How to Secure Your MacBook Pro with Your Touch ID in the Touch Bar

Another added feature has entered the esteemed MacBook Pro gala, and this time it’s the ability to add a fingerprint lock, or as they call it, a ‘Touch ID’. Most new MacBooks come with a touch bar above the keyboard and the rightmost spot on this bar is where the fingerprint scanner is located.
To know how to add a Touch ID to your MacBook Pro, follow the steps below:

Step 1
Head over to the menu in your PC and click on the ‘System Preferences’ section.

Step 2
You will see an option titled ‘Touch ID’, select it and you will be asked to place your finger on the scanner to create the ID. You will be required to place your finger on the scanner a couple of times before the ID is created.

Step 3
Once the Touch ID is created you will need to enter your user password to save it. After doing so you will be able to unlock your MacBook Pro with only a single touch on the fingerprint scanner.

Step 4
In case you wish to delete an already created Touch Id, go to Menu>System Preferences>Touch ID and place your cursor over the ID you wish to 'Delete'. A small ‘x’ icon should appear on the left top corner clicking on which will delete the ID. You will also need to enter your user password to remove a Touch ID.

Things to note:
  • ■A total of 5 fingerprints can be added per system.
    ■A single user can add up to three fingerprints.
    ■You will still have to use your password to log in the first time after every boot.
    ■You can also use Apple Pay by using your Touch ID.
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