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  1. L

    Solved! Google Contacts Replacement program to use with Gmail & Galaxy 9

    Love Gmail, but have continuing problems with Google Contacts. Is there a contacts program that I can use with Gmail and my Samsung Galaxy 9+ ?? Thank you.
  2. C

    Solved! Hack fake apps

    My ex has hacked my phone. All my Google apps are apk files
  3. R

    Most apps I own (specially google apps) don't work.

    Hi, I own an HTC desire 628. It's working fine until I visited a different country. It started to show a lot of lag, and most apps started to not work. They will not launch and will not respond. Google apps also do not work, (all of them) YouTube does launch but only loads forever. Things I've...
  4. R

    Google Apps Privacy Issues? Everything You Need to Know

    Saying that Google has loads of data and information on its users is something probably a lot of people know. It’s just the way it is, although that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. It’s the same situation with the Google Apps. They collect various information on Android users and...
  5. M

    How do I transfer my scores in games from a gmail to another gmail?

    Hello all,, I have been playing a lot of games and scored high points in many games (from my brother's phone and his gmail), now I bought a new phone and create my gmail. How do I transfer score points from my brother's gmail to my gmail? Thanks in advance,,
  6. C

    Quora with access?

    Under 'Google apps with access' I found qoura. Never even heard of quora. How is this possible? Never used the site!
  7. G

    Google Lens Guide: What You Can Do with Google's AI-Powered Feature

    Google Lens is coming to all smartphones, adding new smarts to your camera. Here's what Google's machine learning-powered feature can do for you. Google Lens Guide: What You Can Do with Google's AI-Powered Feature : Read more
  8. S

    Importing the colored value from a range

    I have a spreadsheet with two separate sheets. I need to import the colored value from a range of sheet to the column C of Sheet 2. In short, something like, If Sheet1!A4=Sheet2!A3, Sheet2!C3=The colored value of the range Sheet1!(C7:AG7) and If Sheet1!A10=Sheet2!A4, Sheet2!C4=The colored...
  9. J

    How to extend an image onto 4 pages?

    So I have an image to print out, but it has to be relatively large. The problem is, I only have regular sized paper. I was thinking that I could put the picture onto 4 pages and just "extend" it to fit onto the 4 pieces of paper while having the same length to width ratio as if it were just the...
  10. H

    Unistall Google apps...

    Google apps will not let you unistall...they want you to use factory what does that mean...does this.with ALL google please...S.H...THANK YOU.
  11. T

    i need an application to keep track of giveaways (and things that i want to remember)

    hi , i have seen my self in a problem each time that i join a giveaway , and it's that i always forget to check who won the giveaway or when it ended , i would like an application that reminds me whatever i want like for exame , the giveaway ends in 12 days , i want the program to remind me in...
  12. Mastermmm

    Google Account Contacts Mysteriously Disappearing

    On several occasions, for no reason at all, random contacts are deleted on my Google Account. The first time I remember this happening, I went into my Google Account and reverted to the past week's contacts in hopes to get the old ones back, and it did. Unfortunately, I was never able to figure...
  13. A

    Which Google apps package is suitable for a 4gb device?

    I own a samsung galaxy s duos 2 and is planning to install a custom rom on it.The device has only 4gb internal memory.Which google apps package would run smoothly on the device with maximum free storage and basic apps like gmail,play store,youtube,maps,etc. ?
  14. S

    RCA Viking II Storage/Memory Problem

    I have an RCA Viking II tablet my problem is that whenever I try to download from Google Play I keep getting insufficient storage. I have cleaned caches. Used Clean master to help clean. Scanned the net to see if I could find an answer as well. I have tablet set to use SD Card for apps and...
  15. J

    I can't type on my keyboard at all. Mouse and computer is working, I just can't type!

    I can't type anything, numerals or letters. Mouse and laptop is working, just can't type
  16. Virginia_9

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest that it does not have the features of tethering and hotspot in Settings . "Wireless & networks," More > Tethering & portable hotspot. Is there any App or Software to create a mobile hotspot in my phone. I have Installed many tethering...
  17. M

    why can't i download numerous useful apps to my windows 10 phone?

    I'm trying to download Safest Cell Blocker to my Microsoft Windows phone, but it's not allowing me to! I've found this to be happening all the time when it comes to downloading apps I'd like on this phone, as I use it every day. Even though it lists similar apps to the one I've requested...
  18. K

    Hoe can I use Google apps if I deserted the phone

    I reset the phone not knowing I was going to knock out the carrier so now when I try to use Google they say I need an carrier
  19. S

    if google play shows error retrieving information from server while downloading anything from google play store ...then what w

    I use samsung galaxy ace and i want to download whatsapp messenger in my android but when I tried to get it from google play store, it shows error while downloading (error retrieving information from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 CFNR-25OX-GSW2A])
  20. P

    google apps store

    When i try to download a new app on my Samsung tablet 7.5 i get the message unfortunately google playstore has stopped. what can i do to rectify this. i was going totry to uninstall it, but f I did , where would I go to , to reinstall it? or is there another way? Please advise
  21. M

    How do I reload my Google Wallet with a reload card from the 7 Eleven?

    I don't see nothing on the app that tells me where or how to reload.
  22. F

    My Google Drive is being taken up by Photos?

    Hi, I use Google Drive and I have uploaded over 10GB of Pictures. Of what I have read you get too store your photos for free so they don't take up any of your storage but mines are? Anyone know anything to help me out on this situation? Thanks, Fraser
  23. G

    How to remove "Disable Developer Mode Extensions"

    Alright, so recently I installed an extension not from the Chrome We Store. I know EXACTLY which extension it was and it wasn't malware. However, Google decides to give me a popup saying "Disable Developer Mode Extensions", and it pops up every time I start up Chrome. Is there any way to...
  24. D

    Cheap Laptop for Needs

    Hey guys, anyone know a great laptop that is for Google apps, email, word processing and other student related stuff. Also, touchscreen would be an amazing plus. Budget is $300 but if it's worth it, up to $400
  25. A

    Google play not working...Help?

    hi guys i recently bought a new smartphone Yusun t22 i know guys its a low budget phone but ... that's the only thing i could afford in my situation and budged so please.:/ so i tried to install latest version of google play and when i try to open it, it asks for a account sign in i click yes...
  26. G

    Google Glass Gets Layar Augmented Reality App

    Layar brings augmented reality to Glass for interactive content and information about the world around you. Google Glass Gets Layar Augmented Reality App : Read more
  27. tambeshakunt

    APK Files on S4 ??

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT I9505) running Android 4.3. I recently wanted to install an .apk file onto my phone and looked up the several methods. I have tried many methods but all of them lead to the same problem. :( The .apk installs ok and launches fine but about 2 seconds...
  28. P

    Win Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) and Google Chrome

    I have used Win Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) for a along time and ads pop up on it i got about auto download pop up then i got Google Chrome no ads no auto download pop up ads on this site i know IE 11 came out but it does not have the 64-bit if someone can help me with that, that would be...
  29. C

    samsung galaxy core duos

    my mobile showing that " unfortunately and google apps error occurred " kindly help to solve the problem
  30. ilovebarny

    Automatic PST Backup

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to automatically backup (once a week) .pst files from approximately 10 different computers to 1 large backup computer. I need to either rename the files to include the date or backup these .pst files into individual files with the...
  31. exfileme

    Kindle Fire Source Code Released; Android Market Added

    Amazon has released the source code for its Kindle Fire tablet, and users have already figured out a way to install the Android Market and other Google apps successfully. Kindle Fire Source Code Released; Android Market Added : Read more
  32. exfileme

    Google Apps, Fake Names Coming to Google+

    Google+ will add support for Google Apps in a matter of days, but support for anonymous accounts and pseudonyms may not arrive for a while longer. Google Apps, Fake Names Coming to Google+ : Read more
  33. G

    Q&A In The Cloud: Interview With Google Apps Product Leader

    Google Apps Product Development Leaver Ken Norton talks with Tom's Guide about the potential of cloud computing for you, and for Google. Q&A In The Cloud: Interview With Google Apps Product Leader : Read more
  34. JMcEntegart

    Gmail Suffers Second Outage in a Week

    It seems Google has decided to end the week the way it began with users reporting they’re having trouble accessing their Gmail accounts and and Google Apps. Gmail Suffers Second Outage in a Week : Read more
  35. G

    Futuremark Launches Google Apps-styled Approach To Benchmarking

    Espoo (Finland) - More and more software manufacturers are positioning themselves for a thin-client era, typically referred to as software-as-a-service (SAAS). Futuremark Launches Google Apps-styled Approach To Benchmarking : Read more