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  1. N

    Good laptop for office work and school for under $400?

    I am looking for a good laptop for school and work (can have a browser and office programs open at the same time while still retaining speed). It should be a Windows based laptop with preferably 4-8 Gigs of Memory minimum. Hard drive size does not need to be excessive. Any recommendations? I...
  2. IInuyasha74

    Samsung NP300E5C-S07TR Graphics

    Hello Everyone, I finally bought a laptop, and a far different one than I previously had planned. I had looked at getting a new Kavari model when they came out, but decided to take half of my laptop budget and buy an i7-3770k for my desktop. So I bought this little gem for a total price of...
  3. dragonwolf8504

    Gaming laptop questions

    Here is the laptop I bought: I paid $1925.96 after taxes I LOVE the build quality, and the fact that I can get into everything on the underside. I also like the keyboard, able to change colors and everything...
  4. PCcurve

    1st time BIOS entry

    Hi all, In my first attempt [after researching online articles] to access BIOs, I am unable to navigate using number pad arrows [left/right/up/down]. Ideas? System Specs: HP Pavilion dv7-4183cl. OS: Windows 7
  5. H

    HELP! I have one day to decide which laptop to buy!

    HELP!! I have to decide between: Lenovo ideapad y510P for $790 Lenovo thinkpad x230 for 642$ Lenovo thinkpad s431 with SSD for 615$ lenovo thinkpad t430s for 697$ I get amazing corporate discounts on lenovo but only til tomorrow. This laptop will be used primarily for school. I will be on the...
  6. K

    unlock memory card

    how can unlock memory card?
  7. N

    Acer Iconia W500 vs Microsoft Surface RT

    Hello everyone! I've been thinking of getting some form of mobile workstation, since I really feel the need to get word done outside of home, mainly in Microsoft Office. I've been presented with the opportunity of buying either a Iconia W500 (used) or a new Microsoft Surface RT just a little bit...
  8. M

    iPad mini vs Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100

    What tablet better: iPad mini 16GB + 3G,Asus Nexus 7 32GB + 3GB or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100 16Gb + 3G ? Is it worth it to pay more for ipad ?
  9. B

    Bteween theese 2 laptops, which would be better for gaming.

    Title says it all but I'll put into perspective the types of games I will be playing: Battlefield 3(low) Skyrim(low-medium) Torchlight2(medium-high) Diablo 3(medium) Guild wars 2(low-medium) Sleeping dogs(low-medium) Planetside 2(low-medium)...
  10. M

    iPad mini vs Nexus 7

    What tablet better: iPad mini 16GB + 3G or Asus Nexus 7 32GB + 3GB ? Is it worth it to pay more for ipad ?
  11. B

    How good would this laptop be for gaming on low settings.

    I'm going to university soon and am looking for a new laptop. I found this HP laptop and was wondering if it would be good for playing the following games at 30fps+: Battlefield 3(low) Planetside 2(low-medium) League of Legends(medium) Skyrim(medium) GTA 4(medium) and other games along those...
  12. G

    Ipad question help

    I dont know if this belongs here but i have an iphone 4 (not slim) and i bought a game on there for 2.99 and i am getting an ipad..would i have to buy the game again for my ipad or could i transfer it over to my ipad from my iphone?
  13. B

    what is the best tablet from huwawei & galaxy tab

    i am going to buy a tablet. currently i saw Huwawi tab & galaxy tab . what is the best? should i have to use mobile phone while i have tab. what would be the good mobile to buy along with the tab?
  14. A

    Motorola Xoom 3G or NO 3G

    is it possible to go back to OS 3.1,2 or 3? Since I updated my Xoom 3G last night, I no longer have 3G, so, hence the question, can I retrace my steps back to my previous Android OS?
  15. C

    Portable computing - where to put programs

    Hi all, I travel around quite a lot in business and need to have all my data available when I get to the various locations (computers / laptops with various OS's are already in the locations). I have a wd passport hd which I would like to use somehow, so I assume that I would need to install all...
  16. L

    Are 10.1"'s worth the price over 7"?

    I'm completely bewildered by the tablet market, I got the first Ipad and as far as I was concerned, that was the only tablet. It was only a few weeks ago I realized how big the market was! Anyway,down to business. Are 10.1" tablets worth the price over 7" tablets? I mean you have the galaxy tab...
  17. camohanna

    What sort of tablet?

    I am debating between the Google Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. I live in NZ and can pick the Nexus 7 up for around $250 2nd hand while the iPad mini will cost around $350-400. I will be using it for school work so will need to be able to edit MS Office (pp, word etc). We have wifi at our school...
  18. R

    I cant decide between a computer or tablet.

    So basically I want to build a gaming computer for around 900 but at the same time I dont want to drop that much money to play games that i can already play on consoles. Even if the games arent as pretty. Now the problem comes in where i want to get a tablet or ultrabook for around the same...
  19. J

    Which tablet to buy?

    I'm going to get myself a tab.. But i'm in doubt between three tabs.. The google nexus 7, the samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 and the apple ipad mini.. My basic needs are readin books on a good display interface, playing games and surfing the net.. I don't require calling or sms facilities but internet...
  20. G

    What's the best tablet in the 300$ range right now?

    I'm a PC/Laptop guy and have never use tablets so my knowledge of them is extremely limited but a family member wants one. She is a very light user with interests limited to basic things like emailing, taking pictures and playing games about as graphically intense as candy crush. I'm assuming...
  21. wolfman72

    Dell xps 10 windows rt or nexus 7

    Is it worth changing my HP slate 7 for a Dell xps tablet or nexus 7? The new tablet will be funded by selling the HP slate 7 and my evga graphics card 660 superclocked. I have windows 8 on my PC and like it also I have a windows phone 8 620. The only problem is lack of apps I buy mags on Google...
  22. L

    Asus Memo Pad ME172V random shutdowns

    I have a Memo Pad ME172V that randomly just shuts down, and the only message i get is a low battery message, altough it says it has 40+ % battery left. And after i start it up again it still shows it has 40+ % battery left. This device is completely new just two weeks old and i have tried...
  23. L

    Choosing a tablet

    Hi friend have 700 Euro...and he want to buy a tablet ....what is the best tablet arount 600-700 euro? for gaming and work....i see the VIVO TAB RT TF600T-1B003R + TF600 KEYBOARD at 540 a good choice?? or out there are more interesting stuff?
  24. T

    Best Tablet for Mobile Gaming Questions (?)

    Guys, right now, what's the best tablet out there for mobile gaming? The best tablet/phone optimized for mobile gaming as well? (like Modern Combat 4, etc.) What's the tablet that has the best GPU? (I know Tegra 4 is around the corner but I only want to know what's out now) What are...
  25. D

    Help with chosing tablet

    Hi all, it's time for me to buy a tablet and I'm already set on either a Windos RT or Windows 8 Tablet, and have looked closely on the info available for those in my price range (around 780 dollars). After careful consideration and elimination I have four contenders left (2 RT and 2 Win8) and...
  26. H

    Samsung NP-RV510-A05US No boot - Motherboard or CPU?

    Hello, I have a Samsung NP-RV510-A05US that has a 2.3ghz Intel Processor. Lately the laptop started just shutting off on its own and it progressively got worse. Fan was always running and never felt hot. Power adapter jack in unit is solid and when I plug it in, the charging light immediately...
  27. B

    Surface Pro Resetting

    I have a Microsoft Surface Pro that I would like to do a 'reset' on so I can re-sell it. After reading the manual, I determined I better do the thorough reset as opposed to the quick reset. What I am wondering, is will my personal data be securely UN-recoverable after doing a thorough reset...
  28. C

    best tablet choice??

    Hi, im thinking to buy a tablet. Can you help me to choose between: - Ipad 4 - Sony xperia z - Google Nexus 10 16 gb will be enough for me. Ill use it to, read pdf magazines, video and game. Regards Carlos
  29. M

    Need to choose a gaming laptop in a hurry. Have 2 ideas and a lot of background info.

    I find myself needing a laptop within a few weeks at the latest. I'll be going abroad for some time and I need to take it with me. I didn't see anything that would work for me on Newegg, so I looked at as was suggested in some other threads in this forum. I found two laptops that I...
  30. lxgoldsmith

    summer laptop hand-me-down

    School just ended and I'm looking for work. I'll probably be able to sell a few custom computers. After I build and load those up, I'll sell my service for 150/200 a pop and people will be quite happy with bloat free, fast, small desktops. I'm earning money to get a laptop, but I need a mobile...
  31. P

    Which Gaming Laptop?

    I am looking around for a new gaming laptop. I want to keep it some where under $1300ish. I want to play games like Planetside 2, Skyrim, and other games like that. So far I have a list of 3. -Samsung series 7 Chronos 17.3in (i7 3630qm, HD 8870, 8gb ram) -$1300 -Lenovo y500 15.6in (i7 3630qm...
  32. O

    Best light-gaming laptop under $500 dollars

    I'm looking for a light-gaming laptop, with decent battery life, and at the very least a 320-gig hard drive. (preferably 500-gig) I need at least 4gig RAM, and it would be great if it wasn't an HP or an Acer, as I've had laptops from those two companies, and they never really worked out that...
  33. E

    My mobile asking security code

    How do i unlock my nokia C1, it doesent accept any other sim cards,rather than the one i bought with the phone. Imei number is 354325/04/299385/0
  34. V

    New Tablet ~ $300.00

    Hi I am looking for a new tablet (9" or more) for around $300. These are my options: If...
  35. R

    What is the cheapest Tegra 3 Tablet

    I'm looking for a cheap tegra 3 tablet, 7", 10", don't really mind. I want it reeall cheap though because I don't have the funds. I heard you can get some for $150, tho I don't know where. Could you please help? :bounce:
  36. pankakes123

    Good Nexus 7 Keyboard Case

    I'm going to buy the new Nexus 7 that is rumored to release this June or July and I will need a case for it. I want the case to be a leather or similar material that folds closed like a book and will be good for putting in a backpack and carrying it around to many places. The must is that it has...
  37. S

    How to Root Micromax a44

    i have a Micromax Superfone punk a44. How can I root it?
  38. smoats

    First time tablet buyer. Please help.

    So I'm looking in to finally buying a tablet (mostly for movies mainly MKV files and browsing the web), but I have no experience in this field. I looked on newegg and used their buying guide and came up with a few options...
  39. A

    Toshiba laptop will not run off battery power

    I have a toshiba psm40u 07x001 model laptop and it will not run on battery power! I bought a brand new one and replaced it but it didn't help! Runs fine on ac power! Any help would be appreciated
  40. D

    Cheap and Good Tablets

    Hello everyone, Do any of you guys know any cheap 100-120 $ Tablets with Android or Windows 8 Os? If someone does please give a list of top 3 or 5 or even 10. Thank you
  41. tuxborg

    Budget linux netbook/netbook equivalent - Options?

    I've been debating picking up a netbook or some other small, light, and cheap (Under $500) laptop. My current "mobile," computing solution is an aging brick T61 which, despite being the best computer I have ever had the pleasure of typing on, weighs a ton. Unfortunately I hear the latest intel...
  42. A

    Unlock phone

    My phone is asking for my google account which i don have
  43. S

    Usb2 to vga adapter for android tablet

    Hi I would like to know whether the commonly available, USB2 to VGA adapter would work between android 4.0 tablet and Windows XP laptop. My requirement is I would like to use my laptop as an extended monitor for my android tablet by using this adapter. If there are any specific type of...
  44. A

    Need help picking a NON GAMING Laptop, NEW to mobile computing!!

    I just recently sold my very very powerful GAMING rig that I built a few years ago. My current needs are: fast boot up / load times decent amount of storage lightweight good battery life I will be using this laptop to burn / watch dvdrips download music autocad / nx school work general...
  45. L

    Unlock iPhone 4

    I been having this phone jailbroken and I was wondering what can unlocking the phone do? Does it give me free 3G anywhere or what? I got ios 5.1.1 and I couldn't find the ultrasn0w fixer 5.1.1... I only saw 6.0.1 and I am planning to jb it after updating to ios6... Does unlocking give me free 3G...
  46. Crony

    Permission Presupposition...

    I was going to put this into Mobile Computing, but seeing that this is more Android specific, will ask it here. Forgive me if this was the wrong decision. I have an Acer Iconia and here of late a lot of the updates for some of my apps are allowing access to my contacts, my camera and allow it...
  47. F

    Free download memory card unlocker software

    Hello, how can i unlock my memory card?
  48. christianelliott

    Ipad Cases

    hi guys! i got a 3rd gen iPad, and i have spent literally weeks looking for the perfect case. i was looking for something light, that didnt make the ipad into a five inch thick ugly thing, because in the iPad i wanted something sleek and portable. i looked into gelaskins, but there is not...
  49. J

    Mobile restore factory code sony ericsson

    Hello, how to unlock the sony ericsson K510 inserted Sim cart ?
  50. A

    My memory card is locked how to unlock it

    plz give me forums???
  51. macewrox

    Solved! Laptop Cooling

    So I have a challenge for the TomsHardware Mobile computing community... I have a Sager notebook, a 17" monster that sucks up power and puts off heat like a freaking furnace. Now I am completely satisfied with the performance of the laptop, but what I'm not satisfied with is how the back side...
  52. M

    J2me project for mobile computing

    Hello, i want to do a mini j2me project in mobile computing.. pls suggest some topics
  53. Tomsguiderachel

    Gearing Up, Mobile Social Style

    What's the best gear for cheap, fun, stylish mobile computing? We've picked it out for you here. Get blogging, snapping and recording in the wild. Gearing Up, Mobile Social Style : Read more
  54. B

    Is Toshiba's Portege M400 Tablet PC Too Large For Comfort?

    As a mobile computing enthusiast, I love small; the smaller the better. Ultra-portable is nice, Is Toshiba's Portege M400 Tablet PC Too Large For Comfort? : Read more
  55. B

    Windows Vista on Notebooks: Why and What Hardware?

    Microsoft starts releasing Windows Vista on November 30th. Writing from a mobile computing perspective, Guy Thomas and Barry Gerber offer a number of good reasons to switch to Vista and help you make the right decision about running it on existing or new hardware.
  56. B

    Sneak Peek: Sony's Tiny Windows XP Powered Micro PC

    It takes a pretty fantastic piece of mobile computing hardware to get Barry Gerber excited. Sony's soon-to-be-released VAIO UX Micro PC not only gets him genuinely excited, it's already got him checking his checkbook and counting his cash to see when, not if, he will be able to afford one.