Thinkpad t22 wont attempt to boot up


Jul 1, 2015
Hi i had bought a thinkpad 600 and t22 from a local farmers market for 2 dollars for both and the 600 i think had a damaged mobo from the start but i tried the t22 and it was a perfectly working computer and it even had windows xp installed so i was very surprised it still worked and both of their batteries still perfectly hold a charge

So i had it for a couple of weeks and wanted to switch out the hdd and install a fresh version of xp but when i put the new hdd in the computer wouldnt even attempt to boot it would only blink the hdd symbol 1 time when i pressed the power button and it would do nothing else

Only reason im wanting to get this laptop working is because they have gotten really pricey and i think it was a really cool laptop for how thin it was for its age.

If anyone can help me out with this it will be very appreciated


Jul 30, 2014
Hi there Richez,

The HDD will not boot as there is no OS on it. You need to go to BIOS and make sure that the new HDD is recognized over there. In case it is, you need to adjust your boot options so your system will boot from the CD or flash drive with the OS first.

Let me know how this goes,
D_Know_WD :)



While those T22 - T40 models were well built, it's way too old to be usable, it will not run much software and Windows will be really slow on it. I've ran a T42 with Windows 7 for a bit, but it would not run HD video without stutter and that is 2 generations past your T22.

The older Lenovo's I think had a BIOS lock on the hard drive where it needed a specific model from Lenovo to run, you may want to look into your model and see if that's the case. Also it would be a ATA drive, which means older, are you sure the drive was good and that the laptop can support the size drive you are using?


Jul 1, 2015
No it wont even turn on at all nothing happens and it ran perfectly fine with the first verions of xp before it stopped working and i attempted to put the original hdd back in and it still didnt work the laptops hdd led blinks 1 time very quickly when i tap the power button i doubt this is meant to happen to show an error tho
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