why can't i download numerous useful apps to my windows 10 phone?

marsky mac

Jun 8, 2016
I'm trying to download Safest Cell Blocker to my Microsoft Windows phone, but it's not allowing me to! I've found this to be happening all the time when it comes to downloading apps I'd like on this phone, as I use it every day. Even though it lists similar apps to the one I've requested, they're never as good. They're not as highly rated and there's only ever one or two to choose from! I'd have thought - being a Microsoft Windows phone, it surely would be compatible with most of the popular apps. Why is this? Does anyone have any suggestions? (Other than just using a totally different phone, as I'm so used to this one now).
Can you post a picture of the error message?

Loads of apps simply aren't available for Windows phones - it's the least common of the three main mobile OSs (Android, iOS, WP), and apps often need substantial work to be moved from one OS to another.