Question I dunno something happened to my pc

May 26, 2022
Hey i am in a problem

See i wanted to expand storage in laptop (this laptop dont have screen) so i installed a caddy in which i kept a hdd
Then i got to know hdd is corrupt it poped up and said to restart pc next for 5 hours it was repairing it self (fixing drive f 77% IT SHOWED SOMETHING LIKE THIS) so i somhow turned it on and installed a hdd regenerator and did the process but for everone it was showing 1 or2 bad sector for me it showed 100 bad sector i gave up and thought fixing hdd wont work so i removed everything and restarted BSOD came error code inaccessible boot point and then when i went to bios and reseted the settings and restarted the monitor shows no cable connected and the laptop had no screen plzzzzzzzzzz help me i am in problem
May 26, 2022
which hdd was corrupted? the one in the laptop or the one in the caddy?
did you shut down the laptop while it is still running the chkdsk process?
Thanks to reply i actually have main ssd and wanted to install hdd hdd was a old one and corrupt when i tried fixing it using hdd regenerator something happened
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