Hello Everyone,

I finally bought a laptop, and a far different one than I previously had planned. I had looked at getting a new Kavari model when they came out, but decided to take half of my laptop budget and buy an i7-3770k for my desktop. So I bought this little gem for a total price of $350. Pretty sweet for this moderate gaming/general use system.

Doing research, I found on notebookcheck that the Nvidia GT 620M possibly comes in a 40nm and a 28nm versions, and potentially comes in 64 or 128 bit interfaces.

First question:
Has anyone seen the 40nm or 64-bit versions anywhere? Notebookcheck pointed out these versions as rumored but wasn't completely sure, where anandtech says that the GT 620M is only going to be 28nm and 128-bit.

Second Question:
Does anyone have any idea of the possible power usage and TDP of the 40nm and 28nm versions? I want to try to figure out how good the battery life might be, but of course I won't know that for sure until it arrives.

Third Question:
It uses Nvidia Optimus technology for switching between the Intel HD 4000 and the Nvidia GT 620M graphics to save power. Does Nvidia Optimus function any good? I have never used it, but if it is anything like Lucidvirtu then I won't bother with it much. Lucidvirtu fails to really work well at all it seems to me, but if possible I want to do the obvious and configure the Nvidia GT 620M to only be used for games, while the Intel HD 4000 to be used for all videos, applications, and flash games.

Thanks to anyone who can help shed some light on any of these.

CPU: i5-3210M
GPU: Nvidia GT 620M & Intel HD 4000
HDD: 1TB 5400RPM
LCD: 15.6" 1366x768



Thanks for the reply. Yea I know GPUZ will be able to tell me, but I don't have the system yet. I just ordered it yesterday so it hasn't made it yet, I'm just trying to do some before hand research.

Thanks for this article that helps a lot. That is pretty good reasoning. I really hope that its the 28nm model cause thats pretty good energy savings.

Hmm kind of perplexing. I looked at the GPUZ screenshots in both articles, and the notebookcheck page about the GT 620M. Notebookcheck says the gf117 is the 28nm version, but the GPUZ for the gf117 says it is 40nm. Could GPUZ be mistaken on this?

Yea I hope its the 28nm gf117 version with a 128bit interface, but I will still be happy if it is at least one of those. I don't play a lot of new games and if I do I don't really mind having it on low settings for the laptop, but extra performance from a 128bit interface never hurts.

Thats good to hear for the Optimus. I haven't ever owned a laptop before so I haven't used it. The few laptops I have used are older ones by more than 3 years now, or only have Intel HD 3000 GPUs. I'm glad it is that simple to use because it will probably save me a lot on battery life.


I sure hope so. It would be awesome if so. Up until last year the best GPU I ever had was a Nvidia GT 6600, then I got a GT 430 which is pretty much the 40nm 64-bit version of this for desktops, and then I got a 7850. Obviously I don't expect it to come close to the 7850's performance but I have a lot of older games and emulators I like to play and I am gone quite a bit. If this thing has 128-bit it will be plenty to keep me happy playing Jade Empire, Fallout, Bioshock Infinity and other games.

Thanks again for your thoughts :D


Sure thing bud :)

And yea that is what I am thinking. At 1366x768 resolutions the 620m even with 64-bit interface should easily max my 2006 and older games, and do medium-high on my 2007-2010 games. Anything newer I expect I will probably need to drop to no AA and low settings but really some of these new games at low settings look like 2006 games at max settings so its no bother to me lol.