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  1. rutherfordsc

    Best Radar Detectors 2014 (Archive)

    Nothing says freedom like the ability to drive faster than 55. See Top Ten Review’s picks for the best radar detectors so you can drive how you want and not get caught. Best Radar Detectors 2014 : Read more
  2. G

    Fingerprint Scanner/Reader VULN? FIXED THREAD

    Hello tomshardware community! I am looking to buy a notebook but I realised it comes with a fingerprint reader, and so I´ve been thinking, the fingerprint you put must be stored somewhere in the filesystem (does anyone know where, anyway?) could someone hack the user, and get his/her...
  3. G

    NeatConnect Review

    The NeatConnect lets you scan documents of all shapes and sizes directly to the cloud, but its software could be easier to use. NeatConnect Review : Read more
  4. digitaldefector

    SARDU Possible Viruses/Trojan

    7 out of 52 scanners on detect various malware after scanning the SARDU exe. I searched the net trying to find out if the detections are false positives. What I found is that the author sent requests to remove the detections as they are false positives. However, this was...
  5. jungleexplorer

    Biomectric software for Vista Notebook? Help!

    I was recently given a nice Fujitsu T5010 notebook by my brother. It came from the doctor's office where he works (they upgraded their systems) and their Tech Support people had wiped the harddrive and installed a bare copy of Vista Business (what originally came on it). I took me a while to get...
  6. C

    Best Walware, Firewall and AntiVirus?

    I'd like to know great applications for firewalls, malware scanner and an antivirus. Pretty much it! Thanks.
  7. S

    Smartphone Scanner Items

    Does the Standscan or portable lightbox products like scanjig or modahaus steady stand, really helps you to scan better?
  8. Madmaxneo

    Need alternative virus scanner

    Actually I am not sure if it is malware, a virus, spyware, or what. But something is going with my computer. Sometimes when the computer starts I get a "installing unknown device driver software" messaage. And there are no unknown devices connected to my computer. Then when I task killed (from...
  9. alpacino2368

    Standalone Virus Scanner

    Hey guys. Im not looking for an avg or norton. Im looking for a standalone virus scanner that you only run periodically to check your system to make sure its clean. Almost like a spybot or malwarbytes but for viruses. Thanks.
  10. P

    Virtual Machine not recognizing printer

    Win 8.1 host with Win XP3 guest. I used VirtualBox to build the vm. I've got my legacy scanners set up but the printer (Epson Stylus Photo 2200) isn't seen by the vm. Not sure if setting it up as a networked printer to share between host & guest would work and how to do that. Printer is...
  11. T

    any Good scanner software for documents ?? HELP!!

    I have 2 scanner/printers Epson DX5000 and an HP deskjet 3050A...where can i get scanner software that WORKS for multi page documents?i have tried the drivers from HP, Epson, Scantopdf, Exactscan and the images obtained are not readable, (too grey and hazed & over cropped(i mean its chopping...
  12. M

    best malware scanner

    what do you guys think is the best scanner. im runnig avast premier already so what would be best to run as a secondary scanner. paid or not just need the best :)
  13. P

    QR Code Help

    I'm looking to have a QR code direct the user to a file on a cloud server that I have. I am wondering how I should put in the file path for the scanner to pick it up. Thanks in advance!
  14. T

    virus scanner seems stuck on 78% scanning rootkit

    My mcafee 2012 internet security has spent now over an hour on 78% completed scanning rootkit, is this normal (it certainly is not for me) as I have never seen this before. I am running a twin hard disk, system cdriver 80 gig, F drive 300 gig. Just looking for a little reassurance as to whether...
  15. N

    Biometric scanning problem

    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this. Anyway I have a Biometric scanner on my laptop and when I try to set it up it takes me to That website does not exist and with some googleing I found out that authentec was bought out by apple. So can I still use my...
  16. G

    $400 Handheld Sense Camera 3D Scans Giant Objects

    3D Systems, the company behind the Cube 3D printer and Cubify 3D-printed community and marketplace, brings an affordable 3D scanner to market. $400 Handheld Sense Camera 3D Scans Giant Objects : Read more
  17. W

    connect laptop to 5600usb scanner

    i have an acer chrome laptop and a visioneer 5600 usb scanner I want to connect together. HELP, all of this stuff is new to me. I am an old lady and just trying to keep all documents on file on laptop
  18. C

    iPhone 5s Touch ID Finger Print Scanner Hacked

    Well.... that didnt take long. So much for innovation and futuristic security measures.
  19. B

    Memory Card:515 pics unable to LOCATE on scanner?

    My Canon Rebeil T1i shows 500+ pics on the camera viewer. When I try to down load them from my PNY Profession 32GB memory card to my HP scanner it says "No Pictures Found" ? What could be the problem?
  20. L

    Camera Scanning books

    I'm making a jig to photo book pages. I want to give my son my complete library in a box of disks rather than a semi-truck. I need a camera that I can reach under the table, turn the focus and check it on the computer screen, then, lock it in place so it takes pictures without having to focus...
  21. Z

    Looking for scanning software.

    I have a Visioneer OneTouch 7100 USB scanner that I used to use with the bundled software on my Windows XP machine. Now that I've moved on to a new machine with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 the bundled software doesn't work properly. Does anyone know of some cheap or free scanning software that...
  22. exfileme

    Kodak Selling Scanner Business to Brother

    Kodak continues to shed itself of assets to pull out of Chapter 11 by September. Kodak Selling Scanner Business to Brother : Read more
  23. I

    Benq scanner 3300u driver

    Hello, i need the complete driver for benq 3300u scanner please
  24. A

    Laptops USB port not making enought amp or something?????

    Is it possible that USB port on laptops are producing less power (amp or something) than on a tower? My girlfriend needs to plug a scanner InEos Blue (for theeth and stuff like that... not the original small scanner that ppl use normally) on a laptop given by the company but now, they found out...
  25. J

    Computer cannot detect camera or scanner

    Hello, Iam trying to download pictures from my samsung galaxy s2 lte to my computer. My phone says usb storage in use but the computer says computer cannot detect camera or scanner. I have downloaded pics befor on the same computer but have been having problems lately. Help. Thank you. Jason.
  26. A

    How to hook up a mustek 600 ep plus flatbed scanner to a laptop

    Hello, Is there a cord to hook up a mustek 600 ep plus flatbed scanner to a laptop.
  27. M


  28. O

    New PC, need a vigorous virus scanner for old files

    Hello, I'm getting a custom PC in the mail, but I have 2 computers and maybe some flash drives that I suspect might have a malware or virus infection. I have AVG and malwarebytes right now, What do you guys think I should use to really, really get rid of any possible viruses or infections...
  29. Z

    Android 4.2 Malware Scanner Has 15% Detection Rate

    Third-party security apps shouldn't be deleted just yet. Android 4.2 Malware Scanner Has 15% Detection Rate : Read more
  30. R


    Hello, HP Scanner does not initialze
  31. Z

    Google Details Android 4.2's Security System

    Malware scanner upgraded to implement additional security measures. Google Details Android 4.2's Security System : Read more
  32. Z

    Google Could be Working on Android Malware Scanner

    Mobile platform has been responsible for several cases pertaining to infecting malicious code into Android devices. Google Could be Working on Android Malware Scanner : Read more
  33. B

    Unable to download pics with scanner and camera wizard

    Hello, When I try to download pics from my camera, a message pops up and says that "the following error occured" failed to find the path specified
  34. R

    URL Scanner?

    Is there a good free url scanner that will tell you if a page is infected?
  35. J

    What scanners are recommended to detect keyloggers?

    Hello, I run this thing called a bot for one of my games, however it has come to my attention that there might be a key logger attached to the bot. I run regular virus scans with eset smart security and scan for other stuff with spybot search and destroy, is it possible that something is still...
  36. exfileme

    This Wand-Like Scanner Doesn't Need a PC

    This portable scanner saves documents onto an included SD card. This Wand-Like Scanner Doesn't Need a PC : Read more
  37. C0MMANDO

    Fujitsu SH561 - Red light

    Just yesterday my fujitsu's finger print scanner turned red - sry for the blurry img heres another picture...
  38. tuanmai

    High Tech Fingerprint Scanner Scans From 20ft Away

    Collecting your fingerprints without even knowing! High Tech Fingerprint Scanner Scans From 20ft Away : Read more
  39. A

    Free Software

    UMAX ASTRA 5600 Scanner is in working condition. OS W7 is in operation. Free software for Scanning Word document is required. If possible OCR also wanted.
  40. G

    Do Handheld Scanners Really Work?

    We examine all the of the hardware and software-based portable scanning options we could get our hands on. Do Handheld Scanners Really Work? : Read more
  41. Q

    Genius scanner drivers

    Hello, I want Genius Scanner Drivers Model No.ColourPage-HR7X Slim
  42. V

    Kodak i1000a3 Driver

    Any one help me for my scanner? my scanner KODAK I1000 is not work to my OS win7. any one can help me.. Many thanks. Vince
  43. H

    Download genius scanner driver for windows 7

    Hello, i want to install scaner vivid 1200e for windows7 os , how can i do it?
  44. Z

    Scanner class help

    Hey guys, need some scanner help. Scanner scan = new Scanner (; // ... System.out.print ("Title: "); title = scan.nextLine(); System.out.print ("Author: "); author = scan.nextLine(); System.out.print ("Pages: "); pages =...
  45. D


    Hello, why does it says the computer cannot detected the scanner and camera
  46. Z

    Beginner JAVA arithmetics/Math

    Hello. An app I had to make for calculating sphere`s volume and surface area. The code didn`t give the correct result for volume until I cast converted it`s value by adding (double), but it is a double from the beginning(?!): import java.util.Scanner; import java.text.DecimalFormat; public...
  47. Z

    Beginner`s Boolean question

    Hello. I have to write a program to read 3 values to check if they can form a triangle (any side is not larger the the other 2 sides combined). So I wote: import java.util.Scanner; public class Triangle {...
  48. K

    Printer with twain capabilities BORDER DETECTION

    Hello, We are looking for a TWAIN compatible scanner (TWAIN specification version 1.9), the driver of which supports the following TWAIN capabilities : ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE ICAP_AUTOMATICBORDERDETECTION If anyone can give me a heads up on this, I would surely appreciate it
  49. S

    Samsung mobile phone all scaner dwonload (s5233s)

    Hello, my name is sumit kumar. i m want sumsung s5233s (mobile) scanner download but scanner not dwonload. pleas solution this problem my e mail id is
  50. F

    How do i locate scanner and camera wizard windows 7

    please, how do i find scanner and camera of my laptop with window 7?
  51. tuanmai

    NYPD Creating Mobile Street Scanners for Concealed Weapons

    There goes your privacy! NYPD Creating Mobile Street Scanners for Concealed Weapons : Read more
  52. davey boy

    Omnipage pro 17 What scanner ?

    Hiya folks I have been given a copy of Omnipage pro 17.1 and was wondering what type of scanner i could use with it?. Had a look at the website and they dont seem to have a list of recommended ones to be used with it. As the software didnt cost me anything i can spend a bit on the scanner...
  53. A

    Hp6310 scanner problems

    Un able to access the scan functon. I get an error message, "no scanner options, refer to device document". Printer and copier functions are ok. Is my machine on it's way out, or is there a download to fix the software. Regards, Alan.
  54. S

    Windows 7 driver Canoscan 9900F

    Hello, Has anybody been able to solve the question how to use Canoscan 9900F scanner with Windows 7?
  55. JMcEntegart

    Report: FBI to Test iPhone-based Fingerprint Scanner

    Ah, smartphones. Is there anything they can't do? Report: FBI to Test iPhone-based Fingerprint Scanner : Read more
  56. H

    Best drivers scanners and updaters

    Hello, there are so many drivers scanners and updaters which can be found online...but which are the best popular ones...which can be trusted...are there any good free drivers scanners and updaters...i mean the best popular please
  57. B

    HP 3970 scanner

    The software that comes with the scanner is horrible every time I scan a slide it shuts down the hp scan program & I have to start it up everytime I scan a slide. Windows XP Professional. I also have a HP Printer I tried uninstalling everything related to Hp & deleted the program files related...
  58. exfileme

    Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking

    Symantec's Norton app for Facebook now protects users against "likejacking" attacks. Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking : Read more