Question Laptop gpu not working properly when laptop battery fell off

May 12, 2022
My laptop battery fell off while it was shutting down and when i booted it up, i noticed that i couldn't play my game because it didn't detect both the integrated and the dedicated gpu. I looked at device manager and the 2 display adapters had device status code 43 (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems), I tried reinstalling drivers and it didn't work, used DDU and reinstalled drivers (no internet, windows update while reinstalling) and it still didn't work. I found a temporary way to "fix" the problem but i want to fix problem permanently.

(the way I temporarily fix the problem goes like this)
boot pc
open device manager
uninstall the radeon r7 graphics on device manager
uninstall radeon rx 460 graphics
restart pc
open device manager again
at this point, radeon r7 is now working properly but the rx 460 still has device status code 43
repeat the process
uninstall radeon r7 graphics
uninstall radeon rx 460 graphics
restart pc
now both display adapters work properly and I can play games.
(this is a temporary fix because if i shutdown the laptop or restart again, I go back to square one with both display adapters stopped by windows)
(this is the only "pattern" i tried that works, if i uninstall the devices any other way and after i restart, i just go back to square one.)
(my laptop is an asus fx550iu, pretty old one but still works fine)

Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
I think this is just a Windows problem. Try reinstalling Windows or doing a Windows Restore back to a point where they still worked fine.

If it's not an issue, there could be something with the battery, either the contacts are shorted or something with the terminal connections on the laptop itself.

Did you drop the laptop?