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  1. Marshall Honorof

    Twitter Kneecaps Meerkat, Boosts Periscope

    Twitter will limit Meerkat's livestream functions and focus its attention on Periscope: a similar service that it recently purchased. Twitter Kneecaps Meerkat, Boosts Periscope : Read more
  2. G

    Social Networking Tutorials

    Social Networking Tutorials & How-To's Facebook Check What Others Can See On Your Facebook Profile Opt Out of Facebook Tracking your Browsing History Prevent Strangers from Searching For You on Facebook Twitter Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps in Twitter Find Worldwide Trending Topics Send a...
  3. A

    Twitter on Chrome shows a Facebook icon! Help please

    Hi, Recently whilst browsing Twitter on Chrome the favicon just randomly changed to a Facebook one, which is really strange! I've tried incognito, clearing data, a third party app which allows you to change the favicon but to no success. I have looked around briefly and cannot find anyone...
  4. M

    looking for a solution to revoke an annoying access..

    If I have no computer and only using twitter for android and I want to revoke access on twitter, so what should I do?
  5. D

    twitter got hacked

    Ok so my twitter got hacked and its not letting me reset it so basicly im asking if there is anyway i can hack it back
  6. S

    Morph Headphones - what are these and how did they come into existence? Are they legit?

    Just saw these on twitter at They claim to be the "world's most affordable gaming headphones". $25 + S&H. Legit? Too good to be true? Their website is Bring in the opinions. Disclaimer: I am no way associated with these headphones, I want to know more just...
  7. G

    How to Schedule Tweets with Tweetdeck

    Social media management tools, such as TweetDeck, enable you to schedule your tweets and manage multiple accounts. Here is how to use Tweetdeck to schedule your tweets in advance: 1. You can use TweetDeck on your mobile iOS and Android device as well as your PC or Mac. You can also log in on...
  8. R

    How to Save Tweets as Drafts on Twitter

    Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, with hundreds of millions of tweets being sent daily all across the globe. People use Twitter for a variety of reasons, including keeping up with friends, celebrities, the latest trends, or just to let the world know what you’re doing...
  9. R

    How to Find Users to Follow on Vine

    Vine is an application that is owned by Twitter. Users upload videos called vines that are a maximum of 6 seconds in length, and videos gain popularity based on likes, follows, and re-vines (sharing vines with others). Some users may not wish to post videos, but rather just keep up with popular...
  10. A

    How to Shorten a Link with

    Links can be long and unwieldy, especially if you want to share them on a social media service like Twitter or Facebook. Link shortening makes your link easier to share and more attractive. Among the more popular services for this is, which can also give you some metrics regarding how...
  11. R

    How to Add Columns in Tweetdeck

    Tweetdeck is a more advanced Twitter client. Twitter created Tweetdeck so users could get a better handle on all of their accounts or just stay current on their one account, with the ability to add timelines and other columns so that users could stay organized. Adding columns is what gives users...
  12. R

    How to Create a Tweetdeck Account

    Tweetdeck helps Twitter users keep their Twitter account(s) organized. Users can search, add columns and timelines, and pre-schedule tweets. It is easy to create a Tweetdeck account, and if you would like to learn how to create one, please read and follow these few simple instructions. 1...
  13. A

    How to Remove Followers on Twitter

    Is there someone that you would rather not have follow you on Twitter? You have the option to remove this follower from your Twitter account. Removing a follower from Twitter by following the steps listed below. Step 1: Log into Twitter. Step 2: Beneath your Twitter handle on your profile or...
  14. A

    How to Mute Someone on Twitter

    If you are tired of seeing a particular person’s tweets on your timeline, Twitter offers the option to “mute” that persons account so that they no longer appear. This way you don’t necessarily have to block a person or unfollow them to stop seeing their tweets. With this method, the user will...
  15. G

    How to Send an Anonymous Message on Yik Yak

    Yik Yak is a social media app which allows you to post your thoughts and any other information anonymously. It has become popular among teenagers and college students because they can post whatever they want and still keep their privacy. If you are wondering how to send or post an anonymous...
  16. tomsguideUS

    How to Add Friends in QuizUp

    Do you think you're smarter than your friends? If you happen to play QuizUp, you can find out. Here's how to add your friends in QuizUp: Steps: Before, doing anything you have to link your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account on QuizUp. If you do that, your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends will...
  17. R

    How to Connect Facebook and Twitter to is a social networking site, and like the site name implies, it is based on asking and answering questions. Users can ask questions directly to people or get random questions to answer. Users can connect their account to Facebook and Twitter, and if you follow these simple...
  18. A

    How to Make a Private Twitter Account

    Twitter is a fun and easy way to share your thoughts and activities with your friends and family. However, the default setting for your posts is public, meaning that anyone can see your photos or other posts. If you do not want your tweets shared publicly, you can easily make your Twitter...
  19. J

    How to Send Content in Pocket to a Friend

    If you're like me, you come across articles, videos, and webpages that you want to share with certain friends, or all of your friends, all the time. However, you don't always have the time right then to do it. Pocket is a perfect solution. You can send or post content saved in Pocket at any...
  20. A

    How to Add Multiple Accounts to the Official Twitter App

    If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can switch between (and post from) multiple feeds in the official app. Step 1: Start by downloading the Official Twitter App on your smartphone or tablet. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one. If you have an existing...
  21. G

    How To Set up 2-factor authentication for Twitter

    Want to make your Twitter account safer than it already is? Add 2-factor authentication to your account. 2-factor authentication is a simple feature that requires both your password and a second authentication code to access your account. Although it is not yet available everywhere on the web...
  22. tomsguideUS

    How to Prevent Twitter from Posting Tweets on Facebook

    If you have already connected your Twitter account to your Facebook profile, and have configured both the accounts so that all your tweets can be automatically posted on your Facebook timeline, any tweet that you post on your Twitter account can also be seen by your Facebook friends. If you...
  23. tomsguideUS

    Joining Pinterest without Facebook or Twitter

    If you are already signed in to your Facebook or Twitter account, Pinterest allows you to sign up for a new Pinterest account using your existing social networks. Using a Facebook or Twitter account to sign-up for a Pinterest account makes the entire account creation process simpler as it...
  24. tomsguideUS

    Share Pins to Twitter from Pinterest

    In order to share your Pinterest Pins to your Twitter profile, it is essential that your Pinterest account is connected to your Twitter account. You can connect the two accounts easily with just a few mouse clicks. Once your Pinterest and Twitter accounts are connected to each other, every time...
  25. tomsguideUS

    How to Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps in Twitter

    Many people use their social networking accounts, such as Twitter, from their computer and other devices like tablets or smartphones. To use Twitter on those devices, you need certain apps that may or not actually be developed by Twitter. These are called third-party apps. Although most...
  26. tomsguideUS

    Find Worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter

    Depending upon your geographic location, Twitter shows the trends from your area. The trends are displayed in the lower section of the left pane on your Twitter home page. For most people, the default setting (the appearance of the trends from their locale) are sufficient for them in order stay...
  27. tomsguideUS

    How to Find People on Twitter Using Android

    When you create a new account on Twitter, there is no one who follows you, and you do not follow anyone else, either. In order to remain updated about your friends’ activities on Twitter, it is important that you search for and follow them. Just as in the desktop/laptop version of the Twitter...
  28. tomsguideUS

    How to Add Location to your Tweets on the Android Twitter App

    While using your Twitter account, you can specify the location of your residence in your profile settings. When you do so, the location is always visible to the profile visitors (depending upon the type of privacy settings you have configured for your Twitter account), so other users know where...
  29. tomsguideUS

    How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter Using Android

    Twitter also allows users to send direct messages to the inbox of the target users. You, as a Twitter account holder, can easily send a direct inbox message to any other Twitter user, provided the user has enabled the option in the privacy settings of his/her Twitter profile. Although it is...
  30. tomsguideUS

    How to Use Twitter Privately from your Android Smartphone

    By default, every Twitter account is configured to set the visibility of all tweets to Public. This means that the tweets will be displayed to all Twitter users without any restrictions. Although this configuration is quite ideal in most cases, it might not be appreciated by the people who do...
  31. tomsguideUS

    How to Make Your Twitter Header Fit Correctly Using Android

    On your Twitter profile, in addition to using any picture as your profile image, you can also add a picture as a header for your account. Since Twitter is considered to be an authentic and genuine social networking site where people always create their profiles with the correct names, it is...
  32. tomsguideUS

    How Can I Synchronize My Twitter and Facebook Accounts Using an Android Smartphone?

    You can synchronize your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the help of a third-party app named IFTTT. IFTTT allows you to make a recipe named ‘if Twitter then Facebook’ which, when created, enabled, and configured correctly, posts all your Twitter tweets with a predefined hash tag on your...
  33. tomsguideUS

    Disconnect Your Twitter Feeds from Facebook with IFTTT

    If you are looking forward to disconnect your Twitter feeds from Facebook, it might mean that you are overwhelmed with the overpopulated Twitter updates on your Facebook account. The end-user experiences of Facebook and Twitter are pretty different. If your Twitter and Facebook accounts are...
  34. tomsguideUS

    How to Create a Twitter List Using Android

    You might want to create a Twitter list in order to view only the tweets that are posted by a selected group of people. It's simple to create a Twitter list using your Android mobile phone as long as you have the Twitter app available on your phone. This is not the case when using your Twitter...
  35. tomsguideUS

    How to Automatically Publish My Instagram Photos to Twitter Using an Android Mobile Phone

    You can publish your Instagram photos on Twitter using the Instagram mobile app. You can get this done by simply connecting your Twitter account with your Instagram account. In order to connect the two accounts, you must configure the Instagram app settings accordingly. Note: Once your Android...
  36. A

    Google Chrome Freezing for Twitter and Imgur

    I just purchased a new HDD today, fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Starting to redownload and install everything from games, to drivers, to browser, etc. As far as I can tell so far this issue only arises when using Twitter and Imgur. For imgur specifically Google Chrome loads...
  37. viveknayyar007

    Send a Tweet Out On Twitter via SMS

    Twitter also allows you to tweet via SMS. In order to use your phone to tweet something on your Twitter account via SMS, your cell number must be associated with your Twitter profile. You might want to use your mobile phone’s SMS services to tweet something in order to avoid the tedious and...
  38. viveknayyar007

    Search for a Specific Hashtag on Twitter

    While using Twitter, you may be searching for tweets about a specific topic. Twitter has made things easier for such instances with the help of hashtags. Any topic that is preceded by a hash (#) sign becomes a hashtag and can be searched. On Twitter, searching for a hashtag of your interest is...
  39. viveknayyar007

    Set an Alert for Each Time a Specific Twitter User Tweets

    You follow others on Twitter to keep track of their updates. When you follow a lot of people, you can lose track of important tweets. To mitigate this issue, you can set an alert which gets triggered every time your favorite user tweets something. In order to set an alert, you must have your...
  40. viveknayyar007

    Post Your LinkedIn Updates to Twitter

    Some people who have accounts on both LinkedIn and Twitter may want to post identical updates to both accounts. If you have not connected your Twitter with LinkedIn account, you'll have to post to both of your profiles individually. On the other hand, your synced Twitter and LinkedIn accounts...
  41. viveknayyar007

    Obtain a Copy of All Your Tweets on Twitter

    After you have successfully created your Twitter account and have used it for a while, you might want to back up all your tweets. Here’s how you can obtain a copy of all your tweets: ■Sign in to your Twitter account using your favorite web browser. ■On the Home page, click the gear icon from...
  42. viveknayyar007

    Locate Regional Trending Topics on Twitter

    Twitter allows users to switch between different locations to find the trends related to that particular area. With just a few clicks, you can see what's people are tweeting about all around the world. The process of locating the regional trending topics on Twitter is straightforward. Here’s...
  43. viveknayyar007

    Find Worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter

    Depending upon your geographic location, by default Twitter shows the trends from your area. The trends are displayed in the lower section of the left pane on your Twitter home page. For most people, the default setting, i.e. the appearance of the trends from their local areas are sufficient...
  44. G

    How to Lock Down Your Twitter Privacy Settings

    Just because you like social networking on Twitter doesn't mean you don't have a right to privacy. Here's how to lock down the essential settings. How to Lock Down Your Twitter Privacy Settings : Read more
  45. U

    connecting to twitter

    Everytime I try connect to twitter from my Nokia 720 I get Error 500. What can I do next
  46. G

    Bitly Data Breach Hits Facebook, Twitter Users

    Short-URL generator Bitly hit by data breach, but damage spills over to Facebook, Twitter due to shared credentials. Bitly Data Breach Hits Facebook, Twitter Users : Read more
  47. G

    'Bot or Not' App Susses Out Twitter Spambots

    Developed by Indiana University researchers, Bot or Not analyzes Twitter accounts to see if they are humans or automated bots. 'Bot or Not' App Susses Out Twitter Spambots : Read more
  48. G

    #Overkill? #AmazonCart Lets You Shop from Twitter

    Amazon just launched its #AmazonCart initiative, which allows users to add products to their shopping carts without ever leaving Twitter. #Overkill? #AmazonCart Lets You Shop from Twitter : Read more
  49. Khattabics

    Why does Blackberry fail to upgrade Twitter ?

    i have Blackberry Curve 9320 .. the current version i have of twitter is and when an update came up it was i tried to download it and it was slow on wi-fi and on mobile network and in the end it says failed to upgrade .. i waited for another update to come up so it might fix...
  50. G

    6 Reasons the Tech Companies' 'Reform Government Surveillance' Effort Will Fail

    Google, Facebook and Microsoft would like to reform the NSA, but without a public outcry to pressure Congress, not much will happen. 6 Reasons the Tech Companies' 'Reform Government Surveillance' Effort Will Fail : Read more
  51. G

    How to Let Your Twitter Followers Direct-Message You

    Twitter adds an optional feature to let followers direct-message Twitter users. Previously, only users who followed each other could do so. How to Let Your Twitter Followers Direct-Message You : Read more
  52. G

    How New York Comic-Con Hijacked My Twitter Account

    Comic Con attendees' social media accounts were briefly hijacked in a now-deactivated NYCC marketing stunt that essentially forged posts. How New York Comic-Con Hijacked My Twitter Account : Read more
  53. M

    how to download

    how do i get Twitter, FaceBook, Kik on my laptop its a toshiba!!
  54. G

    Nielsen Study Shows Twitter Helps Increase TV Ratings

    A recent Nielsen study found that Twitter helps drive TV ratings. Nielsen Study Shows Twitter Helps Increase TV Ratings : Read more
  55. H

    I changed my Twitter password on computer, but will it still be logged in on iPod 4G?

    I left my Twitter account on my friend's iPod, and I'm scared he'll do something stupid. So I changed the password on my computer, so will he still be able to do stuff from his iPod on my account?
  56. exfileme

    American Express Turns Twitter #Hashtags Into Purchases

    American Express customers can now make purchases through Twitter using #hashtags. American Express Turns Twitter #Hashtags Into Purchases : Read more
  57. Z

    Twitter's Vine Given 17+ Rating Following Porn Controversy

    Previous version had an age rating of 12+. Twitter's Vine Given 17+ Rating Following Porn Controversy : Read more
  58. Z

    Twitter's Vine Editor's Pick Showcases Porn, Apple Retaliates

    Twitter app allows users to share six-second looping video clips. Twitter's Vine Editor's Pick Showcases Porn, Apple Retaliates : Read more
  59. Z

    Google+ Surpasses Twitter to Become No. 2 Social Network

    Google's social service boasts 343 million active users. Google+ Surpasses Twitter to Become No. 2 Social Network : Read more
  60. Z

    Microsoft Asked About Confidentiality of Skype User Data

    Google, Twitter, and others provide transparency reports. Microsoft Asked About Confidentiality of Skype User Data : Read more