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  1. G

    Solved! how to fix youtube on windows phone

    Youtube doesn't work on my windows phone when I'm using my home WiFi but it works with school WiFi
  2. L

    I have a windows phone I need to get my deleted text messages from? I can plug it into the computer but what’s next

    I need to know how to restore deleted texts from my windows phone
  3. L

    How do I turn my Old HTC windows phone.

    How do I turn my Old HTC windows phone on, it just vibrates when I’m charging but doesn’t turn on.
  4. K

    Cannot delete photo (Whatsapp)

    I am using Whatsapp on my Windows Phone (with windows 10) and there is one photo which appears only on when I want to attach a photo in Whatsapp. It is stored in a folde called "Other photos". But when I go through all files and folders both on the phone and on the SD card, the folder is not...
  5. L

    Trying to retrieve pics from old turned off phone

    I tried to use bluetooth and it paired and said it was going to have to read contacts on old phone i just wanted to retrieve some pics from old windows phone but it asked me for pin code for old device. I dont want to retrieve contacts just a few pics how do i do this and where do i find pin code
  6. O

    Solved! Transferring Windows 10 installation from one device to another

    Hello, I would like to transfer a Windows Phone 10 installation from phone A (The factory installation was Windows Phone 8.1) to phone B. How can I do this?
  7. A

    How to adjust the corner radius Windows phone button?

    Windows phone default having Ui like Metro type.There is no property to set corner radius for Windows phone buttons. But our requirement is to create a button with curve that we can do like this by overriding control template of button. <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left"...
  8. 1

    Can I install Google Play Store on my Nokia Lumia 635 Windows phone?

    Can I install Google Play Store on my Nokia Lumia 635 Windows phone?
  9. J

    i have an older windows phone, when i bought it i didnt know the previous owner gued the sim card spot shut, now my phone says

    i have an older windows phone, when i purchased i was not aware the previous owner had glued the sim card space completely shut! im kinda poor, so i cant really get a new phone at this time, it says my phone is full, though i use almost no data, i have deleted apps, pictures, e-mails, txt...
  10. S

    how to find my own number on windows phone

    How to find my number
  11. C

    how can I turn off mobile phone password

    Help turn off password on windows phone
  12. M

    help me please

    how can I get my numbers off my old windows phone the phone is broke and I cant get in it
  13. C

    How to Revoke Access to Third Party Apps in Twitter using a Phone

    I use Twitter a lot. I don't have a smartphone and am not familiar with them at all. I often see people on Twitter who have authorized a third party app to access their Twitter account but the Twitter client they use on their phone does not have a "Revoke Access" function, and sometimes they...
  14. M

    why can't i download numerous useful apps to my windows 10 phone?

    I'm trying to download Safest Cell Blocker to my Microsoft Windows phone, but it's not allowing me to! I've found this to be happening all the time when it comes to downloading apps I'd like on this phone, as I use it every day. Even though it lists similar apps to the one I've requested...
  15. M

    how to use apk file in windows phone

    i want to download some apps from google play on windows phone & i didn't know how can use apk file
  16. H

    Imate Intelegent Phone release

    There was news 3 years back regarding windows phone running windows 8 full os instead of windows phone os. ( I am not able to find any update whether it has been released or dropped...
  17. A

    Alternative to the Microsoft Band for Windows Phone?

    Hello in the round, is out there a fitness tracker/smartwatch witch works on Windows Phone 10, with a call notice function, as well as an alarm function with sleeping phases? There are the Microsoft Bands 1 and 2, but I would prefer a tracker without display, that only vibrates and with a...
  18. T

    I have Windows sprint phone with sim how do I get it on Verizon prepay

    Windows phone to Verizon from sprint
  19. X

    Does anybody know if there is a program that will communicate with my phone from my PC so I can text from my PC?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a program that will let me send a text message from my PC through my phone? I have a Windows Phone and I am using Windows 10. If someone knows I'd be really excited. Is there a way for Skype to do that? Thanks.
  20. S

    install wp on alcatel pixi 3

    hello my name is James wanted to ask if I CAN INSTALL WP ON Alcatel Pixi phone 3 according to the official website Alcatel is compatible with WP
  21. tomsguideUS

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Smartphones

    Here at the Tom's Community, we love tech. We also love bargains. And Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days of the year to score the best tech at rock-bottom prices! We know that our readers are some of the most savvy around, and that you'll know about some of the best Black Friday...
  22. M

    Windows Phone turns on by itself after damage.

    I accidentally dropped my Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual-Sim into the toilet. I cleaned it and air dried it. Now when I put the battery back in it it turns on by itself and keeps rebooting. It never gets past the Microsoft screen. I've tried hard resetting it but it just reboots. Can anyone please...
  23. P

    Vysk Phone Cases that Provide Physical, Encrypted Security for LG Lancet Windows 8.1 Smartphone

    When will the Vysk Phone Case that Provides Physical, Encrypted Security be available for the LG Lancet Windows 8.1 OS phone? I can only find info for an iPhone.
  24. P

    facebook temporarily locked how to unlock

    My problem doesn't have anything a Windows phone. It's my Facebook page. I don't know what happened or how it happened. But it's locked. If you could do somethin about itI'll preciate it. Thank You,Patricia Saenz
  25. K

    Need Best Pre-Paid Plan That Works On Verizon Towers! Please Help!

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy 5 that is on a Verizon pre-paid plan. I want to get my son a phone for his BD. I have a Windows phone that is not being used but the only Verizon pre-paid plan is $65 a month. Then I saw that T-Mobile has 5 lines for $100 a month. But as far as I know...
  26. D

    How can I download more detailed offline maps for hiking - the OpenStreetMap ?

    The 'Maps' app allows maps to be downloaded to Windows Phone for offline use so no data connection is necessary. This is useful. I need a map with more detail though that also shows hiking routes. OpenStreetMap has the level of detail I need. How can I download these more detailed maps onto...
  27. J

    how to exit Kids Corner on Windows Phone once the kids is done using it

    Kids Corner is running on my Lumia Windows Phone. I just need to know how to exit it when the child is done using the phone and I need to access my stuff again. So far the only thing I have found that works is powering the whole device down and restarting it. There has got to be some simple...
  28. I

    Why Can I Not Download Anything

    I have a windows phone (635) and can't download anything. It keeps saying requires attention. There are a lot of apps trying to download on my phone. I ddnt request any of them...except candy candy crush. I delete the download but in a little while they are back. Help!
  29. R

    Charger shuts off while charging

    I have an HTC Windows phone (Verizon service) and the original charger (TC P900 US) will shut itself off after a period of time. It charges the phone while it's working. I don't have this issue with my spare chargers only the one that came with the phone. Is the charger designed to do that or...
  30. N

    iPad to two bluetooth speakers

    Hi, I have two of the same Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speakers and I want to sent them in different spots of the house/room and play the same music. When I turn them both on I see two different Amazon_BT1 Bluetooth IDs. I can click on both and both say 'Connected' but when I open an app, like...
  31. J

    Unsupported Applications in Windows phone

    Hi This is Joseph White Wolf and my Windows phone doesn't support a number of applications that are usually supported in Androids. Are there any substitute application that are supported by Windows. Kindly provide useful suggestions. Regards Joseph White Wolf
  32. B

    how to change my phone

    Plzz helps me i like windows phone my phone change to windows phone
  33. M

    Please tell me how to download clash of clans and hay day on my windows phone Lumia 530 though as BN upgraded to Cayn or somet

    I can't get a download for windows phone for clash of clans and hay day games. Please tell me how
  34. CherlynnLow

    Can Windows Phone Ever Bounce Back?

    Latest reports show Microsoft has a dismal share of the smartphone market right now, but with Windows 10 coming soon, will that all change? Can Windows Phone Ever Bounce Back? : Read more
  35. S

    i have a windows phone and games freezes up and goes back to main screen

    I have a windows phone and my games keep freezing up and going back to home screen how do I fix this problem
  36. X

    how can i get apps for free on a windows phone??

    does anyone know where or how i can download apps for free on a windows phone?
  37. internetlad

    Issue involving moving contacts from Windows Phone to Outlook 2013

    So, Let me start at the top. I have a windows phone with ~600 contacts in it. The end goal is to have this information reflected in Outlook 2013 on a surface tablet. Here are the hurdles. This is not working on an exchange server, so no simple sync there. The e-mail account associated with my...
  38. W

    nfc feature in windows phone

    how to use the nfc technology in new nokia lumia 730 windows operating system 8 mobile ....any body know the answer please give the answer to me .......................
  39. C

    How to change your Minecraft Pocket Edition skin on Windows Phone?

    I have Been Searching the web for weeks. I want to change my skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows Phone (I have a Nokia Lumia 530). Is there some app I could use. Pleas HELP!
  40. M

    sms from my laptop connect my windows phone by cable or bluetooth

    hi frnds, my requirement is sms from my laptop connect my windows phone by cable or bluetooth. how can i do it.??? if any one knows please share me the complete procedure and steps. //manas
  41. J

    why my system on windows phone is full but i didn't have any apps or games

    I can't download apps and my memmory storage is full but i don't have any apps,picture,photo and games only system is full
  42. tomsguideUS

    Preventing Media Library Duplication on Windows Phone

    Some Windows Phone users have reported issues with the media library on their devices. In these instances, some songs in the media library are being duplicated, doubling files and wasting precious storage space. Here is how to prevent file duplication in the media library on Windows Phone...
  43. tomsguideUS

    Prevent Windows Phone from Sleeping During Calls

    Smartphone screens lock after a certain period of inactivity. This might extend your battery life but can be annoying when you want to use the screen during calls. This tutorial discusses how you can prevent your Windows Phone from sleeping during calls. Follow the instructions below: Steps...
  44. W

    retrieving pictures with bad battery

    I have a samsung windows phone. my battery is no good. is there anyway for me to retrieve my pictures?
  45. M

    How to install Windows Phone on andorid?

    On andorid 4.4.2?
  46. A

    How to Find Your Phone Number on a Windows Phone

    Did you forget your phone number? Or maybe you changed it and don't remember it?. On your Windows Phone, you can follow the steps listed below to recover your phone number. If none of these steps work for you, you may need to call your service provider for assistance. Step 1: From your home...
  47. Mike Andronico

    First Microsoft Lumia Phone Launching Nov. 11

    Microsoft will unveil the first non-Nokia Lumia Windows phone on Tuesday, Nov. 11. First Microsoft Lumia Phone Launching Nov. 11 : Read more
  48. A

    Use Windows Phone to download games and apps to Xbox One

    One of the great features of the Xbox One gaming system is its relationship with Windows Phone. It is now possible to download games and apps to your Xbox One using your Windows Phone. There are numerous games and apps from which to choose. Here is how you can use the Windows Phone to download...
  49. A

    Use Windows Phone to download games and apps to Xbox One

    One of the great features of the Xbox One gaming system is its relationship with the Windows Phone. It is now possible to download games and apps to your Xbox One using your Windows Phone. There are numerous games and apps from which to choose. Here is how you can use the Windows Phone to...
  50. M

    windows 8 anti virus

    I have a Samsung ATIV SE windows phone and I am looking for an anti virus program any suggestions? thanks in advance
  51. G

    How to Check Your Achievements on a Windows Phone

    One of the advantages Windows Phone users have is being able to access Xbox Live on their phones and play their favorite Xbox games anytime and anywhere. While you can track your Live games achievements on your PC, Windows Phone users wonder whether they can do the same on their phone. It is...
  52. G

    How To Use Kid's Corner on your Windows Phone

    With lots of games to play on your smartphone, your kids may want to borrow them from time to time. It's an issue, though, when they accidentally delete important messages or contacts while they're playing. Kid's Corner on Windows Phone 8 sets your phone into a special mode allowing your kids to...
  53. G

    Tell Cortana Your Favorite Locations

    Microsoft introduced its personal assistant, Cortana, along with Windows 8.1. Cortana can do a lot of things, like remind you of an important event or recognize your favorite places. What's cool is that you don't have to wait for Cortana to learn your habits - you can input your favorite things...
  54. G

    How to Access Xbox Live From Windows Phone

    One of the biggest benefits of a Windows phone is the capability to play Xbox Live games on handsets. Doing this is fairly easy but if it is your first using a Windows phone and you want to take advantage of Xbox Live, it may be confusing. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to access Xbox Live...
  55. tomsguideUS

    How to Minimize Accidental Bing Search Clicks on Windows Phone

    Windows Phones have some great features, but there's one annoying one that stands out: A Bing Search hardware button. Because it's part of the phone, you can't fully disable it. Luckily, we have some tips to help you prevent accidental Bing Searches on Windows Phone: Steps: 1st Method: This...
  56. tomsguideUS

    How to Fix Pinch-to-Zoom Issues on the Lumia 930

    Some Windows Phone users are having problems with the pinch-to-zoom gesture their phone. If you are one of them then you have come to the exact place. Because, we are going to give you some tips to get rid of this problem. It should work on almost every Windows Phone, including the Lumia 930...
  57. tomsguideUS

    Restore Sound in a Lumia Phone's Right Earphone

    Some Windows Phone users are facing an issue in which sound won't come from the right earbud of the headphones that come in the box. If you're facing this issue, read below as we provide you tips to restore the sound: Steps: 1. Checking the headphone jack - if you have this problem you should...
  58. tomsguideUS

    How to Pin Google Search to Your Windows Phone Start Screen

    You can pin any website to the start screen on your Windows Phone. Having a tile is a quick way to get to your favorite website. Using the same process, you can make a tile for Google Search on your start screen. There are several ways to do this, and here we cover two. Steps: 1. Open Internet...