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  1. B

    How do I input the unlock code for my ws1010wp scanner

    How to input Lock code for my ws1010wp scanner please help
  2. M

    Is it OK to install wifiinfoview?

    Hi, a wifi dongle developer suggested me to install a Wifi Scanner and send a screenshot to him to see why I have slow wifi connection. Usually I don't install unknown software on my computer due to possible virus and other security concern. Is it OK to install the following app? I googled it...
  3. B

    Solved! no reception on nbc

    i have roof antenna two tv's in different rooms. Bedroom TV gets all channels except NBC. I re ran the scanner twice still did not pick up nbc
  4. S

    Have a stolen Whistler police scanner but need a active pin or something anyone want to help me out

    Have a stolen Whistler police scanner but need a active pin or something anyone want to help me out.
  5. M

    Hacked by Youtube bots?

    Hi guys, today a bit something different. A few minutes ago, i got some notifications on YouTube. It turned out that 'I' put comments on videos. The comments were from bots, i didn't think i saw the videos before. So actually, it turns out that there were comments placed via my youtube account...
  6. R

    How to Secure Your MacBook Pro with Your Touch ID in the Touch Bar

    Another added feature has entered the esteemed MacBook Pro gala, and this time it’s the ability to add a fingerprint lock, or as they call it, a ‘Touch ID’. Most new MacBooks come with a touch bar above the keyboard and the rightmost spot on this bar is where the fingerprint scanner is located...
  7. F

    How can I bypass the pin code on my whistler police scanner

    My scanner has no pin code and won't work
  8. viveknayyar007

    How to Enable QR Code Scanner In iPhone Camera

    Along with several robust features already available, your iPhone’s camera can also work as QR Code Scanner, and the function is enabled by default in iOS 12. However, if you have upgraded from an older version of iOS, the option may be disabled. If that’s the case, here’s how you can enable QR...
  9. T

    Finger print scanner stops working after a few hours of inactivity. Code 43

    Hi there, Reinstalled Windows on my Acer laptop A715-72G-71GV, had issues with trackpad but managed to fix it. Recently been having issues with the fingerprint scanner now. Uninstalled driver, reinstalled driver, disabled and enabled the fingerprint. Don't know what else I can do? It works...
  10. H

    Police apps scan the hague

    I want lisening to scanner police the hague
  11. R

    Most capable secure browser?

    I just built a new W10 PC and have been looking at browsers. I initially used the Epic browser and remarkably my various scanners didnt pick up a single tracking cookie. I couldnt believe it, for a week after heavy use of the internet there wasnt a single tracker found. Incredible. However Plex...
  12. L

    Facial recognition in settings

    Facial recognition scanner turned on accidentally in the phone settings. It made a low bloop/humming noise whist the screen appeared to scan my face after each attempt a flash notification informed me facial recall failed. How was this turned on how is it turned off? Thanx
  13. A

    Simple Scan software that can scan to folder.

    Hi, I need to find a really simple-to-use piece of software that will allow my colleague to scan documents in PDF format to a pre-defined folder. She uses a Brother MFC-9140 to scan. She often has to scan multi-page documents, many times per day, but is not hugely tech-literate, so the ideal...
  14. R

    How to Connect a Printer to Your MacBook Pro

    Sometime or other, you might have to print official documents - or those all-important holiday photos. Whatever your needs, adding a printer to your Mac is important. Adding any printer, be it wired or wireless, is not very difficult. These simple steps will guide you through the process. 1.)...
  15. S

    Scanner needs activation codes

    Hi. I was givin a whistler scanner from my good friend. And she threw her reciept away not knowingvshe needed it for activating the scanner. What do i do
  16. T

    Lost my pin number need help

    I got this 1010 Whistler scanner for my birthday has no pin number to activate need new pin number
  17. P

    I can't find activation code for my scanner

    I lost activation code for my scanner can some one help me
  18. J

    Whistler scanner pin

    Need activation pin For Whistler scanner
  19. D

    Need missing Activation for a Whistler WS1010

    I was giving this scanner as a christmas gift and apparently the pin i need was on the receipt but the problem is it was a secret santa gift so I don't even know who got it or what state it came from. I've spent a lot of time online trying to figure out away around it but I've not had any luck...
  20. S

    3d scanning laptop

    I want to make sure I get a good portable laptop to do 3D scanning (and modeling) with but I don't know what part of the computer is taxed the most by the 3D scanner? What part do I need to make sure is really, really good to make sure I can get optimal scans with a high-resolution scanner? The...
  21. D

    Lenovo L412 Fingerprint

    Hi there My friend will be giving me his Lenovo L412 and I would like to ask if there is on any Lenovo L412 fingerprint scanner or only in few models ?
  22. S

    To use my android phone as a radio scanner. I've bearcat of old!?

    Looking to find app to use my android phone as a multi band radio scanner, is bearcat, or similar, without wiring up to other gadgets, ie I want portable use.
  23. A

    chrome cleaner pro

    This extension keeps reinstalling with chrome. I don't know how to prevent this extension to reinstall. can't find it with antimalware scanners
  24. I

    If I turn off finger scanner will I be able to log back in without losing anything

    It’s an hp laptop with windows 10
  25. G

    Canon Maxify MB5420 Review: An All-in-One Bargain

    High image quality, fast printing and quick copying — both one-sided and two-sided — make the MB5420 a great fit for a small office in need of a bargain all-in-one. Canon Maxify MB5420 Review: An All-in-One Bargain : Read more
  26. D

    McAfee Real Protect & Stinger

    I downloaded a virus scanner called Stinger.exe. It also came with RealProtect.exe. Neither of these files can be located in control panel uninstall. This is supposed to be a McAfee file. I don't trust this entire program. I can see the file path for RealProtect from program files to the...
  27. M

    Limit Archive size to? Dont know what it does and how it effects scanning?

    Hi Members, I know this Q probably gets asked alot, Ive owned a fair few AV scanners from Norton, Fsecure, Bitdefender and Kaspersky. This option is always in the scanning advanced window and I have never known how much MB I should do? Where does it apply to? Does it effect scanning...
  28. T

    umax astra 2100 scanner software

    i am looking for free software for my scanner to download without ads for windows 10 if anyone can help thanks :)
  29. C

    For me a big dilemma

    I recently took over the duties of a colleague and i participe in the logistic department activities and I am responsible for the purchase of products and now it comes the dilemma. Because I am a non-technical person, I would like to know the difference between two products bar codes readers...
  30. C

    Fingerprint scanner stopped working 3-4 months after buying the laptop, brand new.

    We bought this Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 around November of last year, and after 3-4 months or so, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. I live in the Philippines, and we bought this laptop in the US so I'm not sure if I can bring this to any PC Repair shop. Anyway back to my point, the...
  31. S

    What would you recommend?

    My wife just bought an Epson V600 photo scanner. She wants to start scanning family photos...ours, her parents, etc. It could turn into a major project. Right now, she only has the software that came with the scanner. What would you recommend? Photoshop Elements comes to mind. However, I've...
  32. K

    antivirus for necur's botnet

    recommended scanner for necur's botnet?
  33. W

    Scanner stations on cell phone

    Can I pull up scanner stations on my cell phone?
  34. S

    How to use only finger scan lock on Iphone 6

    Hello everyone, i have recently bought the Iphone 6. The problem i am facing is that if turn off the option for security pin the phone unlocks without finger scanner. Is there a way to set only finger scan lock and not the pin code lock. Help!
  35. Dogmangon

    Would real time scanner be harmful for Mac? Do I need one?

    I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as manual scanner, but can't make up my mind if I need real-time scanner for my Mac. Opinions diverge, some saying it does more harm than good.
  36. 1

    Best Printer Guidelines

    Printer Assistance for all type of Printer issues with User friendly guidelines.
  37. W

    Computer is behaving strangly

    Hello all, First of all, I'd like to state that this will be a long post. This problem has been evolving for a few months now. So, a little while back I had a problem where I couldn't access Tom's Hardware thanks to an error 504 that seemed to be only blocking me out. Other users had...
  38. P

    Best Free Trail Virus Scanner

    I just need one scan that can REALLY scan for everything. I might have a problem but its not likely. t would not be worth buying a subscription. I might have a file that is infected that can last through a file reset. Thank you in advance.
  39. K

    radio scanner on smart phone

    I am a taxi driver and my radio volume is horrific i cant even step out and stand beside my car bc I do t hear it . are there any smart phone apps for this
  40. A

    Scanning multiple photos at once and saving them into separate files

    Hi I'm preparing to digitise old family photos and I'm looking for an application which would speed up the process. I have a standard A4-flat-bed scanner and it would be nice to scan at one time as many photos as the scanning area can fit. It would be even nicer if there was some app that would...
  41. Mr Burns

    Is my Sophos Protection Up-to-Date?

    So I am running Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.3. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm just wondering if it's up to date. I remember last night it said "Last checked for updates 23-03-16" but now it's saying "Updating: Failed". It is also saying "Web Control: Disabled". I've had a...
  42. E

    How do I get the finger print scanner set up on my toshiba portege R700?

    Looking to set up my finger print scanner
  43. A

    how do i open cd door on my lap top E-15

    I ca not open the cd door on my lap top acer E-15 i do have Brother scanner .. how do i install the PDF C-4 control on my lap top
  44. rutherfordsc

    Best Radar Detectors 2014

    Nothing says freedom like the ability to drive faster than 55. See Top Ten Review’s picks for the best radar detectors so you can drive how you want and not get caught. Best Radar Detectors 2014 : Read more
  45. F

    Fingerprint Scanner login not working

    I upgraded my EliteBook 8440p to Windows 10 recently and everything went smoothly. My scanned was working fine for a few days and it recently stopped. When I start the computer it shows the option to sign in with a fingerprint but doesn't register that I'm running my finger across. I downloaded...
  46. giantbucket

    best antivirus / scanner / antimalware for OFFLINE machine? something portable / runs from USB?

    i have a number of OFFLINE machines, running anything from 98SE to 8.1, and i am looking for an antivirus as well as anti-malware that i can use WITHOUT an internet connection. so, ideally something i can run from a portable USB stick so that i don't even have to install it, but i guess install...
  47. babi1987

    Fingerprint scanner windows 10

    Hi I use a Hp laptop with validity fingerprint scanner.Will Windows hello support it by default?
  48. R

    now that i have a laptop that has windows 8 how can i connect my hp printer scanner to my laptop. The printer shows conneted

    now that i have a laptop that has window 8 how can i connect my hp printer scanner to my laptop. The printer /scanner to my lalptop. the printer shows connected and does work but the scanner does not show conectted and not scan. It worked fine when connected to my windows 7 laptop.
  49. edward78

    Comic book database?

    Is there a app. that will let you scan comic books with a USB bar-code scanner & connect to a online database to check the price?
  50. C

    Canon MG3200 Series Scanner Driver?

    So I've never really used the scanner on my printer just used it to print stuff. I'm not sure if I need a driver to scan because nothing happens when I hit the scan button. So yeah.. Help?
  51. N

    Application for managing my collection of games

    I am searching for an application to manage my game collection either free or paid. If there is one for Linux that would be great. Also I have a barcode scanner so supporting it will add points. Any suggestions?
  52. W

    Avira Anti-Virus won't scan items! (HELP!)

    I usually right click a flie (folder, exe, rar) and hit the "scan files with avira" button to scan it for anything that could possible harm my Computer. It then would bring up the Avira Scan window and scan the files and give me a report. Now when I r-click and hit "Scan selected files with...
  53. G

    Compact printer scanner for caravan

    I am looking for a very small and lightweight printer and scanner to travel in a caravan It does not have to be fast or do special sizes of paper, but scanning is essential I am looking at a printer, small, a Canon Pixma IP 110. Does this have a problem with the ink if not used often? It is...
  54. R

    Fingerprint scanner configuration

    i'm using lenovo v470c, windows 7. i have downloaded the software (i think) from and there's no application icon, and when i tried to put my finger on the scanner it doesn't seem to work.
  55. froller2

    avast cant scan onedrive

    so whenever i do a full system scan with avast, i get an"some elements could not be scanned" and all of theese elements are onedrive folders and such
  56. U

    What is the best Anti-Virus Solution?

    I've heard of combos of using Avast for the firewall, Malwarebytes for their powerful scanner, or maybe some other combo. So what is considered the best virus-slaying solution? Or will all antivirus programs just interfere with each other?
  57. J

    I need the copy utility

    I upgraded to 8.1 & downloaded driver for scanner. i need to copy utilities.
  58. J

    Help With Netbeans dat files

    Caution, extreme noob. This is netbeans specific, sadly over on their forums they don't answer topics. *sigh*. Anyway, I'm having trouble reading from a dat file, not sure how to set this program up to read from dat files. For example: Scanner reader=new Scanner(new File("lab10d.dat"); When I...
  59. rutherfordsc

    Best Radar Detectors 2014 (Archive)

    Nothing says freedom like the ability to drive faster than 55. See Top Ten Review’s picks for the best radar detectors so you can drive how you want and not get caught. Best Radar Detectors 2014 : Read more