Flashing a Moto G

Chris David

Dec 11, 2013
Hi, i am extremely new to Android devices considering the time i've spent on Jailbreaking and fixing my iOS devices.

My friend gave me his phone, to help him with fixing it. I thought the problem was something low but no, it's pretty harsh and i am out of options.

The Mobile is a Moto G (8 GB). When i try to charge and boot it, it gives me a screen with a Warning that is " Warning Boot Loader unlocked " then i am able to go smoothly into the desktop and then all hell breaks loose. I get the process stopped error, but not one. Plenty of them

com.android.gapps has stopped
Launcher has stopped working
Messenger has stopped working
com.android.acore has stopped working
and a plenty more of those errors.

The files don't save as well as i can't navigate when those errors pop every second one after another, I believe flashing can fix this, so i need to Flash the device with a Custom ROM or even the Stock one, i need your help.

I tried following steps from here But was stuck on the very first process where the command prompt tells me " adb can't be found as an external or internal command "