere i go. He has even blocked me from using my own. I get bounced off att ebos mcdonalds and all the wifi around here. I even have proof from att and yahoo that this has been going on for the last...
  37. A

    Samsung S6 Third party calling app turns off after 5 mins with the screen off

    So I have an Samsung S6. I often phone people up using an app called LINE and it works pretty well. The only problem is I need to keep the screen on, if the screen goes off, it works fine for about 5 mins and then the app closes. It should just carry on in the background with the screen off...
  38. S

    Cracked galaxy s6

    Yesterday afternoon I dropped my galaxy s6 and it cracked the back glass and also the camera, the screen is fine. My 2 year contract for sprint ends in December and I have no insurance on the phone. It's still very usable but when I point the camera at any source of light there is a blur where...
  39. S

    iPhone 7 jailbreak

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is an offline jailbreak tool "like redsnow" to jailbreak iPhone7? I have googled and all I found was online jailbreakes. I have limited internet access thats why I am waiting for an offline method.
  40. R

    Laptop for situation?? Suggestions?

    Hi, I'll give a brief at the top and a longer explanation below: So in short, I have a desktop that I have built with i5-6500, RX 480 CrossfireX, and 16GB with SSD & HDD. I will be going to college for Sport Management next year (Fall 2018) and I don't think I will bring my desktop. I think my...
  41. N

    Annoying Notification About Muted Audio

    Sorry if this in the wrong category but I couldn't find any fitting category. I'm not sure what mobile computing is but it might be more fitting there I don't know. Sorry anyways. I updated my Sony Xperia X Compact to the newest available version. After I did, I have a constant notification...
  42. M

    Needing help to decide on these two

    I've been looking at these two laptops and i am struggling to decide. It will be used for Photo editing and gaming. I have heard that the screen on the Inspiron is not the best but the hardware is not bad... Any input much appreciated. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Processor - i7-7700HQ Quad Core...
  43. D

    looking for a lost mobilee

    I have lost my phone and don't have imei number
  44. T

    I dont know?

    Where do I find MAfee new secirity key/dongel?
  45. A

    Best i7 Laptop within $1.5K for running virtual machines , multi tasking & photoshop

    Best i7 Laptop within $1.5K for running virtual machines, multi-tasking & photoshop Please give me multiple options detailing the differences in performance if possible. Researched a bit and found these: 1) Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Z566112SIN9 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i7-6500U/16GB/2TB/Window 10/...
  46. F

    I phone issue

    Im having an issue with my iphone SE, its not full screening videos automatically I have to click an icon on the bottom right that will allow me to go full screen. As well as I can not run videos in safari in the background anymore. I cant seem to figure out what the issue is, I have tried...
  47. L

    Resilient Laptop for sub £1000?

    Hi, So basically I saved up £1000 for a gaming computer, and then my budget laptop that I bring to school broke. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by getting a gaming laptop, but I haven't found anything that really works. It doesn't really need to be light, but it does need to be...
  48. B

    J5 optimization, dump files, etc.

    Hi. I have samsung galaxy j5. I don't know that is good forum to ask, but maybe android owners help. So problem is that after software and apps updates, in my phone space gonna lower and lower. Maybe there is dump files or something? I buy sd card and planing to make default factory restore...
  49. Deniedstingray

    Solved! How to jailbreak an iphone 5?

    So i have heard of jailbreaking apple products for years but i never gave it a try. I want to give it a try now but it seems to have devolved into a scam with a bunch of videos saying "Jailbreak no computer required!" Then it leads you to a page on your phone where you have to download an app...
  50. M

    I can't find a specific laptop!

    Is the MSI MS-16GC still available? I can't find it for sale anywhere.
  51. C

    Flashing a Moto G

    Hi, i am extremely new to Android devices considering the time i've spent on Jailbreaking and fixing my iOS devices. My friend gave me his phone, to help him with fixing it. I thought the problem was something low but no, it's pretty harsh and i am out of options. The Mobile is a Moto G (8...
  52. J

    Internet Calling Apps for Windows 10

    looking for a windows 10 app that allows one to make internet calls with a per minute charge. Guidance sought
  53. S

    Will Core 2 Duo T9500 work in HP 6820s?

    Hello, I have a HP Compaq 6820s laptop with Core 2 Duo T5470 cpu in it. I would like to replace it with something better because it feels slow. The 4 best cpus that are listed in manual are : T7700, T7800, T8300, T9300. However, there is one that isn't listed in manual, the T9500. Basically...
  54. T

    Sim slot and sd card locked

    Hi all, two days ago I bought a Oukitel U20 Plus, inserting the sim and sd card into the slot you are stuck. The sd card functions while the sim no. I thought I disassemble the phone like in this video , but I'm afraid to get my hands on. What can I do?
  55. moulderhere

    HP Jan 2017 Recall Notice for HP Users

    Taken from HP's website, I figure its slow so i copied and pasted it to here. HP Notebook Computer Battery Safety Recall and Replacement Program Program SummaryValidate & OrderFAQsCheck Order Status Program expanded in January 2017. It is essential to recheck your battery, even if you did so...
  56. P

    Old Gaming Laptops

    I was wondering; are old gaming laptops still good? Like the Asus Rog G75VW? Or what about the Asus G75VL-DH71 and G74SX? Should I consider buying these laptops? I'm looking for a way to game on the go, and a 2000$ laptop is not possible. How well could I get by with something like a Gtx 660m?
  57. R

    Thinkpad t22 wont attempt to boot up

    Hi i had bought a thinkpad 600 and t22 from a local farmers market for 2 dollars for both and the 600 i think had a damaged mobo from the start but i tried the t22 and it was a perfectly working computer and it even had windows xp installed so i was very surprised it still worked and both of...
  58. I

    New Mac consult

    Hello. I was in need Of a New computer (mine was stolen, macBook Pro 15, 2013, 8Gb Ram and 2.7Ghz), and I aim for a Mac. I would normally wait for the updates but since there is quite a lot of uncertainty, I can't at the moment. Therefore, I was wondering which is the best Mac to own at the...
  59. kingicev

    Laptop for Office Work

    Hey guys, I need some here. I need to get a laptop. I need it for work. To do quotes, Invoicing, banking, letters, statements etc. What would you suggest. Would an i3 suffice or should I look at an i5?
  60. L

    low budget,32GB,and windows 10

    I am looking for a new laptop.I was looking at laptop Lenovo Laptop 80S60001US Intel Celeron N3050 (1.60 GHz) 4 GB LPDDR3 Memory 32 GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 11.6" Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit for $160.99 Acer Laptop Aspire One Cloudbook AO1-131-C9PM Intel Celeron N3050 (1.60 GHz) 2 GB Memory 32 GB...