Biomectric software for Vista Notebook? Help!


Jan 25, 2011
I was recently given a nice Fujitsu T5010 notebook by my brother. It came from the doctor's office where he works (they upgraded their systems) and their Tech Support people had wiped the harddrive and installed a bare copy of Vista Business (what originally came on it). I took me a while to get all the proper drivers installed and clean out all the exclamation icons from the Device Manager. But even so, I cannot set up the fingerprint reader to use for windows log in. I think I need some kind of additional software to make it work. I believe it originally came with a program called, Omnipass, but Fujitsu does not offer that software to download from their drivers support page for some reason. Does anyone know how I can get the fingerprint reader to work without having to buy some kind of expensive software? I have tried downloading other biometrics software like Windows Finger Print reader, but none of them seem to be able to see the built in fringerprint reader hardware. They all come up and say, "Device not detected" or something like that. I have reinstalled the authentec aes2550 driver many times and tried drivers from several sources, but nothing works.

Is there anyway to get this piece of hardware to work on this notebook? Thanks